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Firefox find bonk sound

Firefox pet peeve: whilst using the otherwise brilliant "find" feature, and typing in some text that isn't found in the page, there's this "bonk" sound, which is offputting at first, then progressively passes through annoying to maddening, especially at 4am when your wife is sleeping and you forgot to turn of the speakers. Is there a way to turn of this "bonk"?
posted by signal on Oct 2, 2005 - 8 answers

Can I fix my guitar amp myself?

I have a Marshall Valvestate 20 (8020) practice guitar amp. The built-in reverb has stopped working, producing just noise when you turn it up and a sort of wobbly sound if you bump the amp. Also the amp itself has a lot of hum, which goes away when I touch the strings. I'm too cheap/broke to get it fixed but know how to use a screwdriver and a sodering iron. Suggestions?
posted by signal on Jan 6, 2004 - 13 answers

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