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I want a font that looks like 1st grade handwriting

I need to find a font that has "1st grade letters." In other words, block letters (small, not caps) that are the shape / kind that we all learned to hand print in 1st grade. All the simple, clean, fonts that I have found type the "a" with the curled line above the circle. I need a font that shows the "a" as a circle with a straight line descending down at a slight angle. Another example: the "q"-- I need the font (or fonts, if this will take a few) to show the "q" with a curled tail-- the way one would teach a 6 year old to write it. Also, I need the font to be super clean and not "handwritten." I have found a comic sort of font that has the right letter shapes, but it is too frilly / ornate. Imagine a primary school reader... those are the letters I want! I tried to go to a font site, but with 20,000 fonts I felt like I was looking for the (cliche warning:) needle in a haystack. Any font gurus out there know exactly what I should get and where to get it? Last: free beats expensive, but I am willing to pay if the font site is selling it.
posted by limitedpie on Sep 11, 2004 - 6 answers

Recommendations for trustworthy Adware cleaners

As embarrassing as it is to confess, I am not very sophisticated with computers and technology. Recently my computer has become the eager droid of "purityscan," which (to my never ending frustration and dismay) opens a few hundred pop-ups per hour. I Googled for the best spy/pop up removal software, but I am unable to tell the good guys from the bad guys. I downloaded and ran "adaware" but now that they have identified "368 spyware components" on my computer they want $30.00 to remove them. I have no problem paying to end this problem, but I do not want to pay for dreck or pay evil extortionists who create the problem and then sell the solution. So: Which software is best, from an honest company, to fix this loathsome problem?
posted by limitedpie on Mar 5, 2004 - 19 answers

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