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strauss without singing

Strauss Without Singing - I'm a huge fan of Strauss' orchestra compositions but dislike the opera singing. I know this will make me sound unclassy but I have to ask: is there an orchestra recording of "Four Last Songs" that is just the orchestration and no voice? I've looked and can not find. And additionally, if I wanted to do it m'self - what software/hardware exists to either cancel out voice from music, and music from voice? THANKS AS ALWAYS.
posted by Peter H on Oct 26, 2006 - 7 answers

drum machines

SOUND QUESTION - What are best drum machines, analog preferred, for about one hundred or two hundred dollars new/used? Alesis? earlier versions of the Groovebox? What about great old vintage ones? I know nothing about this topic and would love some guidance. Glitchy sound or authentic drum sounding, preferably with no midi, just straight knobs and buttons with RCA out - thank you for your nerding!
posted by Peter H on Jan 13, 2006 - 23 answers

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