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Teaching English with a CELTA as a career?

My job prospects back home (in the US) are not looking good. I taught English in South Korea for three years, and now I'm thinking of heading back to somewhere in Asia to teach English again. This time, however, I'd like to do it for real by getting a CELTA and finding a "real job" as opposed to the dead-end hagwon stuff I did in Korea. How realistic is this plan? [more inside]
posted by EmptyEmpire on Sep 22, 2015 - 6 answers

What could help me become a good informal tutor of English to Spaniards?

While helping care for a friend I've been at home a lot, and it has been a real lifeline to the outside world buying informal tutoring in Spanish from the web site www.italki.com . When my friend has carers all set up I will be moving and will have more free time. I'd like to improve my communication skills by doing some language exchanges with Spanish people. How can I best do my part so that my intercambio partners actually progress with their English? [more inside]
posted by AuroraSky on Aug 20, 2015 - 2 answers

Should I stay or should I go?

I've been teaching English in Korea for 2 years now, I don't know where to go from here and I'm looking for some input from people who are not my family or friends. I'm a law grad who now only has 2 years of ESL teaching to my name and I'm really unsure about where I should go from here. [more inside]
posted by kwes on Nov 12, 2014 - 12 answers

O Polonia, our home and native land

My boyfriend and I are both interested in taking a gap year to teach English abroad. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jul 26, 2014 - 6 answers

Where to find short term ESL work in South America?

I am looking for short-term ESL volunteer or job opportunities in (Spanish-speaking) South America. Ideally 2-6 weeks, though longer is ok too. [more inside]
posted by saul wright on Nov 5, 2013 - 2 answers

ESL tips and games for young children

I am teaching English to a 4 and a 7 year old (separately) and I am looking for tips, games, ipad apps, or resources. [more inside]
posted by saul wright on Mar 16, 2013 - 6 answers

That's funny. Why? Because it's funny. Sigh.

I'm teaching a Language of Humour class to high school juniors and seniors. I need recommendations for things that are funny. And I need you to help me not fail. [more inside]
posted by guster4lovers on Jul 7, 2012 - 32 answers

Advice for teaching English in Germany?

I'm getting my CELTA in July in Germany, and I'd like to teach English there afterwards. Help me be a good applicant for teaching jobs and an attractive tutor for freelance work! [more inside]
posted by edguardo on May 23, 2012 - 4 answers

How to decide what to do after college

I will be a senior in college next year. Up until recently, I was absolutely positive I wanted to go to grad school and become an archaeologist. Now, I'm second doubting myself (teal deer information inside) [more inside]
posted by raeka on May 22, 2012 - 26 answers

Teaching English! Overseas!

TEFL outside of korea/japan/china (most interested in Latin America/Africa/non-gulf parts of the middle east)-- seeking info on job prospects, requirements, personal experiences... [more inside]
posted by geegollygosh on Feb 9, 2012 - 6 answers

Is teaching ESL abroad worth the ESL?

Looking for input from anyone with teaching abroad experience and (ideally) an interest in teaching English lit on their experiences with the differences. Mainly concerned with the perceived difference in general teaching environment between teaching adults in language schools abroad vs. teenagers in regular schools. Given that you're interested in literature and writing rather than the nuts-and-bolts of grammar and speech, is it possible to be happy teaching abroad as a recent college grad with only tutoring experience? [more inside]
posted by reenka on Oct 23, 2011 - 13 answers

How do I quit stalling and decide what I want to be?

I really thrive in an environment that promotes free thinking, conversation about books and ideas, subsidizes personal growth, and has a genuine sense of community. I want to create it in my own school one day. I'm currently a college senior considering whether I should apply for an English or folklore MA, a MAT, or 'other'. I'm still unsure about being a teacher, but time is almost nigh. Could use help structuring my options and the consequences. [more inside]
posted by reenka on Aug 4, 2011 - 17 answers

Which teaching abroad scheme should I choose? And... how?

So I graduated last year and have been working in sales since then. I'm very intrigued by the concept of teaching english abroad, as I've had some great experiences teaching children before, but am overwhelmed by the amount of different schemes and companies. I have never really travelled before, and I know this may be seen as a big step, but I have this uncontrollable itch to just go for it while I am young and relatively free. I'm really looking for any and all advice from you guys - anyone who's done it, anyone who's considered it, anyone at all! Ideally, I am looking for a half-year placement, with a UK-based TEFL company (although it seems that many companies don't care where you are from). Having said that, I could be swayed by a year-long course. I am very excited by i-to-i, and heard about this through a recommendation. However, as I say, I feel a little like I am stabbing in the dark. I have read with much interest some previous questions, and have heard mention of Dave's ESL cafe, but this seems to be mostly aimed towards the USA. [more inside]
posted by jhighmore on May 3, 2011 - 16 answers

TEFL in Lithuania?

Advice on teaching English in Lithuania? [more inside]
posted by KMH on Apr 6, 2011 - 2 answers

Where would be the best place to start teaching English?

Where would be the best place to start teaching English? [more inside]
posted by saul wright on Jan 19, 2011 - 11 answers

Do you like Maple Story?

I'm looking for tips, advice, and resources on creating conversational ESL lessons for a third grade Korean boy. [more inside]
posted by Shesthefastest on Dec 20, 2010 - 3 answers

What happens after TEFL?

Five years out from my BA (in history, el oh el), I haven't been able to get any career traction and I'm looking at teaching English abroad as a way to get away and get a job. But what will happen when I come back and want to get a "real job"? And yes, I know that TEFL is definitely a real job--but will American employers think so? [more inside]
posted by thebazilist on Apr 21, 2010 - 15 answers

sifting websites like flour

Which website/company should I go through if I want to teach English in Taiwan? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Nov 30, 2009 - 6 answers

Recommendations for good ESL or EFL materials?

Can anyone recommend some good ESL/EFL curriculum materials, both for the child and adult level? Bonus points if they are not so western-centric. [more inside]
posted by wander on Sep 19, 2009 - 2 answers

Suggest my escape plan

Where might I expect to find a job teaching English currently? [more inside]
posted by mannequito on Sep 9, 2009 - 11 answers

How difficult is it for a family of three to move to Japan?

How difficult is it for a family of three to move to Japan? [more inside]
posted by Bobby Bittman on Jan 2, 2009 - 9 answers

Gift ideas for someone moving to Japan

My niece is going to teach English in Japan for a couple of years. What's a good going-away present I can give her? I would rather not just give cash although that's my last resort. She's from the Midwest, speaks some Japanese, about 25 years old.
posted by SallyHitMeOntheHead on Jun 28, 2008 - 22 answers

What should I do this summer?

What should I do this summer before heading off to grad school? [more inside]
posted by pravit on Feb 28, 2008 - 11 answers

Spanish English readings

Can someone point me to print-out-able readings that are in English but have Spanish translations next to them? [more inside]
posted by small_ruminant on Feb 21, 2008 - 4 answers

How can I move to the "roof of the world"?

After reading this book, I'm wondering what my chances are of living and working somewhere in the Himalayas. [more inside]
posted by xanthippe on Mar 15, 2006 - 6 answers

moving to Latin America, languages galore

I am seriously considering moving to somewhere in Latin America to teach English and learn Spanish. [more inside]
posted by jetskiaccidents on Sep 7, 2005 - 10 answers

Certification for Teaching English?

Ok, I apologize in advance for this being a not-entirely-original question, but my girlfriend and I are looking to teach English somewhere in Europe starting this fall (we're thinking mostly of Spain and Italy, but we're open to suggestions), and I was wondering how important certification is, and how to obtain the correct sort of certification from a reputable authority. Thanks, AskMeFi!
posted by clockzero on Dec 26, 2004 - 12 answers

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