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Recommendations for diverse Christian churches in Tricities, Washington?

My wife and I are relocating to Tricities, Washington, for a new job at Pacific Northwest National Lab. Our Christian faith is really important to us and we're looking for recommendations for culturally diverse, Spirit-led churches. We're coming from a smaller church, so I think we'd prefer something along the same lines, and we'd like to find opportunities to serve. Does anyone have recommendations for the area? Thanks!
posted by Aanidaani on Aug 10, 2014 - 1 answer

Horrific Holidays!

I seem to remember a couple of years ago there was a post on the blue about a Northern European Yule spirit that would fish the bad children out of their houses using a meat hook, and either flay them, eat them, or both. Does this ring a bell to you? [more inside]
posted by lekvar on Dec 4, 2013 - 4 answers

Trying to identify lady painter of intricate naive/psychedelic pictures

About 20 years ago I was shown an album by a female painter. I would like to find out who she is, but I am having remarkably little success searching on the web. [more inside]
posted by holist on Oct 14, 2013 - 5 answers

Asking for a project filter, Spirit Child Edition

Do spirit photographs of ogbanje children or malevolent spirit children exist? I'm thinking of the plethora of spirit photographs from the turn of the 20th century that depicted deceased persons (from the spiritualist movement) -- do similar types of photos of ogbanje or spirit children in African culture exist? If so, where?
posted by mrfuga0 on Mar 26, 2013 - 2 answers

Draining spirits?

FolkloreFilter: What entities (?) do I need to read up more about that are like the gebbeth in Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea Trilogy? I want something that occupies (or can) the same physical space as a person but which freerides, parasitises, occupies, drains or otherwise has negative effects on a person.
posted by cromagnon on Dec 19, 2012 - 8 answers

Need a "spiritual" gift idea.

I am trying to find a Christmas gift that is "good for the spirit." [more inside]
posted by cherrybounce on Nov 27, 2012 - 15 answers

poetry for the hard times

I am looking for 'healing' poetry: poems that 1) urge you to keep going, 2) tell you that yes, life is hard, but you can do it, 3) remind you to keep your shit together, 4) embrace you and say that you are not alone in this, or 5) just say that this too shall pass. [more inside]
posted by pleasebekind on Jul 4, 2012 - 31 answers

What's the deal with meditation?

How and why does meditation work? How does one do it properly (that is, in the way in which one may extract the most benefits)? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 29, 2012 - 29 answers

I Can't Get Started

The starter on my '92 Dodge Spirit keeps dying, even after I replace it. Why? [more inside]
posted by koeselitz on Jun 1, 2012 - 9 answers

tucka tucka tucka TIKKK tukka tukka tukka TIKKK

Car geeks: I'm having trouble identifying this knock [.MOV on Dropbox] in the engine of my 1991 Dodge Spirit. It sounds a bit like a clicking sound, except it turns out to be a wheeze when it gets worse. I've just replaced one of the valve rocker arms because it turned out to be broken. I also Do you know what might be causing this? [more inside]
posted by koeselitz on Jun 5, 2011 - 18 answers

Where is the cheapest place to buy neutral grain spirit in Philadelphia?

Where is the cheapest place to buy neutral grain spirit in Philadelphia? [more inside]
posted by dzkalman on Mar 1, 2011 - 8 answers

It Really Seems Like I'm Haunted.

Weirdness. Am I haunted? Is my house haunted? Strange, unexplainable things are happening. [more inside]
posted by davoid on Mar 26, 2010 - 44 answers

The person who answers this question will also be visited by a spirit of some kind

Looking for the name of a folk tale, probably of Asian origin, where a thief is caught by being convinced that a spirit will mark his back with ash [more inside]
posted by allen.spaulding on Mar 2, 2010 - 3 answers

Soccer Dad

How do you keep your sense of adventure when you sit in a cubicle and have to pick up the kids at 5 o'clock? I love my wife. I love my kids. I like the fact that my soul-sucking job allows me to use my brain while paying for piano lessons, vacations, and an educational trust. I am not looking to get rid of said wife, kids, or job. What I am looking for is a renewed sense of adventure within my current 'constraints'. [more inside]
posted by kaizen on Feb 4, 2010 - 39 answers

The Best Possible Prayer(s) You Can Think Of

Spiritual-filter: What general prayers would you recommend to use on a regular basis? [more inside]
posted by JoeXIII007 on May 21, 2009 - 37 answers

Xmas spirit all though the year

What are some actual examples of this Christmas-time cliche? [more inside]
posted by neroli on Dec 16, 2008 - 16 answers

Translate "spirit" into Scottish Gaeilc

Can you help me figure out the best Scottish Gaelic word for translating the English word "spirit" for a tattoo project? [more inside]
posted by franklen on Sep 8, 2008 - 11 answers

Where do distilled spirits get their flavors from?

Does all freshly-distilled spirit, whether made from barley, corn, rye, grapes, or potatoes taste identical? If not, what makes the difference in taste? I know that whiskey gets a lot of its final taste from the sherry barrels in which it is aged. Are similar tricks used for other spirits?
posted by Joe in Australia on Jan 31, 2007 - 16 answers

Bah! Humbug!!

ScroogeFilter: I am having a seriously hard time getting in the Christmas Spirit. Jolly [more inside]
posted by Sassyfras on Dec 5, 2006 - 21 answers


EtymologyFilter: Was the word "spirit" first used to describe alcohol, or the non-physical portion of the self, ghosts, etc.?
posted by b1tr0t on Dec 21, 2004 - 12 answers

What do builders use to check if something is level?

What the hell is that thing that builders use for checking something is level called? The ones with the yellow liquid, and the bubble that has to be between the lines. I can't for the life of me remember.
posted by Orange Goblin on Dec 12, 2003 - 21 answers

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