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ISO the Mexican Pixies

If you liked rock/punk music and you lived in Mexico in the late '80s and early '90s, what Mexican bands did you like?
posted by elizeh on May 4, 2014 - 7 answers

Lucifer Sam loves you!

Please help me find songs that sound like Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd) and We Love You (Rolling Stones).
posted by evil otto on Sep 4, 2013 - 8 answers

Remember a sex drugs rock n roll site from a few years back?

Sex, guns, drugs, rocknroll, fashion blog site from a few years back? Link please? [more inside]
posted by varion on Sep 5, 2012 - 8 answers

Dancing About Architecture

Is there a site that aggregates long-form "rock" music writing? [more inside]
posted by Subterranean Homesick Pygmalion on Apr 3, 2012 - 1 answer

Name that tune!

Help me figure out this 60s song. [more inside]
posted by mittenbex on Nov 13, 2011 - 5 answers

Why do rock bands like Oriental rugs so much?

Why do rock bands like Oriental rugs so much? [more inside]
posted by werty on May 26, 2011 - 24 answers

Rock and Roll and the Erotic

Any recommendations for erotic film scenes, songs, literature, etc that incorporate rock and roll - like the kiss in The Runaways? Bonus points if it involves two girls. [more inside]
posted by divabat on Dec 21, 2010 - 5 answers

HBO Rock & Roll Hall of Fame DVD?

HBO Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary concert -- help me give it as a gift! [more inside]
posted by jckll on Dec 11, 2009 - 3 answers


What are the best rock songs without a chorus?
posted by holdkris99 on Jan 21, 2009 - 20 answers

Recommendations for good to great rock n roll concert dvds

Can the HiveMind recommend some good rock 'n' roll live concert DVDs? [more inside]
posted by psmealey on Sep 15, 2007 - 39 answers

What's the oldest modern rock song by The Beatles?

What's the oldest modern rock song by The Beatles? Something in the vein of "The End". "Glass Onion", "Come Together", or "I Want You So Heavy". I don't know why I think it's Sgt. Pepper's. I'm trying to figure out the first song by them that features contemporary rock styling.
posted by riffola on Jun 22, 2004 - 9 answers

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