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Should I let my friend crash at my place?

A friend of mine has been bouncing from place to place after moving out of her last apt (with roommates). She had asked to crash with me (I live with my boyfriend) for two days and then at the last minute said she was going to stay at her other friends' place - which I was happy with. Now she just let me know her place fell through and wants to stay 4 days with us. Should I nip this in the bud and tactfully suggest airbnb? [more inside]
posted by soooo on Nov 5, 2016 - 18 answers

Splitting rent and avoiding resentment

We want to live together; our budgets are different by 50-100%. Right now I just want to cover the difference and get us into a place we love--but will I regret it later? Snowflake details inside [more inside]
posted by ista on Aug 23, 2016 - 30 answers

I think I’m being given the silent treatment

How do I deal with a friend/roommate, who apparently seems to think the silent treatment is a valid way of communicating? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 16, 2016 - 10 answers

We are not a flophouse

Are my roommates using our shared apartment too heavily? Or am I just being sensitive? [more inside]
posted by sockity sock on Jul 7, 2016 - 33 answers

Conflicts abound with roommates, including a trigger situation.

Currently going through a conflict with roommates, and unsure of how to navigate the situation. (toilet paper, nobody taking ownership of getting more toilet paper, and a harsh text from a roommate) [more inside]
posted by dubious_dude on Apr 28, 2016 - 71 answers

My roommate is a hardcore recycler and I am not. What now?

My roommate has confronted me about putting improper items in our trash that can be recycled. I don't really care. Where do I go from here? [more inside]
posted by joeyjoejoejr on Apr 11, 2016 - 67 answers

Dealing with self-obsessed roommate

I have a roommate who talks about herself until blue in the face. As a polite human, I will listen to her and interact. She will occasionally ask me how I am, and then will stick her nose in her phone and not show the slightest interest in my answer. I have 6 more months with her, and would like to have a non-insulting conversation with her about this pattern. How do I do that?
posted by Kombucha3452 on Mar 30, 2016 - 23 answers

What Should I Know About Living Alone?

Tell me things I need to know about living alone for the first time as an adult! [more inside]
posted by hepta on Feb 26, 2016 - 22 answers

What are adult roommate relationships supposed to look like?

I've lived with roommates since college and now in grad school I have roommates. I'm not sure how to navigate/what to expect of my roommates currently. I often feel sad or upset at home now and I think I had a different expectation of having roommates in grad school. Please help me shift my mindset! [more inside]
posted by socky bottoms on Feb 11, 2016 - 14 answers

Am I wrong for wanting my housemate out?

I live in a shared house with two guys. I’m 28 and the two guys are in their 50’s...in the beginning I was taken back by their ages, but I try not to judge. When I first moved in there he was the only one and he would visit his girlfriend most of the time, so it was only me in the house. The second guy that moved in is a friend of his and deep down I really didn’t want him to move because I just felt something was off about him. You know when something doesn’t sit well with your spirit, but I said yes to him to move in because I didn’t want to offend the housemate that was there before me. [more inside]
posted by TheBronxGirl on Jan 16, 2016 - 24 answers

Villa Becomes Village

Seeking fiction and non-fiction accounts, as well as real-life anecdotes, of buying a mansion and renting out the rooms to friends and/or strangers (or, otherwise, of living in such an arrangement) [more inside]
posted by sevenofspades on Dec 29, 2015 - 16 answers

How to be a great live-in landlord?

My partner and I own a house in a small Ohio city, and want to rent out a couple of the extra bedrooms -- we've already got a potential housemate interested in moving in at the end of the month. How can I make sure this goes smoothly for everyone? [more inside]
posted by Pwoink on Sep 15, 2015 - 10 answers

Music for the bedroom?

What are some songs I can use to mask the noise of sex so I can be polite to my roommates and allow my girlfriend and me to fully enjoy ourselves? [more inside]
posted by mtphoto on Sep 9, 2015 - 28 answers

How do I tell my drama queen roommate that she needs to move out?

I'm afraid to ask my roommate to move out because there's a good chance she will make my life a living hell. What's the best way to go about it? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 19, 2015 - 12 answers

Illegal eviction in NYC?

Hi all! I live in a 10-person "communal" house in NYC, and about 5-6 of my roommates are on the lease. I have lived here for 5 months. The lease is being renewed in July and my roommate have let me know that they have renewed the lease as a 9-person house and that they want me to move out in July. They are a communal house and I am kind of the extra person that they hoped would buy into their community model, but I am technically just renting a room. I think my room is illegal because it has no window, but previously the landlord wanted it filled. Is there anything I can do to keep my room? Is it legal for them to oust me due to not filling their expectations?
posted by Kombucha3452 on Jun 6, 2015 - 6 answers

Rent discount = bad marketing strategy?

I'm thinking of offering a temporary discount on rent to get someone to take over my less-than-ideal room in an awesome apartment--is this a viable marketing strategy or will such an unorthodox move scare off potential renters? [more inside]
posted by peakes on May 20, 2015 - 10 answers

How can I get my roommates to clean up after themselves?

I and my spouse own a three bedroom house, and live there with four roommates, two dogs, and a dismaying number of parakeets. My roommates are generally considerate, and we work around each other as best we can, but they just will. not. clean. without someone directly telling them that it needs to be done. Since I and my spouse have the lowest tolerance for dirt, we end up doing it. Snowflake: my roommates are my adult children and their significant others. [more inside]
posted by underflow on May 16, 2015 - 40 answers

Roommate and new "girlfriend" making me uncomfortable. Solutions?

My roommate/landlord has a new "girlfriend" - my space feels invaded, but complicating factors ensue. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
posted by dubious_dude on Apr 29, 2015 - 142 answers

NYC Housing sites/listserves

Looking for more housing/rooming sites to post to in NYC! [more inside]
posted by greta simone on Apr 19, 2015 - 3 answers

How do I cope with my offensive roommates?

I'm a woman who is living with two straight cismen who routinely have loud, offensive, misogynistic/racist/queerphobic conversations in the apartment's common areas. I'd like them to stop doing this in shared spaces because it makes me and my guests uncomfortable. I need tips for talking to them. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 27, 2014 - 25 answers

Crazy roommate please help?!

My roommate is snooping and sleeping in our rooms when we're not home. I'm scared there's more to it and I need advice. [more inside]
posted by shesbenevolent on Dec 17, 2014 - 16 answers

Interviewing future housemates

When looking for a new place to live, there is a question I want to ask my potential future housemates, but I can't figure out how to phrase it. My best attempt so far is "How particular is your household about doing things a certain way?" or perhaps "How many high-maintenance things do you have in your house, and what kind of care do they need?" Basically I'm asking how nitpicky people are, but I want to ask in a neutral way. [more inside]
posted by danceswithlight on Nov 20, 2014 - 33 answers

What should I expect when looking for a room in Portland, Oregon?

I'm moving back to Portland in a few days to finish my senior year of college, and I'll be looking for a room in a shared house/apt over the next few weeks to move into November 1st while I stay in an AirBnb. While I have lived in shared housing in Portland before, my memory is a bit fuzzy regarding the difficulty. I'm wondering whether I should lower my standards due to scarcity or hold out for a room that fits my needs more. I also would like to know whether I should wait for a room that is available on my target date of November 1st or one immediately and pay more money? [more inside]
posted by dargerpartridge on Sep 20, 2014 - 4 answers

On to the next chapter, onward and upward!

So I'm moving and getting roommates, any advice from the green on how to move forward with my life? [more inside]
posted by lunastellasol on Sep 19, 2014 - 14 answers

Question about eviction and co-tenants versus sub-tenants.

I'm going through a breakup. My ex very suddenly served me a Notice To Quit today. I'm not sure what rights I have here. I'm also pretty destitute because of recent medical bills. Further details inside. [more inside]
posted by TheHappiestSadist on Jul 30, 2014 - 25 answers

Why would former tenant use my address sending mail?

Why would a former quasi-tenant address a package to an erroneous address and write my address as his own? This package just got "returned to sender" and he hasn't lived here in 7 months! Should we be worried? [more inside]
posted by Tarumba on Jul 8, 2014 - 25 answers

How do I talk to my roommate about houseguests?

I'm a mid 30's female living with another mid 30's female. I'm not a big fan of having out of town house guests. But I'm not sure how to broach the subject when my boyfriend occasionally stays at our place. Do I have the right be bring up my irritation? [more inside]
posted by patientpatient on Jun 19, 2014 - 27 answers

Housemate and I are making each other miserable. What are my options?

My housemate and I have reached the point where it's really, really clear we aren't going to be able to work things out and get along. Despite this, she is digging her heels in about moving out. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by nonasuch on Jun 3, 2014 - 51 answers

How to pay for cable TV when only one person wants it?

Moving in with roommate problems! [more inside]
posted by queens86 on May 19, 2014 - 35 answers

Roommate Troubles: Should I bother keeping in touch.

I've made my roommate's life kinda shit the entire school year. Should I just get out of her life, or try to keep in touch in case I become a better person? [more inside]
posted by bluekazoo on May 12, 2014 - 14 answers

Help my roommate and I find a fair and reasonable solution

Her sister is coming to stay with us for (??) weeks, how do I protect my boundaries [more inside]
posted by winterportage on May 6, 2014 - 22 answers

Should I move in with my girlfriend and her flatmates?

My girlfriend (25) and I (cis male, 26) have been dating for about a year and a half, are pretty sure that this is the real deal, and are ready to move in with each other. We're trying to decide if I should move into her apartment with her and her flatmates, or if we should move in to our own apartment together. Lots of extra details below! [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Apr 24, 2014 - 35 answers

Bad Roommate II: Electric Boogohgodpleasekillme

Problematic roommate finally moves out. Everybody is happy! Problematic roommate gives one day's notice that she is moving back in. Everybody is sad! How to head off disaster? [more inside]
posted by dekathelon on Apr 15, 2014 - 53 answers

Should I have a roommate if I'm bad at having one?

Should I have a roommate if most of my experiences with roommates have been bad? / How can I be better at living with others? [more inside]
posted by ichomp on Mar 30, 2014 - 17 answers

Roommate Rules

I am getting a new roommate soon and this time, I want to do everything right. Please share your platonic cohabitation tips! [more inside]
posted by showbiz_liz on Mar 15, 2014 - 28 answers

What sort of notice do I owe my roommates? I want to move ASAP.

How much notice should I give my roommates if I want to move out as fast as possible without being a total jerk? Would paying the rent I owe for April be acceptable instead of giving them a 30 day notice? I'm not actually on the lease, if that helps. I haven't been in a situation like this before, so I am not 100% sure what to do. Thanks.
posted by anonymous on Mar 14, 2014 - 15 answers

because "wow, you're a terrible person" won't make me many friends

Getting to know your new roommates when a problematic roommate dominates it all [more inside]
posted by dekathelon on Feb 8, 2014 - 22 answers

unempathic roommate?

I work in a human services discipline, and recently one of my clients passed away unexpectedly, most likely due to natural causes. I was shocked and very sad to find out about this, but also had a number of other clients to see that day, and so coped with it during the day as best I could. That evening, when my roommate asked about my day, I briefly told her what had happened and that I was pretty affected by it. She, a nurse, gave a response best paraphrased as "Yeah, that sucks, when my first client died it was really hard for me, it could have been suicide, did you think about that?" and then launched into a long description of everything that had happened to her that day. I was rather stunned by her apparent disinterest in my experience, and didn't say anything, but I've been feeling pretty annoyed since then, and am not sure how to best deal with this. [more inside]
posted by ribbit ribbit on Dec 20, 2013 - 33 answers

My roommate hates me. I can't afford to move out. What do I even do?

How do you live in an apartment with a roommate who would probably prefer if you dropped dead? [more inside]
posted by dekathelon on Nov 12, 2013 - 78 answers

Surprise! I'm moving out!

O wise people of AskMeFi, please help me decide if I'm being too impulsive in jumping at a chance to move out of my parents' place. I really want this, but I want to make sure I won't regret it a few months down the road. [more inside]
posted by cucumber patch on Nov 11, 2013 - 15 answers

I want to move to NYC and get a design/dtp job. Or graduate school.

I'm a fresh college graduated from a European academy for Graphic Design and want to move to NYC to gather more experience in the field, and live there for a while. Question about job search and accommodation. Considering doing a masters degree too. [more inside]
posted by ahtlast93 on Nov 7, 2013 - 10 answers

Renting with roommates... can things de-escalate?

Ok, so I'm living in Chicago with a few of my SO's old roommates from college. We've known them for less than a year and I can admit maybe we jumped into a year lease too soon. However, what recourse do we have right now? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 16, 2013 - 10 answers

When living with others, what are unreasonable requests?

And what to do when someone blows up at you for what you believe to be a reasonable request. [more inside]
posted by eq21 on Oct 2, 2013 - 52 answers

Down to the wire

I'm looking for an Oct. 1st roommate share in Brooklyn, and so far I'm coming across shockingly few places listed on Craigslist. Is there another list I'm not aware of? I already put word out to my network. Details: -- I've lived in BK for six years (Crown Heights + Park Slope), and have never had trouble finding a place before. --Budget is $1100 and under. --Looking to stay for 6 months or longer --I'm searching under "rooms & shares" AND "sublets & temporary" Thanks!!
posted by jessca84 on Sep 20, 2013 - 7 answers

Drama with a potential roommate - time to cut and run?

I've been planning to move to another city, and become roommates with a friend, but things got a bit weird this week and I don't know whether to fight the urge to run away fast or instead listen to it and head for higher ground. [more inside]
posted by six sided sock on Aug 16, 2013 - 39 answers

How to solve problems with roommate's cat--and roommate himself?

My roommate has a problem cat. The cat pees where she shouldn't pee, has created $400 in vet bills in one of my cats, and continues to fight with aforementioned cats. The problem: my roommate won't actually do anything about any of this. Now what? [more inside]
posted by schroedinger on Jul 24, 2013 - 37 answers

Tips and Tricks for living in a shared house

If you've lived in a house with a lot of other people in it, what has helped keep the peace and made things run smoothly for the household, short and long term? [more inside]
posted by hippybear on Jul 20, 2013 - 14 answers

How should four roommates go about getting a couch in NYC?

I'm down to buy a couch, but I don't want to own a couch. I think everyone else I'm living with feels the same. But we have a big empty living room and need a couch. [more inside]
posted by windbox on Jul 16, 2013 - 20 answers

Learning to see my own slovenliness

How do you develop an eye for seeing messes and clutter before they get out of control? [more inside]
posted by ActionPopulated on Jul 12, 2013 - 20 answers

What should I do to protect my neck during this roommate situation?

I moved to a new city and I'm currently living by myself in a decent sized but single bedroom apartment. I recently met a friend who's looking for a place to stay with his girlfriend for one month so they can save a little money to get on their feet again. Raising all sorts of red flags already? That's why I love you guys. Besides "Just say no", what can we both do to protect our interests? [more inside]
posted by WhitenoisE on Jun 25, 2013 - 30 answers

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