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Origins of red blur in MiniDV video?

Question for my roommate about red blur in shooting MiniDV video. [more inside]
posted by limeonaire on May 24, 2008 - 4 answers

Why is Red Sacred?

I'm trying to reconcile the significance of red cloth to the natives in Eirik the Red's Saga. Can anyone point me in the right direction? [more inside]
posted by Edelweiss on May 19, 2008 - 9 answers

selling Red Sox memorabilia

how would one sell of an extensive Red Sox memorabilia collection? [more inside]
posted by Dcotton on Apr 25, 2008 - 13 answers

Does the Home Team always win?

Where can I find out if the Boston Red Sox won/lost on Marathon Monday on the years the game was played? [more inside]
posted by brent on Apr 21, 2008 - 8 answers

Best strategy for buying Red Sox tickets mid-April

Wife, kid and I are going to Boston in mid-April for the Marathon, and we'd like to take in a Red Sox game since kid is a huge fan. We are not regular MLB ticket purchasers though. Should we buy tickets now at 2X list price from a broker, or wait until closer to game day and hope the price drops? Are weekdays less likely to sell out? (teams on the schedule are Rangers and Angels, and it's Marathon weekend).
posted by ldenneau on Mar 30, 2008 - 15 answers

Starving Artist seeks funding

How do I pay for grad school? [more inside]
posted by whimsicalnymph on Mar 13, 2008 - 28 answers

Wine Whine

I love red wine. However, after a few sips. it coats the bottom portion of my front teeth with a thick, dark, blackish film... not too attractive. How can I prevent this from happening. [more inside]
posted by necessitas on Mar 12, 2008 - 25 answers

Why do I become flushed after sex or masturbation?

Possibly not safe for work question about masturbation/sex and becoming flushed in the face after. [more inside]
posted by davidstandaford on Mar 11, 2008 - 6 answers

Cheddar Bay Biscuits >>>> FOOD

Help me find the right cheese to make Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits. [more inside]
posted by spec80 on Dec 14, 2007 - 9 answers

What is the origin/history of Red and Blue as juxtaposed colors?

What is the origin/history of Red and Blue as juxtaposed colors to denote entities in conflict? [more inside]
posted by pokermonk on Nov 8, 2007 - 38 answers

Body punishes red meat & sodium consumption

Friend'sHealthFilter: Red meat and moderately high sodium foods make him really fatigued/tired/groggy for 1-2 days after consumption. Chicken/fish/eggs doesn't provoke this problem, so I'm not sure that it's a high-protein foods issue. Any ideas why this occurs, and how to rectify this problem?
posted by jytsai on Nov 7, 2007 - 5 answers

What is this giant red and orange cone-shaped thing?

What is this large red and orange checkerboarded cone I saw on I-5 somewhere around Olympia, WA?
posted by 0xFCAF on Aug 6, 2007 - 11 answers

My own private Jupiter

I'm seeing red. Does anyone know why? [more inside]
posted by bryon on Jul 26, 2007 - 13 answers

so tasty, and no calories! win/win!

Western New Yorkers! Do you have Diet Mountain Dew Code Red? [more inside]
posted by Lucinda on Jul 2, 2007 - 6 answers

Where to buy red Skittles in bulk?

Where can we buy just red Skittles in bulk? Red Hershey Kisses would work also, but Skittles would be better. [more inside]
posted by elbaso on Jul 1, 2007 - 16 answers

Red Sox Nation

Can anyone tell me who is the man at every Boston home games, sitting in the behind-home-plate seat year after year? Today he's wearing his red jacket.
posted by maloon on Apr 14, 2007 - 9 answers

How can I keep myself from turning red when drinking?

How can I keep myself from turning red when drinking? [more inside]
posted by herbiehancock00 on Apr 4, 2007 - 27 answers

Help me look even more like Little Orphan Annie

I'd like to find a reasonably-priced shampoo and conditioner for curly, color-treated hair. [more inside]
posted by hamster on Mar 20, 2007 - 13 answers

Could I have bedbugs even though I don't itch?

Could these small, non-itching red welts be caused by bedbugs? [more inside]
posted by fermion on Mar 13, 2007 - 17 answers

Yo, Who Be Dis Chick?

Painting Identification Time: Can you identify this painting for me?. [more inside]
posted by unixrat on Jan 25, 2007 - 4 answers

SwollenFingersFilter (say that 5 times fast)

Why do my fingers swell up in the morning? [more inside]
posted by jourman2 on Dec 29, 2006 - 5 answers

Toxic mould in my rice cooker?

What is this red mould in my rice cooker? [more inside]
posted by 999 on Sep 28, 2006 - 10 answers

Better red than dead!

I would like to throw a red-themed party. Help me come up with some ideas for food, decorations and debauchery! [more inside]
posted by blindcarboncopy on Sep 27, 2006 - 35 answers

Red Reflectors on Office Windows

There are red reflectors stuck to the windows of the office building where I work. They're like the kind on the back of bicycles, but affixed to the inside of the windows, facing in, and are distributed so that there's only one or two per room. We're on the 26th floor, so I thought maybe they were somehow to ward off birds... but there's no reflective surface viewable from the outside. Their placement is haphazard enough that it's difficult to imagine them being used for any kind of surveying work. No one at the office seems to know why these reflectors exist. Any ideas?
posted by Jeff Howard on Sep 18, 2006 - 5 answers

Red Panda adoption?

What is the feasibility of having a red panda as a pet? How much does it cost?
posted by PowerCat on Sep 11, 2006 - 14 answers

15 Minutes of Adorable

Does anybody have a copy of the Red Sox/Indians game from Monday night on ESPN? [more inside]
posted by one_bean on Aug 3, 2006 - 4 answers

Help me help my father!

Please, please help. For the past two years my father has been suffering from these weird red ear episodes, which no one can seem to explain. [more inside]
posted by rosswald on Jul 20, 2006 - 11 answers

What Not To Wear?

Paranoid-white-people-from-Indiana-filter... My kids are travelling to San Diego next week for a church-camp thing. Their church has issued some curious clothing warnings... [more inside]
posted by Thorzdad on Jul 12, 2006 - 53 answers


What was the name of this book about a girl trapped in a red gem with a demon? [more inside]
posted by bkudria on Jun 26, 2006 - 10 answers

Stick a feather in my cap...

Help me find a Red Hat training class in the SF Bay Area - by Friday! [more inside]
posted by drstein on Mar 15, 2006 - 1 answer

Reading glasses for red eyes?

Will reading glasses help red eyes? [more inside]
posted by nomis on Mar 14, 2006 - 4 answers

IE doesn't display gifs, but FireFox and Safari have no problem.

WebDevFilter: Why do some gifs GIFs *not* appear in Windows/IE, but do appear in Win/FireFox Mac/Safari and Mac/FireFox? Specific example inside. [more inside]
posted by Wild_Eep on Dec 20, 2005 - 22 answers

What do I need to know as Red Cross volunteer?

I've just been asked to deploy to New Orleans as a Red Cross volunteer (mi). [more inside]
posted by efalk on Oct 22, 2005 - 9 answers

Who let the Rem Dawg out?

RedSoxFilter: What's Jerry Remy's deal? [more inside]
posted by LilBucner on Sep 27, 2005 - 9 answers

Red is an asshole

I have an awesome polo shirt with a white collar that got accidentally tossed in with a red shirt that bled all over everything in the load. Most of the other stuff was either jeans or house tees, but is there any way to salvage this collar without ruining the rest of the shirt?
posted by saysthis on Sep 11, 2005 - 7 answers

Double your money

Are there any matching-gift channels to make a Red Cross donation for persons who do not have employer-match? This is obviously a propos to Katrina, but I am also interested to learn if there may be permanent programs of this sort.
posted by mwhybark on Sep 5, 2005 - 10 answers

Red barns

Being a city person, I am curious about why so many barns on the farms I see when driving around the country are painted red. Why is the color red seem to be the most common barn color? Or, is it just the farm neighborhoods I have been through? LAG
posted by lag on Aug 31, 2005 - 7 answers

Kick a hole through the middle of Main Street

Simple request: Does anyone have a Big Red Jake album with the lyrics to "Chili Bean's Final Carouse"? Please post them, if you have them...the internet is failing me.
posted by Kickstart70 on Aug 5, 2005 - 4 answers

Can I run that red light?

Can I proceed through a red light when it is clearly not possible for traffic to be coming from the opposing direction? [more inside]
posted by mike9322 on Jun 30, 2005 - 25 answers

Open source confusion.

How does redhat make money? In wading through previous related AskMe posts as well as this Wiki article, I'm more confused now than when I started. [more inside]
posted by yoga on Jun 16, 2005 - 13 answers

What is the best way to procure red sox tickets?

I need to get four Red Sox tickets for a weekendish game in July. Anyone have experience with online vendors? Is it a rip off? Is one better than another? Comments and ticket acquisition suggestions are greatly appreciated. [more inside]
posted by AllesKlar on Mar 31, 2005 - 10 answers

Which Linux Certification?

I am trying to break into the Linux Server Administration field so I have been doing quite a bit of studying lately. I figured while I am studying the subject I might as well work towards a related certification. I am leaning towards the Linux Professional Institute Certification. Other certifications I am considering are CompTIA’s Linux+ and Red Hat’s RHCE. So which Linux certification is the best? I would say Red Hat is the most reputable of these three but I am concerned that their certification might be too Red-Hat-centric, and I don't want to be locked into one distro. Which one is the easiest/cheapest to obtain? Which is the mostly highly regarded in the industry? Are there others that I missed?
posted by dirvish on Mar 19, 2005 - 11 answers

Color Blindness

Paging all color blind users! I'm curious about the fact that some dichromats and anomolous trichromats can live through a large portion of their adult lives without realizing that they're color blind. When did you first recognize that you were color blind? Does the world look different to you now than it did then? Before you were diagnosed, did you use different words ('red' and 'green') to refer to perceptually similar colors? In general, I'm hoping to get the lowdown on the subjective experience of being color blind.
posted by painquale on Dec 7, 2004 - 27 answers

What are those red and green things pinned to the lapels of people on the BBC?

What are those red and green things pinned to the lapels of nearly everybody on the BBC these days?
posted by ar0n on Nov 6, 2004 - 16 answers

What would happen if the "blue states" seceded?

I was looking at a spoof map showing the 'United States of Canada' and 'Jesusland'. In it, the 'blue' states were now part of Canada, and the 'red' states were what's left of the US. With the increasing divide between the two sides, what would happen if those 'blue' states seceded somehow. Don't they represent most of the economic prosperity in this country? And what does that fact say about the this country?

(I know this is not possible, but it is interesting to look at the relationship between economics and political leaning.)
posted by eas98 on Nov 5, 2004 - 27 answers

Can someone explain the red liquid spray patterns that appear on the asphalt of Southern California freeways?

Can someone explain the red liquid spray patterns that appear on the asphalt of Southern California freeways? [more inside] [more inside]
posted by quarantine on Mar 26, 2004 - 5 answers

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