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Dodging and burning effects in 1950s television?

Why do black-and-white shows from the 1960s, especially live ones, have what looks to be a burn (dark shadows) around bright objects (around Walt's signature and around people's heads) and dodging effects (white glowing) around dark objects (around the jet-black suit jackets of the announcer and dancers)? I originally thought it was some beleagured production assistant manually burning the What's My Line signatures so that they'd be more high-contrast and thus more readable, but now I'm seeing it everywhere!
posted by flibbertigibbet on Jun 2, 2013 - 10 answers

List of non-actors on The Wire?

Any fan of The Wire knows that the show features a lot of characters played by 'non-actors.' For example, ex-convict Snoop plays Snoop, Mello is played by the real Jay Landsman, the former mayor of Baltimore (Kurt Schmoke) popped up as a health commissioner during the Hamsterdam crisis, etc. Is there a list of every such 'non-actor' on The Wire? I did google, but didn't use the right terms, or somesuch.
posted by flibbertigibbet on Jul 2, 2008 - 13 answers

French-language equivalent of "The West Wing"?

What's the French-language equivalent, dialogue-wise, of The West Wing? Witty, erudite, and fun dialogue is the only requirement. The series/movie being any good would also be nice. Either TV or movies would be fine.
posted by flibbertigibbet on Apr 26, 2008 - 6 answers

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