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Lego event for teen youth group?

I'd like to create a fun, team-building event for my synagogue youth group (grades 8-12) revolving around the use of Legos. Any ideas on where to find pre-fab instructions (or a qualified, not-astronomically priced expert) for such an event? This idea was inspired by the Lego Serious Play site, but that seems way to business-speaky to be used out of the box. I'm thinking 90 minutes worth of building, with about 15 teens.
posted by ericbop on Aug 24, 2011 - 2 answers

Insert Jewish Pirate Joke Here

Any recommendations for a movie to show my Jewish youth group (grades 8-12), when we meet on Talk Like a Pirate Day? Bonus points if it's either a) Depp-free, and/or b) tangentially related to the themes of the high holidays. I love my job.
posted by ericbop on Aug 19, 2008 - 19 answers

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