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perpetual sore throat

I've had this sore throat for the past month. [more inside]
posted by quadrilaterals on May 5, 2016 - 16 answers

Can anyone tell me about F Throat?

My 17-year-old daughter started getting a sore throat Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday morning she was pretty miserable--couldn't swallow without extreme pain (like literally crying), sore neck/lymph nodes, lots of sinus congestion. [more inside]
posted by chaoticgood on Aug 20, 2015 - 25 answers

What is wrong with my throat?!

I have a doctor appt tomorrow but just wanted to ask if this sounds serious enough to merit worry or if it's no big deal. I have a sore throat on the left side of my throat only, and the lymph node in my neck is swollen on that side as well. In fact the whole left side of my neck hurts... [more inside]
posted by Librarypt on Dec 15, 2014 - 26 answers

Bad breath/post-nasal drip - what's causing this?

A few months ago I had a cough, runny nose, light sore throat, and feeling like my sinuses were sending nasty stuff in to my throat. I eventually took a 5-day course of azithromycin for it (sinusitis, the doc said), and it knocked most of it down. But it seems to linger. The only real problem this causes is bad breath. Need help troubleshooting in a systematic way. [more inside]
posted by 4midori on Nov 2, 2014 - 13 answers

Help this hypochondriac prepare for doctor visit

Maybe more obsessive-over-thinker than hypochondriac. Woke up with an unexpectedly hoarse voice and bit of a sore throat. After eating today, I went to spit up some phlegm, and it *hurt*, and a fair amount of blood came up with the phlegm. All the non-gross stuff is behind the cut. [more inside]
posted by colin_l on Aug 10, 2014 - 7 answers

I get sore throats all of the time... is this worth a trip to the doc?

Lately, I seem to have at least one day every week in which I have a sore throat and generally feel under the weather. I take it easy that day and am usually back to normal the next, but I don't think it is normal to be getting sore throats so often. I eat well, take vitamins/fish oil and exercise, but I do know that I am getting very poor, broken sleep due to stress lately - maybe 5 or so hours - though I get good sleep some nights. Is this worth going to the doctor, or could poor sleep really make you feel bad this often?
posted by Kamelot123 on Aug 3, 2014 - 14 answers

YANMD, But Is It Worth Finding One?

I am sick on vacation and need to decide if it's necessary to see a doctor. [more inside]
posted by charmcityblues on Mar 12, 2014 - 25 answers

Sudden sore throat and lost voice. Make it not hurt!

I woke up Friday with a sore throat that quickly escalated to a painful cough and lost voice. What can I do to make the coughing, my lungs, and my ribs no hurt so much? [more inside]
posted by Room 641-A on Aug 24, 2013 - 14 answers

I basically cannot get down with the sickness.

Help! I'm starting my new job tomorrow and I think I'm getting sick. YANMD. [more inside]
posted by woodvine on Feb 3, 2013 - 18 answers

Food suggestions for a sore throat

Okay, this is a bad time to be without money and there's nothing I can really do to change that immediately. I am on assistance. I have food stamps that can buy only food stuff. Because of last minute car repairs and things like extra gas for appointments that I couldn't miss with government agencies, I have zero on the cash assistance (non-food side of food stamps). I slowly developed a cold today. It's just a cold. Sore throat, coughing, running nose and headache. I have Tylenol for the headache, but my throat is killing me and coughing keeps adding to the burn. There's no money for non-food cough/throat stuff. No cough drops or meds. What can I buy that is a food item that can make my throat feel less like it's been scraped with a brillo pad with each cough. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 21, 2012 - 49 answers

Thanks, Kid.

Revolting Pregnancy Stuff Filter: Stomach acid has ripped my throat to shreds and I need some easy home remedies to soothe the burn. [more inside]
posted by Jilder on Dec 7, 2012 - 22 answers

Before I go under the knife, maybe I could go under the salt water gargles?

What did you do without removing your tonsils that helped reduce the frequency of your bouts of tonsillitis? [more inside]
posted by telegraph on Jan 3, 2012 - 16 answers

Not My Doctor Filter

Do I just have a lingering cold or could there be something else wrong with me? Also why are my tonsils gray? [more inside]
posted by DoubleLune on Dec 30, 2011 - 8 answers

what do I have?

Sore throat, no fever, what do I have? [more inside]
posted by wandering_not_lost on Nov 17, 2011 - 17 answers

I guess it's better than a 100% sore throat, but...

Sore throat...on only one side? [more inside]
posted by JoanArkham on Nov 4, 2011 - 25 answers

Mystery Illness Strikes U Household

What did I and my kids just recover from? [more inside]
posted by DU on Sep 28, 2011 - 22 answers

I always have phlegm.

I can't seem to get rid of my phlegm. For a couple of months now, I tend to always clear my throat because there's phlegm in there and sometimes its easy to expel it, sometimes I will have a hard time as it's sticky. It gets really sticky especially in the morning upon waking up. Also, two weeks ago, I had an episode of blood spots in my phlegm, I had sore throat then and I was eating a spicy meal. At times, again, especially in the morning, some of the phlegm is dark. What's wrong with my throat and what can I do to stop it? [more inside]
posted by LittleMissItneg on May 28, 2011 - 14 answers

To gargle, or not to gargle

Can prudent gargling make a sore throat worse? [more inside]
posted by Mertonian on Mar 8, 2011 - 13 answers

Unexplained sore throat that won't go away

Extremely sore throat for last four days. Not strep. No other cold/flu symptoms. What is going on? [more inside]
posted by Wroksie on Feb 25, 2011 - 30 answers

Please help me alleviate my sore throat pain

What do you do to help your sore throat feel better? [more inside]
posted by katemcd on Oct 28, 2009 - 49 answers


YANMD: After two days lying in bed, the fever has stopped, I no longer have chills, and I think I can get up and walk around. But now I have searing pain in the back of my throat - much worse than it was before. What's going on?
posted by puckish on Apr 15, 2009 - 16 answers

Can my toothpaste be causing my sore throats?

Can my toothpaste be causing my sore throats? [more inside]
posted by cheapskatebay on Mar 23, 2009 - 7 answers

Spit or swallow?

Is swallowing (just a tiny bit) of mouthwash a bad idea? [more inside]
posted by dnesan on Feb 25, 2009 - 19 answers

The FluMist gave me the flu. But for how long?

I believe I am having an adverse reaction to the FluMist. How long can I expect to feel like complete crap? [more inside]
posted by Unicorn on the cob on Sep 13, 2008 - 11 answers

How to prevent tonsilloliths without surgery?

How do I prevent tonsil stones (tonsilloliths) without removing my tonsils? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 26, 2008 - 16 answers

Why do I get canker sores preceeded by a sore throat?

Why do I get canker sores preceded by a sore throat? [more inside]
posted by champthom on Oct 4, 2007 - 16 answers

My head is empy of mangoes. Am I still gonna be a genius anyway?

I ate a piece of mango, and now my throat is terribly sore. What happened? [more inside]
posted by Afroblanco on Aug 4, 2007 - 24 answers

Several day long allergic sore throat -- problem?

I've had a stuffy nose, post-nasal drip, and consequent sore throat -- all due, I think to an allergy. It's taking several days to clear up, and clearing up very slowly. Should I be seeing a doctor about this? [more inside]
posted by Malad on Apr 10, 2007 - 16 answers

In sickness, there is no health.

Ugh. I just came down with a cold yesterday. Now I have a sore throat and, curiously, a rash on my throat... [more inside]
posted by state fxn on Aug 21, 2005 - 11 answers


Strep throat pain remedies -- homemade or medically-sanctioned, I care not. I've never been woken up by throat pain before, and the doctor is still 6 hours away. Any recommendations? [more inside]
posted by symphonik on Apr 7, 2005 - 19 answers

Sore Throat

Sore throat. Uh-oh. My throat started getting sore yesterday around 3. Professionally, I need to be able to speak for the next three days (as I'm instructing a class all day long.) I already drink *tons* of water when I speak. What other things can I do?
posted by filmgeek on Dec 1, 2004 - 23 answers

How can I prevent bronchitis?

If you caught a cold this week
and hacked and sneezed and lacked some sleep
And when you talk you simply squeak —
How do you ward off bronchitis? [more inside]
posted by Happydaz on Oct 22, 2004 - 9 answers

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