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Simple Quiz Maker?

Can you help me create a Word test that I can email to potential employees (without them being able to cheat on it too easily)? And without purchasing new software? [more inside]
posted by ohyouknow on Dec 16, 2009 - 13 answers

Corrugated Cardboard Control Committee

I have been experimenting with corrugated cardboard construction. Looking for new project ideas. [more inside]
posted by battleshipkropotkin on Dec 16, 2009 - 15 answers

Getting off the cable-internet habit.

I'm thinking about canceling my Comcast internet and TV service. To fulfill my internet needs I would switch from my current last-gen handset to a smart phone with a data plan. What should I consider before I make this move? [more inside]
posted by codacorolla on Dec 16, 2009 - 16 answers

Where can I bulk buy ethernet cable in Toronto?

TorontoFilter: where can I bulk buy a bunch of premade cat5e and cat6 ethernet cables downtown? [more inside]
posted by tracert on Dec 16, 2009 - 5 answers

Wading through the VU bootlegs

What are the best Velvet Underground bootlegs in terms of sound / performance quality? [more inside]
posted by ryanshepard on Dec 16, 2009 - 5 answers

What to get for a future Naval officer for Xmas?

What can I buy for Christmas for my best friend who will soon be in her third week of Navy OCS? [more inside]
posted by timetoevolve on Dec 16, 2009 - 3 answers

Help me identify this tpy

Help me identify this toy. Here is the pic:
posted by alshain on Dec 16, 2009 - 7 answers

ISO a pub near (but not in) Heathrow Airport for New Year's Eve

Am looking for a pub near (but not in) Heathrow Airport (Hayes, England), where a couple can celebrate New Year's Eve. [more inside]
posted by laskagirl on Dec 16, 2009 - 9 answers

How to tell children about death book suggestions for a single dad

A friend's father passed away suddenly and he is having difficulty formulating a way to tell his daughter. What books would you recommend? [more inside]
posted by spec80 on Dec 16, 2009 - 11 answers

Machine Washable EEEPC Case?

I was sick all weekend. I brought some dayquil to work with me in my backpack...along with my eeepc 1000he.... [more inside]
posted by AltReality on Dec 16, 2009 - 6 answers

Old Bosch jigsaw model equivalent?

I'm looking for a second hand jigsaw that is equivalent in quality to a Bosch GST 100 BCE - any ideas? [more inside]
posted by Sebmojo on Dec 15, 2009 - 2 answers

Who designed this dress?

Who designed the gorgeous dress Anne-Sophie Mutter wears on the cover of her box of Mozart sonatas and related DVD?
posted by Joe Beese on Dec 15, 2009 - 2 answers


I want me some fish eggs. [more inside]
posted by A Terrible Llama on Dec 15, 2009 - 13 answers

What is this rusty thing?

While running errands today I found a rusty metal thing on the sidewalk. Naturally I took it home with me. But I don't know what it is. Do you? It's very heavy.
posted by kenko on Dec 15, 2009 - 16 answers

Is there a free .3g2 converter out there?

Is there a free .3g2 converter for the mac out there? [more inside]
posted by biochemist on Dec 15, 2009 - 10 answers

What does the "H" button do on our dishwasher?

We don't have the manual available for the dishwasher in our rented apartment, and it has two mysterious buttons (in addition to other controls that make sense to me). One is labelled "H", the other is labelled 45 (degrees) C. What do they do? [more inside]
posted by hAndrew on Dec 15, 2009 - 7 answers

New Year's celebrations in McDonalds?

Where will we be able to eat dinner in Vienna on 31 December without pre-booking? [more inside]
posted by aqsakal on Dec 15, 2009 - 3 answers

Thin pencil anyone?

I'm looking for a 'thin' pencil... [more inside]
posted by nam3d on Dec 15, 2009 - 4 answers

Where can I buy heirloom seeds in Gainesville, FL?

Gardening Filter: Where can I buy heirloom fruit and vegetable seeds in Gainesville FL? [more inside]
posted by space_cookie on Dec 15, 2009 - 8 answers

Is passing out yesterday still an emergency today?

Where to get 2nd medical opinion as soon as reasonably possible about the medications one is prescribed by county hospital in Dallas? [more inside]
posted by DB Cooper on Dec 15, 2009 - 7 answers

Virtual Vacation Worlds

Are there any games which let you just explore and enjoy the scenery, like a walk-in painting or virtual vacation? (single-player preferred) [more inside]
posted by lord_yo on Dec 15, 2009 - 44 answers

Enough with the honking, seriously.

Why are all these trucks honking in downtown Los Angeles? FOR HOURS. [more inside]
posted by banannafish on Dec 15, 2009 - 3 answers

Recommend a USB scanner for Linux

Which current USB flatbed scanner works under Linux? [more inside]
posted by phliar on Dec 15, 2009 - 7 answers

Scrobblin on a Mac with no privileges

Please help me install a scrobbler for iTunes on Mac OSX 10.5.8 without administrator privileges. [more inside]
posted by puritycontrol on Dec 15, 2009 - 4 answers

Can I get a non-kosher Edible Arrangement to someone who keeps kosher?

Would someone who keeps kosher be able to eat a non-kosher Edible Arrangement? The extent of his keeping kosher is that he will order only plain salad with no dressing if he needs to eat at a non-kosher restaurant (for business, for example). At home his family has two separate kitchens. I would like to get him a plain fruit, non-chocolate dipped Edible Arrangement, but the only facility that can prepare it is not kosher certified.
posted by Dragonness on Dec 15, 2009 - 28 answers

There is probably nothing that a bear so dislikes as a good wash.

So, my one year old son has a bear that needs a bath. [more inside]
posted by zizzle on Dec 15, 2009 - 12 answers

Boots, boots, who's gonna find my boots?

I'm in love with a me find them! [more inside]
posted by allymusiqua on Dec 15, 2009 - 5 answers

How do I turn on notifications when someone "Likes" something I wrote in Facebook?

How do I receive notifications when someone "Likes" something I posted on Facebook? [more inside]
posted by zooropa on Dec 15, 2009 - 10 answers

Is it just me?

Is it just me or is the headline on this page offensive? [more inside]
posted by SNACKeR on Dec 15, 2009 - 26 answers

Dress me like an office goth.

I wanna dress like a smart goth. Recommend me some online stores. [more inside]
posted by gonzo_ID on Dec 15, 2009 - 12 answers

Help me stop sounding like a valley girl!

What are some tips in having better speech? [more inside]
posted by InterestedInKnowing on Dec 14, 2009 - 9 answers

How do I adjust from sunny LA to freezing cold Virginia?

Have you ever moved from a warm, mild climate like Los Angeles, to one that experiences four seasons - and did you do so in the dead of winter? What was it like? What do you wish you had known beforehand? In other words, what am I, a native Angeleno currently taking for granted? [more inside]
posted by invisible ink on Dec 14, 2009 - 64 answers

Make sugar sweeter...

Dedicated Hosting Rentals for SugarCRM - Help me out! [more inside]
posted by frwagon on Dec 14, 2009 - 9 answers

Why is one eye dilated and painful?

The pupil in my left eye is much larger than the other and the eye is stinging (not badly, but definitely steady for the last few hours). How serious is this? [more inside]
posted by susanvance on Dec 14, 2009 - 15 answers

Possibly the most specific -filter in recent memory

GUIDPartitionTableFilter: How can I non-destructively change a partition's filesystem type ID in OS X? [more inside]
posted by The Lurkers Support Me in Email on Dec 14, 2009 - 6 answers

Need an electric blanket

Can anyone suggest a durable electric blanket? [more inside]
posted by The Bishop of Turkey on Dec 14, 2009 - 12 answers

I Am Not A Lawyer... Yet.

Suggestions for getting the most out of BarBri while staying employed full-time? [more inside]
posted by greekphilosophy on Dec 14, 2009 - 20 answers

I'd give her some booze to cope with the job, but I don't want to scare her too soon.

I'm making a "Welcome" gift basket for our new live-in nanny, in Turkey. What should I include? [more inside]
posted by hasna on Dec 14, 2009 - 10 answers

Stabilizing a wooden bedframe

How can I make my bed more stable? [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Dec 14, 2009 - 28 answers

Driving in Brazil (RJ)

We are considering renting a car and driving from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty and back. Advice? [more inside]
posted by tss on Dec 14, 2009 - 11 answers

Why is EndNote so bad at finding the full text of references?

When I click on "Find Full Text" in EndNote, it only finds about 1/4 of the references. Is there a way to increase the number of journals it can find? Unfortunately it doesn't seem to know of Science, or Ecology, or Evolution. Is this just a Thomson-Reuters contractual thing?
posted by one_bean on Dec 14, 2009 - 7 answers

Retranslating "the red laws" back into Latin

How would one say "red laws" or "the red laws," in the context of the Roman civil statutes, in Latin?
posted by Bookhouse on Dec 14, 2009 - 7 answers

Music for a zakuski gathering?

I am hosting a zakuski gathering soon, and I need music! I already have much Slavic Soul Party and Gogol Bordello. [more inside]
posted by everichon on Dec 14, 2009 - 14 answers

No Disrespect, Mr. Crosby, But I Need New Music

Looking for recommendations for good alternative Christmas music from the last 10-15 years, either original or by way of cover. [more inside]
posted by moviehawk on Dec 14, 2009 - 40 answers

Where to host a party in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee Filter: Where is a good place to host a get together for around 20 people with food for an average of 10-15 bucks per person? [more inside]
posted by InvestorMD on Dec 14, 2009 - 6 answers

Help me with this report

Boss Left + (My Strategy Plan*Your Help) = Promotion [more inside]
posted by doorsfan on Dec 14, 2009 - 7 answers

gender and genetics

Please recommend reading that will help me understand the role gender and gender hormones play in determining which parental gene set dominates in an individual.
posted by effluvia on Dec 14, 2009 - 10 answers

PhD in Ancient Dances of Pangea...and Teaching Math

How would someone teach a subject without a Master's in the relevant subject? [more inside]
posted by lhude sing cuccu on Dec 14, 2009 - 14 answers

How would I go about finding out whether such a specific intersection of road names exists?

There are two words that I would like to see intersect as road names. Anywhere in the country, or world really. How would I go about finding out whether such a specific intersection of road names exists? [more inside]
posted by DeltaForce on Dec 14, 2009 - 9 answers

How can I dial back the crazy eyes?

How can I dial back the crazy eyes? [more inside]
posted by wexford_arts on Dec 14, 2009 - 10 answers

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