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Where do I put my luggage for the day in NYC?

Post 9-11 locker storage in NYC train stations: Is there such a thing anymore? If not, what other options are there? [more inside]
posted by pomegranate on Nov 24, 2005 - 8 answers


New Internal Drive for G5

My happy G5 needs disk space, and I've found a good price on an internal 320gb drive.. Question: Does Ultra ATA100 play well with a standard build dual 2.7ghz G5? i.e. - can I toss it in and expect everything to work fine, without slowing anything down? [more inside]
posted by icetaco on Nov 23, 2005 - 8 answers

Cold, sweet and long-term?

Storing saké and white wines... [more inside]
posted by Rothko on Nov 19, 2005 - 4 answers

How to store 30 micro-scooters at a school?

How to store 30 micro-scooters at a school? [more inside]
posted by priorpark17 on Nov 2, 2005 - 3 answers

How much should I pay for online storage?

Online Storagefilter: I'm having difficulty sorting through all the options when it comes to buying storage space online. How much should I expect to pay? [more inside]
posted by djdrue on Nov 1, 2005 - 13 answers

Headset Storage/Display?

Does anyone have any recommendation for good looking headset storage options? [more inside]
posted by krisjohn on Oct 20, 2005 - 5 answers

How to transfer a big file?

I want to get a file from my mac to my pc -- the file is just slightly too big to fit on a CD-R. [more inside]
posted by Tlogmer on Oct 12, 2005 - 15 answers

Shipping large amounts of data to a lot of customers?

I need to get 40-60 gigs of data to about 200 customers a month. Currently I am using DVDs and am finding it a total hassle. I am considering harddrives but I think they will be more or less an equivalent hassle. Is there some other way? Downloads seem a little unfeasible due to the size but I'd be interesting in hearing anything.
posted by xmutex on Sep 30, 2005 - 20 answers

What should I know about long-term storage?

Soon, I'll be putting most of my personal belongings (including an apartment's-worth of furniture) in storage for a year. Got any tips? What do I need to know? [more inside]
posted by CiaoMela on Sep 27, 2005 - 26 answers

How best to store books?

I need to store about two large bookshelves of books. The problem is two-fold: With an impending addition to the family, I have no space in the house. Additionally, I live in San Francisco where I am worried about ruining the books if I simply place them in boxes in the garage. I need help with storage options. [more inside]
posted by xorowo on Sep 20, 2005 - 9 answers

Car storage and what about Fairbanks?

How do I prepare my car for storage over the winter? And, what to do in Fairbanks, AK over the winter? [more inside]
posted by Juicylicious on Sep 19, 2005 - 10 answers

CD storage solutions

Anyone got any bright ideas for CD storage? [more inside]
posted by Jofus on Sep 12, 2005 - 42 answers

No IDEa about hard drives

Can I add more than just four IDE devices to my PC? [more inside]
posted by twine42 on Sep 11, 2005 - 11 answers

Wines that kill

Due to a strange twist of fate, I find myself in possession of a bottle of Henkell Trocken dry sparkling wine which has been stored in a fridge for two years. Is it okay to drink?
posted by DrJohnEvans on Sep 8, 2005 - 11 answers

to park, perchance to dream

What's a good safe place to park a car for maybe 4 days along the I-80 corridor, south/west of Davis CA and north/east of the Bay Area? [more inside]
posted by luriete on Sep 7, 2005 - 3 answers

Seeking classy spice storage ideas.

What's the best system to store spices that is neat, allows for easy identification, doesn't use up a lot of space, and is elegant? [more inside]
posted by theNonsuch on Sep 3, 2005 - 19 answers

Any ideas of decent companies that do backup for small companies?"

Small Los Angeles company (14 computers, 1 terabyte of info) needs a reliable and reasonably-priced off-site backup solution. Any ideas?
posted by tsarfan on Aug 31, 2005 - 11 answers

Help me purchase a SAN

Can you help me with the purchase of a SAN for my small to medium sized business? We're looking to attach 4-6 servers to ~2-3 TB of storage space. [more inside]
posted by stovenator on Aug 30, 2005 - 8 answers

Seeking PC power supply recommendation

I am in the process of building an AMD Sempron 2400+ based file storage machine. I am seeking recommendation for how big a power supply I need. I am planning on 4 to 5 (may be 6 in future) 250GB Seagates, 2x320GB WD Sata drives, 1 DVD writer, Geforce FX 5500 video card. The $50 case has a stock 480W PSU. I am wondering if I need more juice and possibly something by a well known brand ? I recently built an Athlon box with Seasonic 430 PSU. Seems pretty quiet. Not sure if I should get another of those.
posted by flyby22 on Jul 31, 2005 - 13 answers

Where can I store luggage in San Francisco?

I'd like to spend some time in San Francisco on foot, without have to lug my suitcase around. The storage lockers at SFO have been taken out of service for security reasons. Is there somewhere else I can store a suitcase for a day?
posted by russilwvong on Jul 21, 2005 - 12 answers

Scooter Storage

I have a 2003 Honda Elite 80 and it has almost zero storage space. I was going to throw on one of those plastic crates that you find at the grocery stores, but these days they are much bigger. Does anyone know where I could find storage out for the back rack of my scooter outside of these plastic crates?
posted by matthelm on Jun 16, 2005 - 6 answers

LaCie Ethernet Disk Hell

I have a new LaCie 800GB Ethernet NAS disk. It's advertised as working well in a cross-platform environment. It sits on my lab's LAN with three XP boxes and three Mac G5s. But it's been trouble from the beginning . . . . [more inside]
posted by realcountrymusic on Jun 15, 2005 - 2 answers

PCMCIA storage card in Tucson AZ

I need to purchase a PCMCIA storage card (ATA format) from a store located in or very near Tucson AZ. Any ideas?
posted by jruckman on Jun 14, 2005 - 5 answers

Safely Storing Mp3 Files

I have over 20,000 mp3 (legal) files, which I want to be stored safely for decades to come, and I'm looking for deviece suggestions. [more inside]
posted by AMWKE on Jun 9, 2005 - 40 answers

Options for secure data storage?

What are my best options for safely storing in excess of 700Gb of data? [more inside]
posted by ScottUltra on Jun 8, 2005 - 12 answers

DVD Storage Solutions?

What are some good ideas for storing 1K+ dvds? [more inside]
posted by folktrash on Jun 6, 2005 - 17 answers

How long does gas last?

How long can I expect unused gasoline in a car's gas tank to last before it breaks down into something that the engine can't burn?
posted by nmiell on May 18, 2005 - 11 answers

drive problems on os x

Arrgh. I just installed the new DVD Player of OS X and it hung up on Optimizing Performance. I ended up having to reboot and when I did both my Lacie 160 firewire drive and iPod are DEAD! [more inside]
posted by dobbs on May 17, 2005 - 16 answers

Network Drives: Good or Bad?

Network drive question: can anyone give a strong thumbs-up or -down on the use of a home-office level network drive? [more inside]
posted by squirrel on May 11, 2005 - 8 answers

Letters, we get letters

This may seem like an odd question, but - I like to keep all of my old letters from various friends and acquaintances, but now I find myself with stacks of them. Can someone suggest a better way to keep them than putting them in shoeboxes? I can't seem to part with them, but they're just sitting there collecting dust.
posted by ORthey on May 9, 2005 - 16 answers

Xdrive Alternatives

We are using Xdrive as the hosted storage/collaboration provider for our workgroup, but performance and access is inconsistent enough to warrant complaints. Does anyone have any experience with using another solution for a similar purpose? [more inside]
posted by Mrmuhnrmuh on Apr 27, 2005 - 3 answers

Setting up my new HDD

What should I do with my new hard drive? [more inside]
posted by jewishbuddha on Apr 21, 2005 - 11 answers

Magazine storage or just cool storage

I have tons of magazines. They are my facvorite thing...each week I buy about 5-10. I am wondering if anyone has any great shelving for magazines or just great examples of storage that I can see online? I'm really looking for a great home office type solution. I read ReadyMade every month hoping to my find my dream solution but never do. Does anyone have any sites they recommend?
posted by rje7 on Apr 10, 2005 - 15 answers

When RAID arrays go bad

The 2x250Gb RAID1 array on my desktop system (WinXP) started throwing up 'Delayed write failure' errors and forcing mirroring on reboot. I unplugged the HDs and reinstalled Windows, but suspect a hardware failure. What's the best way to run diagnostics while minimising the risk of corrupted data being mirrored across? Plug in each drive separately, detach the array, or re-mirror and hope for the best?
posted by holgate on Apr 5, 2005 - 1 answer

Advice for building archival storage cabinet for discs, docs?

I'm seeking info on data/CD/paper/object archival storage for various stuff at my home. There are really two questions here: 1) Where can I find authoritive information about CD-ROM preserving/archival methods. 2) Where can I find info on building/converting a cabinet to a controlled environment on a low budget/DIY? [more inside]
posted by -harlequin- on Apr 5, 2005 - 4 answers

CD/DVD storage

Are there any CD/DVD folders, wallets, storage systems, etc. that are safer and less likely to scratch discs than others? Alternately, what is your favorite method for storing large quantities of CD/DVD's? [more inside]
posted by DaShiv on Apr 4, 2005 - 18 answers

Portable Jump-Drive Copier?

I have in mind a device: it is portable (battery-powered); you plug pen/jump/thumb drive 'A' into it, and then plug pen drive 'B' into it. Press a button, and 'A' is mirrored to 'B'. Does this device exist?
posted by everichon on Mar 24, 2005 - 4 answers

Portable / Home Backup Solution

Backup / Storage: I have a picture of an ideal product in my head. It connects via USB or Firewire, it contains two IDE drives that mirror each others. They're hot swappable, so if one fails, you just by another standard IDE drive of the same size and throw it in. All this is transparent to the machine accessing the device. It's under $300. Does this exist?
posted by weston on Mar 22, 2005 - 6 answers

Chaos Control Needed

I admit that I am the daughter of Chaos. I seem to have zero organizational skills when it comes to objects, use of space, and clutter. I would like to hire someone to come organize my house, create a logical system whereby things are stored, and walk me through clearing the detritus of my mad packrat tendencies. To whom do I turn for this sort of skill set? [more inside]
posted by dejah420 on Mar 13, 2005 - 11 answers

Curses! Foiled again!

Why are the aluminum foil sheets used at deli counters patterned (with dimples, crosshatches, diamonds, &c.)? Is patterned foil available in roll form?
posted by breezeway on Mar 9, 2005 - 8 answers

paper storage

As a freelance graphics designer, I have several different paper stocks that I use daily for mock-ups (mainly sized 8.5"x 11" - 13" x 19"). Are there any fairly inexpensive storage units you other artists use to keep these stocks organized?
posted by sharksandwich on Mar 9, 2005 - 5 answers

Which way should you store your drinking glasses in a cupboard?

Which way should you store your drinking glasses in a cupboard? Should they be stored right side up so the lip isn't contaminated by the surface? Or, should they be stored up side down to prevent dust from getting into the cup?
posted by quadog on Feb 28, 2005 - 26 answers

Recommendations wanted for a mobile hard drive

Anyone have any favourites when it comes to mobile hard drives? I'm looking to replace a 40GB+ Lacie Pocketdrive unit. [more inside]
posted by jonathanbell on Feb 23, 2005 - 8 answers

Online Dat Storage

Does anyone have experience with online data storage services -- i.e. backing up important files such as pictures, transaction records, music, etc. on remote storage accessible via the Web? Is there true value in this? Who are the best providers? What should I be paying?
posted by terrier319 on Jan 21, 2005 - 12 answers

How do I keep my electronic gear cool in my car?

DoesThisExistFilter: I’m looking for something to keep my electronic gear cool in the car this summer. More inside. [more inside]
posted by baltimore on Jan 16, 2005 - 4 answers

What's the best way to store coffee grounds?

Another coffee topic:
What is the best way to store coffee grounds? [more inside]
posted by Kilovolt on Jan 11, 2005 - 40 answers

Storage for CD collection

I have lots of cds. I've been keeping them on shelves, but the collection has outgrown my current set of homemade bookshelves. Any ideas for housing >300 disks? [+] [more inside]
posted by handee on Jan 10, 2005 - 31 answers

How can I read CR-Rs with labels on them?

CD-R problem: Anyone have any luck reading old CD-Rs that they were dumb enough to stick those printed labels on? [mi] [more inside]
posted by LairBob on Dec 17, 2004 - 16 answers

Should sparkling wine be stored on its side or its end?

WineFilter. We have acquired some champagne, the real deal. I always thought wine bottles should be laid on their side to keep the cork wet and sealed, but one of these bottles actually says on the label to store upright. What's best for sparkling wine? On its side, or on its end?
posted by i_am_joe's_spleen on Dec 6, 2004 - 12 answers

Digital Cameras : Help me with my memory card error

A follow up my last question about my Canon Elph S400 that, I thought, had a dying CF card. Now it appears that it just doesn't like large storage cards. With a 256 or 512 card I run a 50% chance (it seems) of encountering a memory card error. With a 128 card, I didn't have any trouble at all. [MI] [more inside]
posted by fenriq on Nov 30, 2004 - 6 answers

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