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Please help with aggravating medical issue

I have been having a headache-y/migraine-y, sinus-y, fatique-y issue for awhile and am feeling stuck. [more inside]
posted by imalaowai on Jul 6, 2016 - 16 answers

Have I Developed Hotel Room Allergy?

Since last autumn, the day after I'm back home from a hotel stay, my sinuses go nuts. Nothing happens at the hotels. What's going on? [more inside]
posted by justcorbly on Mar 13, 2016 - 14 answers

Allergy to down? Wool? How to confirm?

After thinking I had major sinus problems for the past year, I now think I'm allergic to down and/or wool. (Based on intense facial pain, headache and congestion for the entire day after sleeping with those beddiings, and none without- I just did a personal 3 day experiment). However, I did allergy tests this year and they came up negative. Can you get specific testing for these items? Has anyone experienced this? Do allergies really just appear at 'a certain age'? If so, can anyone recommend a good allergist in NYC?
posted by bquarters on Aug 14, 2015 - 6 answers

Willing to try anything to make this suck less

I just had sinus surgery (probably FESS) a couple of months ago, and it seems to have failed. What next? [more inside]
posted by terrierhead on May 29, 2012 - 4 answers

My eyes are going to pop out of my head.... thank you Spring!

Hello fellow Metafilterians, now that allergy season is upon us, does anyone recommend the best OTC med for: pressure on the eyes, chest congestion, stuffy nose, and sore throat? It's much worse in the morning. Coughing up yellow awfulness (sorry, gross). Claritin and Mucinex-D do NOT work. Sudafed works like a charm but knocks me out, literally for 2 days. Not sure what's out there, haven't had allergies in a couple of years.
posted by luciddream928 on Apr 19, 2011 - 35 answers

My sinuses are broken.

Sinus congestion is making me very unhappy. What works for you? [more inside]
posted by littleflowers on Aug 13, 2010 - 25 answers

at least it's not TB....

MiseryFilter: I have had a dry cough for about 6 weeks that has gotten increasingly worse. I am seeing an allergy specialist as I already know I have allergies. For the last two weeks, I have been on Nasonex, Singulair, and Allegra. Most nights I cannot lie down due to coughing and have to sleep propped up on the couch. I have been doing the neti pot for the last few days, but it's not like tons of stuff is getting washed out of my sinuses when I do it. It just seems to go in one side and out the other. Then I resume coughing a little whlie later. Also, they started me on Flovent as of Monday. I think it's maybe starting to help, but not sure. [more inside]
posted by sio42 on Dec 2, 2009 - 54 answers

“Every head has its own headache”

I am woken up each and every night with a pounding sinus headache. What remedies can you suggest? [more inside]
posted by Sassyfras on Apr 1, 2009 - 26 answers

How do I restore order to my sinuses?

Calling all chronic sinusitis sufferers! How do you keep your sinus infections and symptoms to a minimum? [more inside]
posted by rachaelfaith on Jan 6, 2009 - 35 answers

Is Claritin giving me terrible allergy attacks?

ClaritinFilter: Does daily use of Claritin give you strange once/month insane sneezing/sinus attacks? Please let me know if you've experienced this side effect (or not)... [more inside]
posted by faunafrailty on Aug 15, 2008 - 17 answers

Why can I breathe better with water in my nose?

Why is my nose-breathing markedly improved if I moisten my nasal passages with saline spray? [more inside]
posted by odi.et.amo on Feb 16, 2008 - 9 answers

Why is nose partially blocked in some cities but not others?

Why is my nose blocked outside in LA and New York but not in Pittsburgh or Boston? [more inside]
posted by shivohum on Jul 9, 2006 - 4 answers

Do I Have Allergies?

Do I have allergies? (more inside) [more inside]
posted by nelleish on Jul 13, 2004 - 9 answers

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