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Made bigoted comment, not sure how to address it

I was talking to a new acquaintance at an event and said something that came across as really bigoted (I had no clue at the time). Is there anything someone has said to you after a similar event that has made you feel more comfortable? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Nov 22, 2015 - 15 answers

Everything is dark

The world seems dark and depressing and full of rasicm and sexism and transphobia. Just general hate. Can you tell me how to not let it eat away at your soul? [more inside]
posted by kanata on Nov 16, 2015 - 44 answers

Are there organisations in the UK to help people escape hate groups?

EXIT-Germany did a famous stunt that turned a Neo-Nazi march into a fundraiser for their organisation, which helps Neo-Nazis get out of that life. Are there groups in the United Kingdom who can help people move on from hate groups? What about the US? [more inside]
posted by rum-soaked space hobo on Nov 16, 2015 - 2 answers

To compare saying "brownie" to saying the n-word IS racist, sorry...

Coworker wouldn't acknowledge that she said the words "brownie" or "nigger" in the first place. That was a few months ago and the tension making those comments created hasn't gotten better. [more inside]
posted by human ecologist on Sep 20, 2015 - 8 answers

Help me not be a patronizing liberal

Please help me understand how to better engage with those who are close to me having an irrational fear of Muslims (especially with Syrian refugees who she believes are full of ISIS operatives) . I want to engage because I can't not say anything anymore. [more inside]
posted by sio42 on Sep 17, 2015 - 31 answers

Solve this Memoir/History Problem For Me

Was interracial marriage ever illegal in New York State? What was the status of the law in 1961? [more inside]
posted by not that girl on Aug 20, 2015 - 10 answers

Your one-stop cure for racial injustice denialism

Help me compile a list of links to specific, credible studies (and accessible summaries thereof) which demonstrate that anti-black racism is alive and well in America. [more inside]
posted by escape from the potato planet on Jul 21, 2015 - 8 answers

Books or resources on being a white ally

Do you have any suggestions for books or resources on being a white ally (US-specific)? Thanks! [more inside]
posted by knownfossils on Jun 25, 2015 - 9 answers

Getting involved in organizing efforts against racism

Hi, I'm a white person who wants to get involved in organizing efforts against racism. I'm particularly interested in efforts that get other white people involved in taking action. [more inside]
posted by sb3 on Jun 24, 2015 - 7 answers

How to respond to "positive racism"?

An acquaintance of mine was posting things on facebook that were full of that "positive racism". The kind of stuff where you can say "I wasn't being racist, this is all positive stuff I'm saying about these people". You know, stuff that's in the "Noble Savage" area. I would like to explain how this type of thing still ends up hurting people. Can I get some links to articles that say, better than I ever could, why this stuff is bad for people? [more inside]
posted by Galaxor Nebulon on Jun 23, 2015 - 10 answers

Mom being drawn into anti-science/racist conspiracy thought please help

My mom is elderly. She and her husband support my mostly unemployed brother in his 30s. I live far away but talk to her daily. My sibling and his father are into racist, misogynistic ideas and believe the end of the world is coming. They stockpile supplies and make my mom read David Icke (anti-semitism thinly veiled as "reptile aliens" taking over the government) as well as how vaccines and GMOS are poisoning us. I tried to talk to her but she thinks what I say is hard to understand (academic language) so maybe science is hiding something. [more inside]
posted by partly squamous and partly rugose on May 31, 2015 - 11 answers


Are there any Black members of the SAE fraternity anywhere in the US? Have there ever been?
posted by LonnieK on Mar 10, 2015 - 25 answers

OMFG did you effing seriously just say that.

One of my coworkers said something that feels BEYOND inappropriate, and I don't know what to do about it. Difficulty level: racism. In the office. With lots of Southern cultural baggage. Also, WTF. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 1, 2015 - 42 answers

How do I cope with my offensive roommates?

I'm a woman who is living with two straight cismen who routinely have loud, offensive, misogynistic/racist/queerphobic conversations in the apartment's common areas. I'd like them to stop doing this in shared spaces because it makes me and my guests uncomfortable. I need tips for talking to them. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 27, 2014 - 25 answers

Should I call out my friend for racially insensitive Facebook posts?

The Ferguson incident has of course sparked many reactions from people. Facebook makes it easy for people to share images, articles, and thoughts related to their views on the incident. One of my best friends (since middle school) has been sharing things lately that skirt the boundaries of tolerance for me. I'm uncertain as to the best way to respond to her, or if I should even respond at all. Her latest share on Facebook was offensive to me, and shows a lack of sensitivity and understanding of the real things black Americans are fighting for. [more inside]
posted by starpoint on Dec 8, 2014 - 41 answers

What are charities that fight police brutality I can donate to?

The recent events in Ferguson and most recently around Eric Garner in NYC where I live have really hit me and I'd like to donate to make a difference. [more inside]
posted by artificialard on Dec 5, 2014 - 17 answers

On the receiving end of xenophobia in the UK - how to move forward?

I was born in Denmark, but fell in love with a Scotsman so moved permanently to the UK eight years ago. On Friday I was on public transport with a nice 50-something lady with nice hair and a posh accent. Without any prompting she spent the next hour spouting xenophobic nonsense about EU immigrants. The incident really rattled me and I'm struggling to move on. Any tips? More details below. [more inside]
posted by kariebookish on Dec 1, 2014 - 31 answers

"You know, my last three girlfriends were Asian."

How can somebody on the receiving end of the unfortunate manifestations of Asian fetish ("yellow fever") suck it up and get on with her day/life as best as possible? [more inside]
posted by gemutlichkeit on Nov 30, 2014 - 30 answers

How xenophobic is Basel, Switzerland?

I'm considering a job offer from a Big Pharma corporation in Basel, Switzerland. I'm Filipino-American, currently based in DC, and am concerned about xenophobia and racism in Swiss society.* If you know of any blogs, articles, etc., that touch on this subject on a more personal level, please point me in their direction. I'm especially interested in reading first-person accounts.
posted by anonymous on Nov 26, 2014 - 10 answers

What are the current non-offensive terms for these activities?

My kids have asked me how to say a few things in English, but I realize the only terms I know were the racist terms used back when I was a kid. What are the current, non-offensive terms for these activities? [more inside]
posted by Bugbread on Oct 29, 2014 - 43 answers

What do I do?

I found out my beloved best friend really enjoys racist jokes... [more inside]
posted by cobain_angel on Oct 5, 2014 - 53 answers

What's this racist deed provision saying?

My friend is buying a house and received the original 1942 deed to the place, in Arizona. There's a (blatantly racist) provision we're having trouble parsing. [more inside]
posted by disillusioned on Oct 1, 2014 - 18 answers

"You know who talks about race?! RACISTS."

What's it called when someone accuses someone of pointing out an injustice as perpetrating that injustice by describing it? Is there a name for this rhetorical device? An example would be in Jon Stewart's recent segment about Ferguson where a news anchor was quoted as saying "You know who talks about race?! RACISTS." [more inside]
posted by wrabbit on Aug 30, 2014 - 14 answers

Please help me develop thicker skin.

Sure, the, "no, where are you really from?" thing gets old fast, but that's so minor compared to everything else I've experienced. How can I keep my chin up as a minority who is living in a place that is 90% white? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jul 18, 2014 - 19 answers

My professor shares his cultural opinions with the class.

Today my science professor shared his opinion about stereotypes and criminal activity in class. I think this was inappropriate and I'm not sure what to do. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jul 15, 2014 - 35 answers

Explain reparations to me like I'm an alien

I've been trying to follow the reparations debate, particularly as referenced in The Atlantic in the last few months, but I find that it's largely targeted at convincing readers of the injustices suffered by African Americans...which I don't just accept, I take for granted. That said, I don't understand the practical case for reparations, EXCEPT in terms of community rehabilitation. In scanning the wikipedia page, I felt like the practical reasons against were even more compelling. Here I'm speaking of US government taxpayer-funded reparations for slavery etc. I list the following reasons I don't see how reparations could be a good idea, and hopefully someone can explain what points I'm missing. [more inside]
posted by sarahkeebs on Jun 29, 2014 - 11 answers

This ain't pretty

I need sources that list racist words & phrases applied to Black Americans during slavery and immediately following. I've nosed around the net and I've got a good library of primary and secondary sources for the period, but I'm looking for additional, focused sources. NOTE: I'm not soliciting terms with this post. Just sources that list terms.
posted by LonnieK on Jun 13, 2014 - 7 answers

Heritage Speaker Guilt

How can I deal with this nagging sense of guilt that I should know more Chinese than I presently do? Or, how can I improve my Chinese as a busy twenty-something year-old? [more inside]
posted by gemutlichkeit on Jun 10, 2014 - 9 answers

Little brother is racist, but I'm a bitch

My brother did something racist that offended me, but when I spoke up against it, I'm the family bitch. How can I talk to my family so that they understand this? [more inside]
posted by LoonyLovegood on May 28, 2014 - 36 answers

What to do when a family member is offensive, but you love them, anyway?

A beloved family member was unexpectedly (and likely unintentionally) racist. We called her out on it. She didn't react well. What to do next? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on May 20, 2014 - 42 answers

Should I do work for a racist?

I have been asked to some work for a racist, and I don't want to. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Mar 5, 2014 - 50 answers

How to love the hater?

What should I do about the bigotry of close family members? [more inside]
posted by TheGoodBlood on Feb 15, 2014 - 18 answers

Toys of color

So this post and all of its links sent me on a huge links chain, and I'm disturbed that I never really thought about it that much. Except it's highly likely that my future kid is going to need this consideration and now I feel overwhelmed. [more inside]
posted by DisreputableDog on Jan 30, 2014 - 19 answers

How do you deal with racists you are in a position of power over?

In a professional capacity, I have to deal occasionally with racists that I am in a serious position of power over. I would like some ways that I can show that I do not approve of racist behavior, without treating these vulnerable people badly or reinforcing their racism. Please help! [more inside]
posted by corb on Jan 3, 2014 - 37 answers

How can I be less sensitive about things I should really expect by now?

I would like tips on how to have a thicker skin when people say offensive things or especially when people defend offensive things. You know how whenever there's a racist incident someone says "but was anyone really surprised?" Well I am that person who is somehow always surprised and I tend to cry a little. I cry over comments on the internet. I don't know anyone else who reacts like this and I'm afraid I'd just be dismissed because there really are more important things going on. I want to respond less dramatically, maybe just shrug my shoulders or say something intelligent but not get so upset.
posted by Danila on Dec 23, 2013 - 26 answers

Searching for that OTHER Racist Song About Chinese Food

So Alison Gold's "Chinese Food" is a thing, and it made me remember an internet song from ~2002 or so. It was called "Ching Chong Wong" and was to the tune of "Long Train Runnin'". Anybody know where it came from? [more inside]
posted by papayaninja on Oct 19, 2013 - 2 answers

Racism and China in Science Fiction

Is David Wingrove's Science Fiction series Chung Kuo Sinophobic? If so, why? And is it so racist that one should not buy or read the novels in order to avoid supporting Wingrove's point of view? [more inside]
posted by Potomac Avenue on Oct 1, 2013 - 12 answers

Children's books that include children of color?

I'm looking for board books that do not just portray white children. Books appropriate for ages 1-4 would be fine, but I'm buying for a 2-year-old so a bit on the simpler side is better. Thank you!
posted by the young rope-rider on Sep 23, 2013 - 47 answers

Non-stereotyped shoe shining picture?

The professor with whom I co-teach a class used a picture of a man getting his shoes shined in order to make a (weak) analogy in class today. Very unfortunately, he picked a picture depicting a black man shining a rich-looking white man's shoes. Can you help me make the most of this situation? [more inside]
posted by lab.beetle on Aug 29, 2013 - 12 answers

How and when should I tell my son of his namesake's racist nickname?

My son will most likely at some point think he is Chinese. He is named after his great-grandfather. When and how should I explain to him that his great-grandfather's nickname was a racial-slur against Chinese people? [more inside]
posted by wobumingbai on Aug 7, 2013 - 18 answers

More voices like Obama's to help me understand race?

I have been struggling to understand and form opinions on racial issues in the US for most of my adult life. The whole conversation is so loaded with value-judgments that my thinking gets all tangled up. I feel like I'm missing a strong philosophical and moral framework from which to form opinions about individual issues. I'm ready to do some reading and heavy thinking so I can think more clearly about this. President Obama's speeches on race have really resonated with me. Any suggestions for books or writings with a similar attitude? [more inside]
posted by Gravel on Jul 21, 2013 - 26 answers

Itazura na Kiss, Zainichi Koreans, and Japan

How is the character of Kinnosuke Ikezawa from "Itazura na Kiss" viewed in Japan? [more inside]
posted by slowlikemolasses on Jun 30, 2013 - 0 answers

I miss the liberal, progressive South...

I moved from a liberal city in the South to New York City, and now it seems that every other person I talk to is openly racist. I was not prepared for this and have no idea how to handle it. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on May 30, 2013 - 63 answers

You serve coffee now, just deal with it already.

An adult woman who used to bully me in elementary school flaunted an ugly childhood memory in my face while serving my coffee today. How to tactfully deal? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on May 16, 2013 - 77 answers

Help needed with tranlsating term referring to someone's skin colour.

I am translating a text which contains a sentence about someone who is "coloured". People in the US: what is an acceptable way to translate this? [more inside]
posted by miorita on Apr 22, 2013 - 31 answers

Psychological implications of bigotry

What happens psychologically to people who fight or confront bigotry for longer periods of time? Are there any studies about depression, PTSD or self-esteem issues? How do anti bigotry/discrimination organizations help their members with these problems?
posted by Foci for Analysis on Mar 31, 2013 - 8 answers

Help! I'm living in a "Family Guy" episode.

My boyfriend of a little more than a year is a totally. great. guy. With one exception: he thinks that being funny means saying whatever overtly racist, homophobic or sexist joke he can think of as a response to many situations. I always stop and tell him it's not cool, then he says, "what? I'm just kidding." Now, I worry he might actually be pretty sexist. What to do? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Mar 26, 2013 - 181 answers

People who aren't discriminated against anymore?

It always seems that ending racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination ends up being a whackamole sort of game: get rid of slavery, and people will still try to be racist, they'll make Jim Crow laws and institute poll tests and all that stuff. Are there any example of groups of people where this didn't happen, where the discrimination against them basically went away without any, or with only insignificant consequences?
posted by curuinor on Mar 17, 2013 - 25 answers

Handling accusations of long-past misbehavior? Difficulty: Did I do it?

In 2008, due to some personal problems, I closed out a Facebook account I was using at the time. I have since been accused of saying things via that Facebook account that I don't quite believe I would have said. [more inside]
posted by Infinity_8 on Mar 16, 2013 - 25 answers

Can you stage Peter Pan in a way that is respectful to Native Americans?

Is there a way to stage Peter Pan that is respectful to Native Americans? [more inside]
posted by straight on Mar 11, 2013 - 26 answers

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