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We'll never tell. Don't ask again.

Looking for a science fiction short story I read years ago. [more inside]
posted by gerryblog on Feb 24, 2008 - 11 answers

What is the name or author of this SciFi short story?

Help me be awesome and find this sci fi short story for my room mate. I have only my account of his account of the plot to go by. [more inside]
posted by pedmands on Feb 23, 2008 - 15 answers

Help me identify these short horror stories?

Help me identify these four short horror stories, based on descriptions of their plots and endings. SPOILERS AHEAD! [more inside]
posted by Faint of Butt on Jan 29, 2008 - 3 answers

Help me identify this short story!

Help me identify this short story! It is a story told from the perspective of an infant as he is free-falling through the garbage chute of a multi-level housing complex after being discarded by his teenage mother. The story is divided into nine parts, with each part signifying the baby's arrival at each floor until he finally reaches the trash compactor at the ground level. [more inside]
posted by sansgras on Jan 16, 2008 - 4 answers

Short story about a barber who learns how someone will die?

What is the short story where there is a barber who, upon touching a person's head or hair, is able to see how the person will die? That's all I can really recall about the story. I read it years ago when I was in high school in one of the literature books that some classes use for instruction.
posted by mulligan on Jan 10, 2008 - 9 answers

Who wrote this scifi story abount kids who couldn't grow up?

Help me figure out the title/author of this short science fiction story. It was about a world where everyone stopped growing. [more inside]
posted by hjo3 on Jan 10, 2008 - 6 answers

What is this short story?

What is the name of this short story that I am thinking of? [more inside]
posted by jModug on Jan 6, 2008 - 6 answers

Searching for Story; Need to Get "Unstuck"

Short Story Filter: I'm trying to track down a wonderful short story I read maybe 15 years ago. It focuses on a couple struggling with a dysfunctional marital and/or sexual relationship. The story is set somewhere in a snowy/icy climate, and the central conceit of the story is that the husband needs to free their car which is stuck in the snow. As the story unfolds, the author describes the back-and-forth rocking of the car as he slams it from "drive" into "reverse" and back again, and it becomes clear that the movement of the car is a powerful sexual metaphor. Finally the car rolls free and the dramatic release seems to provide hope for the relationship. Does this sound familiar to anybody? I thought the title of the story was "Unstuck," but Googling has led me nowhere.
posted by AngerBoy on Dec 11, 2007 - 5 answers

Help Me Identify a Story About A Pool Party Bomb

TeenAngstFilter: Can you help me identify a short story about a student who blows up a pool? [more inside]
posted by burnmp3s on Nov 29, 2007 - 2 answers

What type of story wins the Toronto Star's short story contest?

What type of stories win the Toronto Star's short story contest? I mean, beyond what's in the Star's rules and guidelines -- does history show a bias towards a certain subject matter or style, etc.? The judges are from the Humber College creative writing program -- does that mean there are any types of writing that are especially in/out of favour?
posted by winston on Nov 27, 2007 - 0 answers

Short short story.

I need an extremely short suspense story. [more inside]
posted by Hargrimm on Oct 25, 2007 - 17 answers

What is the best site to have people critique my fiction?

I've written some fiction. Now I want to see if it's any good. [more inside]
posted by reenum on Oct 14, 2007 - 7 answers

Need help finding an sci-fi story.

Seeking out a sci-fi short story I read some time ago and would like to find again. [more inside]
posted by killThisKid on Aug 23, 2007 - 6 answers

Please help me find this sci-fi story again.

Do you remember a sci-fi short story about the last man on earth and suspended animation and the evolution of algae? [more inside]
posted by Specklet on Jul 31, 2007 - 4 answers

Yet another sci-fi story ID request...

[ObscureSciFiFilter] Help me identify these science fiction stories please? [more inside]
posted by herichon on Jul 8, 2007 - 15 answers

Help Me Find A Story About The Ten Commandments

I am trying to find the title and author of a short science fiction story. The story centered around Moses returning from Mt. Sinai and finding the Israelites worshiping the golden calf. In the biblical version he breaks the tablets and later goes back to get another set. In this story, the Israelites realize the error of their ways and gather all the pieces. [more below] [more inside]
posted by mshellenberger on Jun 21, 2007 - 7 answers

MametFilter: 10000 Yen?

Do you recognize this short story, possibly written by David Mamet? A Japanese couple scrimps and saves so they can incrementally improve their lives, and they go to a shopping mall/set of stores for fun, where they purchase candies/cookies that look like 1000 or 10000 or 1000000 yen. (More inside.) [more inside]
posted by Slap Factory on Jun 20, 2007 - 5 answers

quite a tale indeed...

ScienceFictionfilter: Suggestions for gift subscriptions of science fiction magazines, journals printed in English and dead tree format [more inside]
posted by jadepearl on Jun 18, 2007 - 10 answers

ShortStoryFilter: Lamp that you have to sell for half what you paid?

I read a short story once about ten years ago, it was in a compiliation of short stories but I don't remember the title or author. The part I remember from the plot is that there's a magic lamp that gives wishes but you have to sell it for half of what you paid for it. I believe the main characters keep trying to find lower currencies so they can continue reselling it.
posted by bertrandom on May 21, 2007 - 3 answers

What is this short story?

After an extensive Google search, I have yet another "name that short story" question, posed by a friend. [more inside]
posted by landedjentry on May 18, 2007 - 2 answers

Short story about a foul child?

Name That Short Story: a horror story-within-a-story about a foul child with a drunk father. [more inside]
posted by Sticherbeast on May 11, 2007 - 3 answers

SF Short Story with Zombie Scientist?

StoryIdentificationFilter: A few years ago, I read a scifi short story in an anthology. It had zombie-ish elements, and a scientist-type who was afflicted who was able to work and study the zombie phenomenon by burning out the nerves on spots on his hand that impelled him to touch non-zombies. They kept growing back, so he continually had to burn them out. [more inside]
posted by adamwolf on May 10, 2007 - 5 answers

ShortStoryFilter: Looking for a short story where Americans go on vacation and get killed

ShortStoryFilter: Looking for a short story where Americans go on vacation and get killed. [more inside]
posted by mwang1028 on May 6, 2007 - 3 answers

name this sci-fi short story from the 80s

Trying to remember a sci-fi short story - I used to read Nebula Award collections when I was a kid and this one was in one years collection, but I am pretty sure it did not win. I've been trying to figure out what it was for years now. I'll tell you what I remember from it inside here... [more inside]
posted by darkpony on May 2, 2007 - 12 answers

Delicious dinos

Yet another Sci-Fi ID request: I once read a tongue-in-cheek short story involving a fidgety time travel portal, dinosaurs, and culinary adventures. [more inside]
posted by Johnny Assay on Apr 15, 2007 - 6 answers

What is this grotesque, possibly German short story?

Help me remember the name and author of this short story. The pathetic male main character is abused and humiliated by an abusive female character (his wife, I think). The culmination involves some sort of grotesque and humiliating performance by the main character at a party, arranged by the wife. [more inside]
posted by bubukaba on Apr 9, 2007 - 12 answers

Flowers for Algernon Sci Fi alternate ending?

Short story filter: Help me identify a science fiction short story I read this year about a "Flowers for Algernon" type situation, where instead of the Algernon-ish character reverting back to his former state, his intelligence becomes unlimited and he goes on to (sort of) control the world. [more inside]
posted by np312 on Mar 21, 2007 - 6 answers

Short-Story Filter?

I read this short story in middle/jr high school, and I have no idea what the name of it is. It's going to bother me until I find out. [more inside]
posted by lisawin on Feb 24, 2007 - 17 answers

Sci-fi short story with microscopic humans

Name that sci-fi short story: In the prologue, a colonist ship has crashed on a water planet. The colonists can't survive there themselves, so they genetically engineer humans to be about the size of microbes and live in the water instead. Most of the story deals with the resulting aquatic society, their interactions with other species of microbes, and their search for their now-forgotten origins. And no, it was not "The Incredible Journey". Any ideas on what it might be?
posted by Johnny Assay on Jan 21, 2007 - 7 answers

Ich suche nach einem Kurzgeschichtschreiber

Help me find the (prolific, I think) short story writer I read in high school! Fuzzy, mixed up memories inside. [more inside]
posted by !Jim on Jan 5, 2007 - 9 answers

It was all good until the tutor needed a cigarette

I read a short story a few years ago and would really like to find it again. A boy doesn't understand the complexities of the world -- such as how cars work. Suddenly, cars stop working. [more inside]
posted by Terminal Verbosity on Nov 30, 2006 - 2 answers

Please help me identify a short story

I remember a friend of mine telling me about a short story/novel/novella about a baseball pitcher whose pitched balls disappeared after leaving his hand, only to reappear in a totally different place and kill someone. There's [more inside]
posted by reenum on Nov 22, 2006 - 9 answers

What's the name of this short story I read in high school?

The Postal Service song "We Will Become Silhouettes" reminds me of a short story (or maybe poem?) I read in high school, but I can't remember the name or author for the life of me. I believe the action centered around an automated house going through its daily routine after the inhabitants had been vaporized on its side. There was also something about birds singing... I think. Any ideas?
posted by pokermonk on Oct 12, 2006 - 12 answers


NameTheShortHorrorStoryFilter: Guy's reflection tries to come out of the mirror and kill him [more inside]
posted by primer_dimer on Sep 28, 2006 - 3 answers

Name that obscure short story...

I read a short story that was included as part of a compilation of horror/suspense stories about 10 years ago. I totally forgot the name of the story and really want to read it again. [more inside]
posted by suitcase on Aug 8, 2006 - 3 answers

A short story written in the form of personal checks?

Short story filter--does anyone know the title and author of a short story that's written entirely in the form of personal checks? The idea of the whole thing is to kind of read between the lines and figure out what is going on by who the person is writing checks to, for what amount, what's in the memo line, etc. A teacher friend would like to know. I remember seeing this but have no idea where to look. Thanks!
posted by printchick on Jul 24, 2006 - 15 answers

Troubleshootin The Tale: Temperature Traveler

Abstract Thinking Filter: So I created this creature that travels by temperature instead of time, so to speak. [more inside]
posted by vanoakenfold on Jul 18, 2006 - 29 answers

Does anyone come close to Borges in the field of very short fiction?

Has anyone written and published very brief, dense prose works akin to Borges' ficciones, and are they any good? [more inside]
posted by jack_mo on May 16, 2006 - 17 answers

Help me find this short story sequel to the War of the Worlds.

I heard it as it was dramatized on BBC World Service Radio around 2003. The story was told from the point of view of a descendant of one of the invading Martians. [more inside]
posted by micketymoc on Apr 24, 2006 - 2 answers

Short stories about a birthday?

Can you name short stories, preferably from the classics, about a birthday? [more inside]
posted by dov on Apr 13, 2006 - 5 answers

Looking for a Science Fiction short story

SciFi Filter: Help me find a short story that fits my oh-so-exacting criteria... [more inside]
posted by featherboa on Mar 6, 2006 - 14 answers

Alfred Hitchcock story?

Identify this story about an unhappy man, an exclusive travel agency, and a magical transporting barn. Possibly from an old Alfred Hitchcock magazine. [more inside]
posted by cribcage on Jan 22, 2006 - 7 answers

A short story where sex and conversation switch roles

A friend of mine is trying to identify a short story that she read in high school where conversation and sex have the opposite roles than they do in our society today. [more inside]
posted by Turd Ferguson on Jul 30, 2005 - 7 answers


Trying to identify a short story I read in some sort of Harper's or Atlantic type magazine a few years ago. [more inside]
posted by ITheCosmos on May 15, 2005 - 0 answers

Help me find a short story: Shakespeare Meets Martin Guerre?

StoryFinderFilter: Please help me find a short story that describes the homecoming of an older Shakespeare to Anne Hathaway's house. Only Shakespeare isn't Shakespeare, and the wife notices . . . [more inside]
posted by amber_dale on May 9, 2005 - 2 answers

Find This Story

What with the Archbishop of Canterbury on the point of being vanquished by plain old Doubt (not that it was much of a contest in Rowan Williams's case) I was reminded of a drama I once read as a book and later saw as a TV screenplay. An abbot of a particular monastery has secretly lost his faith, and so does not wish to lead the brothers in prayer; he always gets someone else to do this, to avoid a personal spiritual crisis caused by having to pray publicly to, as he sees it, nothing. The Catholic hierarchy of that future time, unbeknownst to him, has become entirely atheist. An agent of the curia is sent to force the abbot to the point of a self-destroying confrontation with his unbelief. The agent achieves this by manipulating him into a situation where he can't avoid being the one to lead the assembled brothers in a public prayer.

Can anyone tell me what this thing is that I remember? Title and author are entirely gone. Thanks!
posted by jfuller on Jan 6, 2005 - 4 answers

What is this story from Dragon Magazine in the 80s?

In the mid to late 80s Dragon Magazine published a short story about a woman playing an online computer game. She made friendss with a mysterious stranger in the game who got hugely rich and shared the money with her. It was a very entertaining and prescient story, well predating mainstream online gaming. Anyone know details of who wrote it, when it appeared, etc? Is there a copy online?
posted by Nelson on Dec 10, 2004 - 5 answers

Identify this kids' book--all the grownups die off?

After watching "Dawn Of the Dead" the other night, I was reminded of a story I remember from my elementary school days. Naturally, I can't remember the title. Here's the catch - I can't remember if this was a novel we read in school, or some sort of PBS series we saw in school (After giving it a bit more thought, I suppose it could be both, eh?). All I remember is the following key plot point: all adults (I believe it was anyone over age 'n') die off. No zombies or anything. [A few more details inside] [more inside]
posted by adamkempa on Nov 8, 2004 - 15 answers

a boat, a rock, and a rising tide: help me remember

It seems my memory isn't what it used to be. I need help remembering a short story title and a movie... [more inside, of course] [more inside]
posted by cedar on May 10, 2004 - 4 answers

Questions about Prostitute Procedure

Short Story Research Filter: In films, a prostitute will often ask if she can use the bathroom. I'm guessing that it's for the purpose of freshening up, but (a) does this entail anything specific? and (b) does this actually happen? (cue embarrasment at my woeful lack of knowledge / ability to ask what is probably a stupid question / the nature of the question).
posted by seanyboy on Mar 22, 2004 - 17 answers

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