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What to do with the skin of five apples

I've peeled five apples for an apple pie, and now I'm wondering if there's anything I can use these apple skins for. [more inside]
posted by pazazygeek on Sep 7, 2009 - 16 answers

Tasty Recipes

Where can I find tasty recipes online? (intermediate cook)
posted by nam3d on Sep 4, 2009 - 18 answers

What should I do with the old, icky cuts of meat in my freezer?

What can I do with a bunch not-so-appetizing cuts of meat that have been tossed into the deep freezer and forgotten? [more inside]
posted by kitcat on Sep 3, 2009 - 10 answers

Demi-glaced and confused

What should I make with demi-glace? [more inside]
posted by jacob on Sep 3, 2009 - 13 answers

Food to remember a father by

Since my FiL died, me and my good-cookin' fella have been reliving the Czech food of his childhood. While he remembers most of the dishes he has forgotten many of the recipes his old man used. Feed our imagination please and give us your best Czech recipes. [more inside]
posted by Kerasia on Sep 3, 2009 - 8 answers

The Swedish chef strikes again...

What can I cook with delicious Swedish glögg? I am looking for something that is really going to bring out and enhance the awesome flavor. [more inside]
posted by WidgetAlley on Sep 2, 2009 - 13 answers

Leftover beer...is that even possible?

What are some good uses for leftover beer? A *lot* of leftover beer? [more inside]
posted by kro on Aug 30, 2009 - 23 answers

The burning, it burns.

My Thai Dragon Chili pepper plant is huge with I'm estimating at least a hundred peppers. Please recommend culinary uses for these peppers. [more inside]
posted by Mitheral on Aug 25, 2009 - 15 answers

Teach me to cook!

I want to learn to cook. I just bought a Magic Bullet blender. Please suggest good recipes for beginners...it'd be nice if I could put my Magic Bullet to use, but your suggestions don't have to involve it! [more inside]
posted by mingodingo on Aug 25, 2009 - 27 answers

I love you, fresh egg

What cooking secrets take your food to the almost-pro level? [more inside]
posted by chalbe on Aug 24, 2009 - 135 answers

I promise to relish your recipes... (rolls drum)

Planning on harvesting my cucumbers and I need the hive mind for relish recipes. [more inside]
posted by Mastercheddaar on Aug 24, 2009 - 6 answers

Hong Kong style noodles. Recipes requested.

Hong Kong style shrimp noodles and what to do with them? Give me your recipes please. [more inside]
posted by lilywing13 on Aug 23, 2009 - 7 answers

Let's talk about moong daal, baby.

What do I do with two pounds of moong daal that's been sitting in my refrigerator for three months? I'm a hopeless cooking noob on a budget, and I can't really grasp what this stuff even is. [more inside]
posted by Muffpub on Aug 22, 2009 - 8 answers

The break room got a steamer!

Cool... work just put a quality food steamer in the really clean break room (boss is a workout queen). We're free to use, and there's a good farmer's market every Thursday right out the door. Now, what can/should I make? (more inside) [more inside]
posted by Arch1 on Aug 21, 2009 - 15 answers

Well, I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more.

What are some of the most delicious, unique, and relatively easy to execute foods for a Tea Party? [more inside]
posted by simplethings on Aug 20, 2009 - 16 answers

Eggplant ideas needed.

What are your favorite eggplant recipes? [more inside]
posted by hilaritas on Aug 18, 2009 - 32 answers

Help me juice the juicer

I just bought a juice extractor. It's very nice but it takes a lot of space. Help me justify this space with ideas on how to exploit it better. Carrot juice oK. But how about recipes, desserts, sauces? What else could I use it for?
posted by uauage on Aug 18, 2009 - 7 answers

What do I do with a massive amount of cherries?

My husband just came home with 8 bags of cherries - for only $10! Yum! But what should we do with them? Recipes, anyone?
posted by kitcat on Aug 15, 2009 - 31 answers

I really need a lot more butter in my diet

Tell me some simple, delicious recipes that are thickened by a roux. [more inside]
posted by martens on Aug 13, 2009 - 22 answers

Need gluten-free, milk-free delicious cookies!

Need gluten-free, milk-free delicious cookies! [more inside]
posted by flawsekno on Aug 9, 2009 - 14 answers

Beauty items not packaged in plastic?

Plastic-free beauty filter: I'm researching how to diminish the amount of plastic I am using from day to day, and I'm about to attack my personal-care items. Does anyone have suggestions for shampoos, deodorants, face washes, lotions, toothpastes, etc., that don't come packed in plastic containers? I'm interested in commercially available stuff and also recipes I can make at home if the components aren't too plastic-y.
posted by toomuchkatherine on Aug 5, 2009 - 19 answers

please give me your summer squash recipes

I have 20 pounds (or more) of summer squash. What do I do with it? [more inside]
posted by mustcatchmooseandsquirrel on Jul 30, 2009 - 32 answers

It's like drinking your salad!

I need your best gazpacho recipes! [more inside]
posted by dancinglamb on Jul 22, 2009 - 17 answers

It smells tasty and I want to eat it!

What do I do with smoked rib bacon? [more inside]
posted by Arbac on Jul 19, 2009 - 11 answers

Help me serve a great lunch, quickly.

Great (summer-friendly) lunch menus. Difficulty: can be mostly or wholly made beforehand. [more inside]
posted by availablelight on Jul 18, 2009 - 21 answers

self medicating with Mexican food

My previously dormant love of guacamole has recently been reawakened. I. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. But what to do with it beside slathering on tortilla chips and burritos (and, ok, I admit, sometimes a spoon)? Any suggestions and recipes would be appreciated.
posted by nuclear_soup on Jul 17, 2009 - 37 answers

What to make when supplies are short?

Are there some tasty dessert recipes I can make that don't require baking or any of the things I have trouble getting in Ghana? [more inside]
posted by BusyBusyBusy on Jul 10, 2009 - 22 answers

The food that defines your state is?

What is the one dish that is quintessential to your state? When I say [North Dakoda, New York...] you say?
posted by bigmusic on Jul 8, 2009 - 158 answers

What is this amazing eggplant dish?

Tried an amazing eggplant dish on the weekend - no idea what it was. Help me find the recipe so I can make it at home! [more inside]
posted by shewhoeats on Jul 6, 2009 - 11 answers

Lots of "leftovers" what to make?

I'm going to have a bunch of ingredients left over from another recipe. What can I make? [more inside]
posted by [insert clever name here] on Jul 5, 2009 - 13 answers

How to use up loads of onions?

How do I use up 4 kilos of onions? I only meant to order four onions in my online shopping but clicked the wrong thing - please help me with ideas for cooking/storing/eating lots of onions before they go mouldy...
posted by janecr on Jul 3, 2009 - 31 answers

Online recipe storage

Help me preserve my family's culinary heritage! Help me find a webapp for storing my Dad's favorite recipes. [more inside]
posted by perrce on Jul 3, 2009 - 8 answers

Many, many delicious calories

Please give me your best long-distance hiking / bicycle touring / <insert other adventurous endurance activity> food recipes! [more inside]
posted by Captain Rayford Steele, Tribulation Force on Jun 23, 2009 - 10 answers

Oh, the oatmeal and the Crockpot will be friends.....

I have a 5-qt slow cooker and would like to make as much Steel-Cut Oatmeal as I can in it for a breakfast for a crowd. What are the correct ratios and amounts of water and oats? Also interesting mix-in ideas are welcome. [more inside]
posted by otherwordlyglow on Jun 17, 2009 - 19 answers


I want the best dam french toast recipe this side of the mississip'! [more inside]
posted by chicago2penn on Jun 16, 2009 - 40 answers

How actively do vegetarians avoid gelatin?

How actively do vegetarians avoid eating gelatin? [more inside]
posted by zennie on Jun 15, 2009 - 35 answers

Mascarpone: Not Just for Tiramisu Anymore

I have an ungodly amount of mascarpone cheese in my refrigerator. What should I make with it? Bonus points for savory recipes. [more inside]
posted by goingonit on Jun 9, 2009 - 30 answers

The Joy of Nasal Rinsing

What do you put in your Neti Pot? [more inside]
posted by Toekneesan on Jun 8, 2009 - 30 answers

What's the deal with copyrights and recipes?

If I want to publish Obama's recipe for chilli in my cookbook, do I need Obama's permission? How about Elvis Presley's Peanut Butter Sandwich? You can find all these recipes on internet for free, do I need permission if I want to include them in my cookbook?
posted by leigh1 on Jun 6, 2009 - 17 answers

Easy, one-pan recipes for large sautee pan?

Easy, one-pan recipes for a non-cook who owns a gorgeous new Cuisinart pan? [more inside]
posted by tristeza on Jun 5, 2009 - 20 answers

Looking for some healthy recipe resources

Looking for cookbooks, blogs, websites, and forums that specialize in simple, healthy recipes. [more inside]
posted by Afroblanco on Jun 2, 2009 - 20 answers

Don't leave the theatre yet...

Here's a tough question! I'm looking for two examples of films/tv shows that have recipes (for cooking) in the on screen credits. [more inside]
posted by niccolo on Jun 2, 2009 - 12 answers

I like it raw - cabbage, that is.

It's summer down south so it's cold veggie dish time! Please suggeset your mayo-free slaw/raw cabbage recipes for me. [more inside]
posted by pointystick on Jun 1, 2009 - 23 answers

What do I do with this ghee?

So I made ghee. Now what? [more inside]
posted by odinsdream on May 24, 2009 - 13 answers

Chow for a Crowd

Recipes and tips on cooking for a horde (~200 people). [more inside]
posted by ottereroticist on May 13, 2009 - 9 answers

Chipotle Overflow

I happened to mention to a well-meaning friend that I liked the taste of chipotle. Soon afterward, I received a care package just loaded with chipotle products. Please help me make mouth-watering concoctions. [more inside]
posted by netbros on Apr 29, 2009 - 15 answers

Ideas for recipes that use BBQ sauce?

I have a real kick-ass BBQ sauce I picked up in Texas that I want to use before it goes bad. Any suggestions for something good to make? I don't have use of a grill right now. I'm game for anything; any kind of meat, any veggies, anything. Thanks guys!
posted by muxnaw on Apr 28, 2009 - 18 answers

Sommersalaten Bitte Schön!

Your favorite summer salads, please! All variations and ingredients welcome. Bonus for anything that uses white asparagus. [more inside]
posted by foxy_hedgehog on Apr 27, 2009 - 30 answers

I feel like I'm absolutely terrible at cooking. How can I become better at it?

I feel like I'm absolutely terrible at cooking. How can I become better at it? I think my lack of recipes/ideas is what's killing me. I just stick to spaghetti and frozen dinners because I'm not sure what else to do. If I had things to make I'm sure I'd eventually become better at it. [more inside]
posted by decrescendo on Apr 22, 2009 - 50 answers

Feel the Side Burn

What should I make with my grill's side burner? [more inside]
posted by rouftop on Apr 20, 2009 - 18 answers

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