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Help me be the new (new) manager

I've been made a manager. But the team hasn't been managed and doesn't want to be. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 4, 2017 - 17 answers

Help me delight my lovely team for Christmas

What are some fun activities in London (West or Central) with food, for 50 competitive twenty-somethings with an afternoon to spare? [more inside]
posted by citands on Nov 1, 2016 - 3 answers

What does it mean to be a part of a bicycle club?

A friend wants me to join his small road bicycling team. I'm pretty set in my cycling ways and have not been a part of clubs or organizations of any sort for 20 years -- is this something I can just do to be polite without active participation? [more inside]
posted by M.C. Lo-Carb! on Feb 17, 2016 - 9 answers

Violence-free video games for two players

I'm looking for games my young teen daughter and I can play together on our computers, probably through Steam, that have no killing, and are not too stressful. [more inside]
posted by latkes on Nov 30, 2015 - 17 answers

How do deal with anxiety when starting new job??

Dear Metafilter members, I would like to ask you if you can share some experiences on how to fit into a new work environment after you have been fired unfairly at your old job and deal with day to day stress of learning a new job and dealing with anxiety of not fitting in, so I don't get fired again for work performance? [more inside]
posted by Pavlinm on Aug 22, 2015 - 2 answers

In search of a witty Harry Potter themed team name!

We're playing Harry Potter Trivia in a couple of weeks, and I am not quite as witty as I thought. [more inside]
posted by Quincy on Aug 5, 2015 - 25 answers

Corporate team building? SIGN ME UP!!!!

Have you ever been on a corporate team-building event you really liked? To which you would have gone even if you weren't paid? I need to organize an event for 18 guys at my company, and I hate corporate stuff and don't want it to suck. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by Pacrand on Oct 28, 2014 - 40 answers

NCIS New Orleans

The Wikipedia page for NCIS: New Orleans gives two footnotes to the "Futon Critic" who previews the next two NNOLA episodes. Tonight is the network premier. How and where did this site get this information?
posted by CollectiveMind on Sep 23, 2014 - 5 answers

What game were we playing?

Trying to remember a team-building game I played maybe a decade ago, so I could maybe re-construct it and play with friends. [more inside]
posted by allkindsoftime on Apr 18, 2014 - 8 answers

Team wiki tips and tricks?

We are a large team, familiar with wikis, feeling disillusioned because the wikis always end up being a giant mess. What conventions can we adopt to make our wikis better? [more inside]
posted by Joh on Mar 21, 2014 - 2 answers

Startup Team Finder

If you have been working in a garage for the last fifteen years to develop the code base and content base of a start up. And you have no track record in the field. What is the 'best' way to find other members of a start up team, given that you have spent all your money on development? [more inside]
posted by Iktik on Mar 21, 2014 - 8 answers

What kind of Resource Management Tool would help my company?

I'm a Project Manager at a web company that makes websites, apps, etc. We are pretty small so any solution needs to be affordable and easy to use. There are so many project management tools out there and we have evaluated many. I have a short list of things I'm looking for which I'll outline inside but mainly there seems to be a lack of resource management at an hourly level. So, either that is too high level for the price/ease of the tools we are looking at, or people are managing that some other way. Data and management geeks, please help!! [more inside]
posted by amanda on Jan 24, 2014 - 8 answers

Smells like trivia team spirit...

I have volunteered to "coach" a high school trivia team that competes against other local schools. In order to make things a bit more official I thought we should have team shirts made. Most of the sports teams have some clever slogan or saying on the back which indicates how great they are at their chosen sport. My group of super-brainy students and I are having a hard time figuring out what our slogan should be. Obviously it must be school appropriate, but other than that we are very open to suggestions. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 15, 2014 - 26 answers

Tactic for a 24h team mountainbike relay race

We are a team of 6 mountainbikers participating for the first time on a 24h mountainbike relay race. The final ranking is based on the # of laps your team covered. Which relay tactic could/would work best? [more inside]
posted by Akeem on Sep 2, 2013 - 6 answers

Looking for Germany Football (Soccer) Shorts

Looking to buy shorts for the German National Football (soccer) team online. [more inside]
posted by dbirchum on Aug 19, 2013 - 6 answers

2013 will be our year! How?

2013 will be our year! ...But how? Have you had a storybook year or season at work or school or in a club? Something that felt like a Lifetime movie, making it to regionals for the first time for choir, or smashing your sales goal for the quarter, or collecting a ton of stuff for your canned food drive? I am trying to figure out what factors influence extraordinary success in a team setting. [more inside]
posted by estlin on Dec 31, 2012 - 4 answers

there's nothing wrong with you there's nothing wrong with you... *argh*

I don’t get very well with a whole hobby team of 6 persons... How do I keep my sanity? [more inside]
posted by OrangeCat on Nov 2, 2012 - 12 answers

One eyed black scottishmen that love explosives are funny right?

How would you describe the style of humor displayed in team fortress 2? [more inside]
posted by tylerfulltilt on Oct 31, 2012 - 14 answers

OMG how come you don't complete tasks in exactly the same manner I would?

I am an inexperienced manager with one experienced employee and one inexperienced employee working under me. We are in a technical field; I do some of the technical work, but it is very time-consuming, so they are meant to be extra 'hands' and free me to do planning and analysis of the team's work. What are reasonable expectations to have of them and how can I ensure they meet these reasonable expectations? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 19, 2012 - 7 answers

Online communication tool for small team

What is a good online communication tool for a small group? [more inside]
posted by allison00 on Oct 4, 2012 - 8 answers

What should our name be?

Help my curling team come up with a clever name for our tournament! [more inside]
posted by bluehermit on Sep 14, 2012 - 23 answers

Athletes who zigged when others were zagging

Please help me find examples of athletes who did something completely counterintuitive in terms of the sport (so seemingly wrong) and won because of it. I'm especially looking for those moments that have been captured on video. [more inside]
posted by brynnwood on Sep 13, 2012 - 53 answers

Abusive consultant pushes my buttons

How do I remove or minimize the menace of an abusive person who makes me see red? [more inside]
posted by cartoonella on May 26, 2012 - 23 answers

Name for a cat-themed bowling team?

I'm trying to put together a bowling team for a cat rescue fund raiser. We need a team of 4-5 people and I would like to come up with a bad-ass name to use for the team before soliciting. Any suggestions?
posted by purephase on Apr 14, 2012 - 16 answers

Starting to play rugby

I want to start playing rugby (I think!) but I'm having issues... [more inside]
posted by Scottie_Bob on Apr 3, 2012 - 12 answers

How to win gracefully?

What's the best way to ask a colleague to work with you, when they used to be the lead on a project that you now manage? [more inside]
posted by abirdinthehand on Mar 5, 2012 - 4 answers

What's the easiest, best forum platform these days?

Our roller derby team needs to stop talking derby on Facebook and into its own forum. We'd like it to be a "members only" area of our Wordpress self-hosted website. What's the best, easiest forum platform these days that integrates with Wordpress and doesn't require yet another complicated login (preferably people can sign in with Facebook, Google or YahooID). [more inside]
posted by iamkimiam on Feb 21, 2012 - 9 answers

I used to know what teamwork was, but then I took an application to a recruiter...

So what exactly is this mystical power of 'Teamwork'? [more inside]
posted by Fen on Jan 18, 2012 - 12 answers

Help us name our charity fundraising team

Name our fundraising team! My friends and I are shaving our heads for St. Baldrick's Foundation and we want a cool team name. [more inside]
posted by misskaz on Jan 16, 2012 - 19 answers

Bulls versus....? Who would be the best to see?

Now that the NBA has come to an agreement (or is very close to), that means I can purchase an awesome Xmas present for my pops! Which team would be the best/most exciting/fun to see play against the Chicago Bulls? [more inside]
posted by fuzzysoft on Nov 26, 2011 - 7 answers

How to deal with a team member who seems to make a point of disagreeing with and questioning everying I do?

What's the best way to deal with a team member who insists on being uncooperative and confrontational regardless of the approach taken to resolve the sitation at either a team or personal level? [more inside]
posted by NeonSurge on Jul 24, 2011 - 15 answers

organizing players

Is there a website or service that can help my players find each other and organize play sessions? [more inside]
posted by Techbear on Jul 21, 2011 - 3 answers

Help Me Teach Teamwork

Suggestions for approaches to promoting healthy teamwork in undergraduate freshmen, as a TA? [more inside]
posted by Alterscape on Jul 18, 2011 - 15 answers

I don't wanna be pwnt no mo

I've read a lot of TF2 optimization posts, but most of them are aimed at the PC end of things. How can I optimize TF2 on my 13" 2.4ghz 4gb MBP?
posted by SpecialK on Jun 23, 2011 - 2 answers

Chicago group activities for the un-athletic male?

I'm looking for suggestions for new activities and/or hobbies (particularly team-based ones) in and around the Chicago area. While there are similar questions out there, one unique element of this question is my personal guidelines (of varying degrees of importance) that has forced me to rule out some of the more common selections like "Play tennis!" or what have you. This is not to say I won't give something a try, but that I may be better suited to one activity over another. [more inside]
posted by mjbraun on Jun 3, 2011 - 13 answers

Very Simple Collaborative Solution??

Need very simple collaborative software for a new organization.. [more inside]
posted by doub1ejack on Mar 29, 2011 - 6 answers

Need advice managing a smart but difficult engineer

Please help! Need advice managing a smart but difficult engineer. It's stressing me out and not sure how to proceed. [more inside]
posted by zebraspots on Mar 9, 2011 - 53 answers

Creative space for 2 day workshop

Design Space for hire, 2 days, 3 people, Central London? [more inside]
posted by like_neon on Jan 12, 2011 - 2 answers

How do I manage a team that was manager-less?

Does MeFi have any tips or tricks to help me start managing a team that has already 'formed' without a manager? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 26, 2010 - 3 answers

Calling all sports fans!

What team names mean something? And why? [more inside]
posted by chicago2penn on Oct 10, 2010 - 61 answers

Please help me be the player I want to be.

I love playing (women's) lacrosse, but I'm having some problems. I need help figuring out what I'm doing wrong and how to correct it. General sports-related questions about skill level, competitiveness, and confidence follow. [more inside]
posted by afterdark on Oct 5, 2010 - 5 answers

How do I stop sucking at TFC and Counter-Strike?

How do I stop sucking at TFC and Counter-Strike? [more inside]
posted by Unhyper on Sep 7, 2010 - 23 answers

Help me motivate and teach my team while having fun!

I need to do a 30 minute presentation at a meeting next week, and I need the info I'm giving to stick hard. In your experience, what hands on activities/contests/ etc. have been effective for you or your co-workers? Somewhat wacky (possibly very boring) work details inside... [more inside]
posted by couchtater on Aug 31, 2010 - 7 answers

Themes are hard. Lets drink tea.

Need ideas for a asb/leadership team year "theme" please! [more inside]
posted by toni_jean on Jul 30, 2010 - 6 answers

How do you lead a bad team?

You're thrust into a leadership position. Of a bad team. What do you do? [more inside]
posted by NoRelationToLea on May 24, 2010 - 20 answers

What is best way to organize a sports team?

What is the best method or tool for organizing, scheduling and communicating with an amateur sports team? [more inside]
posted by kellyrickert on May 15, 2010 - 6 answers

Help me brainstorm names for my brother and his wife's new real estate team!

Help me brainstorm names for my brother and his wife's new real estate team! [more inside]
posted by Sully on May 3, 2010 - 10 answers

Three teams enter...

Are there any sports where three teams compete on a field at the same time? Perhaps on a triangular field? [more inside]
posted by battleshipkropotkin on Mar 25, 2010 - 25 answers

Why Should You Use Social Networking at Work?

Many workplaces ban social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on. What are some of the reasons workplaces should allow (and even encourage) staff to use social networking sites? [more inside]
posted by Jaybo on Oct 14, 2009 - 20 answers

How do I deal with a lazy employee?

I am a team leader in an IT company. One of the guys in my team is giving me a headache because he turned lazy all of a sudden. [more inside]
posted by cronholio on Oct 13, 2009 - 40 answers

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