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Is Microsoft Sharepoint hard to learn?

Or is it easy enough to learn that I could learn it in a couple of weeks for a job? [more inside]
posted by thesnowyslaps on Jun 19, 2014 - 15 answers

Data connections btwn Access 2002 and SharePoint 2007, how do they work?

I need to pretty quickly get up to speed on how to integrate an Access database with SharePoint. I know Access well, but I don't know SharePoint at all and don't understand how data connections work. The really fun part: I have Access 2002. [more inside]
posted by desjardins on Jan 11, 2011 - 8 answers

Windows Mesh won't run on XP... options?

I'm looking for a good solution for syncing files across several computers with several users. Something like Windows Live Mesh, except I can't use that because several of the computers run Windows XP, which Mesh doesn't support. [more inside]
posted by Mokusatsu on Oct 19, 2010 - 9 answers

Sharepoint Link changes...

I need help either changing all links in a sharepoint(sql server) database to point to a new file server. Is there a way to do a find/replace in the sql server database for sharepoint to change the links? or do i have to do something else? [more inside]
posted by fozzie33 on Mar 17, 2010 - 2 answers

Sharepoint weekly email

In Sharepoint, is there a way to send a weekly report(every monday) showing the status of a list? [more inside]
posted by fozzie33 on Oct 6, 2009 - 3 answers

Add views column in MOSS?

microsoftfilter: Using MOSS, how can I add a column to a discussion board list to show the number of times an item has been viewed? [more inside]
posted by smelvis on Jul 27, 2009 - 2 answers

IBM Websphere Portal vs Microsoft SharePoint?

IBM Websphere Portal vs Microsoft SharePoint: which is less loathsome? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on May 20, 2009 - 5 answers

Help me stun SharePoint

[MS SharePoint Filter] We have a SharePoint subsite that needs to be kinda disabled for a wee bit until our SP guy gets back from vacation and updates some workflows (yay management decision). Specifically, everyone with access needs to be set to Read Only and a message needs to be added to every page ("This site is unavailable because blah blah blah). [more inside]
posted by Ikazuchi on Feb 20, 2009 - 9 answers

How do I, uh, use Sharepoint?

How do I make Sharepoint usable? Less ugly? Am I missing something or is this really unintuitive? What is everyone else using? [more inside]
posted by geoff. on Jul 15, 2008 - 11 answers

Sharepoint Help: Web Applications not appearing in Shared Services Provider setup

I am trying to configure a Sharepoint server's Shared Services Provider, but the Web Applications list is not being populated. [more inside]
posted by mikepop on Feb 14, 2008 - 3 answers

Sharepoint Auto-increment

Sharepoint Filter: Does anyone know how to create fields/columns in MS Sharepoint lists where a field number will auto-increment based upon the field number in the previous record? It may be possible to use a calculated field but we've been running into some walls on that one.
posted by rlef98 on Aug 6, 2007 - 5 answers

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