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Should I stay and help or should I go?

Hello! I really need help on this one. [more inside]
posted by Sippi15 on May 18, 2016 - 25 answers

Rollercoaster game (for Android) that's closest to Disney's Coaster?

Back in '93, Disney had a game for DOS called Coaster. You get a track editor, build and ride it in 3D, then it gets rated by some riders. Is there anything close to something like this in terms of game play for Android that's available now? Nicer graphics would be a plus.
posted by querty on Mar 17, 2015 - 3 answers

Rollecoaster + Glasses

Is there a way to tell whether one can wear glasses on a rollercoaster, so that the glasses will not fall off midway through the ride? Is it a simple case of upside-down means don't-wear-glasses? (No, I am not talking about Google Glasses.)
posted by applesurf on Feb 28, 2013 - 13 answers

I'm up and down on this whole roller coaster thing...

I'm about to go on a much needed vacation and am heading to California. While there, I'm planning on hitting the Disney parks and am contemplating experiencing my very first roller coaster. I also have problems with anxiety and nervousness. Is it possible for me to enjoy this (terrifying) experience? [more inside]
posted by BrianJ on Feb 28, 2013 - 27 answers

Rollercoaster video

Please help me find the perfect roller coaster video. It is a first person view of a roller coaster ride with a speed value on the video. [more inside]
posted by Morsey on Aug 30, 2012 - 1 answer

"Children almost always hang onto things tighter than their parents think they will." Right? RIGHT?!

Our daughter has come to an age where she wants to try more and more thrilling amusement park rides. We have come to an age where we don't. How do parents with their own fears let their kids go and have fun on the thrill rides, when accompanying them is becoming less and less of an option? And, if the anxieties are such that even watching them from the ground is too gut-wrenching, and sitting at home while the kiddo goes with others is still quite nerve-wracking, what might work to deal with those fears? [more inside]
posted by peagood on Aug 2, 2012 - 43 answers

Cheap Thrills!

Help me get my kicks! Where can I find free slides, free-standing roller coasters, and other amusements? [more inside]
posted by mds35 on Jan 29, 2012 - 3 answers

Help me find Lincoln Park, abandoned amusement park!

Does anyone know anything about the abandoned amusement park Lincoln Park, in Dartmouth, MA just outside New Bedford? I am specifically looking for directions there - I drove there this morning and could see the abandoned Comet rollercoaster from afar but could NOT figure out how to get onto the property except by climbing the fence on Route 6. I'm supposed to have photographs from this site tomorrow: HELP! Of course any other histories, memories, etc would be great, too. Thanks hive!
posted by betsbillabong on Nov 22, 2010 - 10 answers

Roller Coaster! Of Aesthetic Pleasure! Roller Coaster! Whoo, Hoo, Hoo!

Tell me where (and IF) I can obtain a roller-coaster caliber seatbelt buckle. [more inside]
posted by julthumbscrew on Jul 14, 2010 - 5 answers

I am definitely tall enough to ride.

Where are the best (and ideally most inexpensive) roller coasters around Orlando, FL? I'm not overly interested in Disney World, however. [more inside]
posted by ChrisR on May 11, 2010 - 10 answers

Marble run - marble = ?

We ate at Sonic last night and got a cool kids toy that consisted of marble run type pieces with magnetic backs for fridge use. However, instead of a marble, it had a wheel that rides the rails. My son has a birthday at the end of June and I would like to get a large set of these. I can only find the type with marbles, no good in my house. Where can I find the wheel type fridge roller coaster that will keep a 6 and 2 year old busy for hours?
posted by Talia Devane on May 24, 2008 - 6 answers

Wait a minute, stop the ride... I think I forgot to carry the 2...

So who's the person who gets to test a new roller coaster for the first time? [more inside]
posted by SpacemanStix on May 8, 2008 - 12 answers

I blacked out on a roller coaster last week. What should I do?

I blacked out on a roller coaster last week. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by D Wiz on Jun 22, 2007 - 18 answers

Space Mountain with the lights on?

Disneyfilter: What does Space Mountain look like with the lights on? [more inside]
posted by Sheppagus on Aug 28, 2006 - 14 answers

I'm looking for a Java game about controlling a roller coaster whose tracks had breaks / gaps in them.

I'm looking for a certain java game. [mi] [more inside]
posted by punishinglemur on May 11, 2004 - 2 answers

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