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How can I get a balance of interesting and important things done?

My job has a lot of responsibilities and some of them are more interesting and appealing than others. Sometimes I find myself blocked on some of the ones I like less, especially when they have stressful consequences. For example, I often need to write detailed reports for higher-ups (stressful and not enjoyable!), but I'd rather be designing new CSS stylesheets. Sometimes I just stress out about writing for a whole day and don't get anything done. I've thought of doing something more enjoyable and lower priority but I'm worried that when I'm done with that, the high-priority tasks will still be there, and they won't be any easier, appealing, or less stressful. Has anyone had any success breaking up their work like this? Have any strategies for success? How do I know how much time I can afford to spend on the low-priority stuff? How can I avoid just procrastinating on the important stuff while doing the things that make me love my job?
posted by rwatson on Jul 4, 2011 - 6 answers

How can I stop avoiding stress?

Any time I feel like I am under any sort of stress or have a decision to make (even an easy one), I seem to go through these cycles of avoidance, which usually involve checking several e-mail accounts and web sites that I follow. Then when that is done, and I return to work, I realize the stress is still there so I repeat the cycle again. This keeps me from getting much work done. How do I stop this cycle?
posted by rwatson on Apr 14, 2006 - 25 answers

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