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I want to watch some good documentaries. Please advise. (Simultaneously, I shall beef about The Elegant Universe, a USA science programme.) [more inside]
posted by five fresh fish on Jan 1, 2005 - 50 answers

Advice on Japanese-style electronic toilets?

Anyone got opinions, advice, stories, or strong feelings about Japanese-style electronic toilets? As I get older I grow more disgusted with the Western tradition of smearing one's feces with toilet paper instead of giving it a proper hygenic washing.
posted by five fresh fish on Sep 3, 2004 - 21 answers

Backpacking in Canada

I just realized that I get downright passionate about telling people how to have the best outdoor/hiking experience in the south half of BC/Alberta. I'm thinking this means I'd be happiest were I to get back into hiking. But I feel I've done it all here... does anyone have recommendations for truly stunning 3-5 day backpacking excursions? They don't necessarily require mountains: I've done some coastal hiking, and it was wonderful, too. Where in the world should I go?
posted by five fresh fish on May 28, 2004 - 15 answers

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