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Should I be pissed off / wary of my new boyfriend?

I just discovered that my bf (official since christmas) had a party dec 1st at his house and didn't invite me to it. I found out b/c I just recently agreed for us to become fb friends (wanted to wait until it was official). We hung out on nov 30th into the day of dec 1st. He created the event on the 25th and never mentioned it at all to me. He also didn't mention it to me after the fact. The thing that really gets me is dec 1st when he was leaving my house he made up an excuse about having to do something that wasn't HOSTING this party. We weren't officially bf and gf at the time but were hanging out 2x per week and acting like it but both knew we didn't have the title. Plus we'd been dating for many months. Now I feel like I can't really TRUST him! Am I crazy for feeling this way? [more inside]
posted by soooo on Jan 24, 2013 - 55 answers

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