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Why do I keep dreaming about my ex?

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? YANM Psych etc. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on May 20, 2013 - 13 answers

I'm always dreaming, even when I'm awake; it is never finished.

So, this might not even be a problem; I’m not sure, but I dream too much. [more inside]
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur on Jul 25, 2012 - 13 answers

Not exactly The Matrix, but what?

What is the name (medical/psychological term?) for this feeling that "my life been a dream since that one event several years ago"? [more inside]
posted by vidur on May 2, 2012 - 6 answers

dreaming away

is it possible to stay locked in or stuck in a dream & never wake up? [more inside]
posted by divabat on Feb 10, 2012 - 30 answers

Falling in love (infatuation) with a dream person.

I've had the experience occasionally of having a dream about someone and then waking up feeling a very strong longing and attraction for them. It can be a person I've encountered casually in real life, or someone who I knew only from the dream. If it's a real person, I may not have been aware I had any such feelings for them. The feeling can last for a few hours or go on for some days. How common is this phenomenon? Have any of you had a similar experience? Is there a name for it? Has it been studied?
posted by danascot on Jul 10, 2010 - 34 answers

How do I get my weird dreams back?

How can I get my weird dreams back? [more inside]
posted by aliasless on Jul 9, 2009 - 48 answers

A Dream-Pregnant at 56?

Why on earth would a post-menopausal woman dream every night about having a baby, nursing and changing diapers? [more inside]
posted by ~Sushma~ on Jan 21, 2009 - 11 answers

'An overwhelming sense of familiarity'

In your opinion, what causes déjà vu? I mean the most common type - déjà vécu (already lived)?
posted by chuckdarwin on May 13, 2007 - 33 answers

Why do any therapists trust The Interpretation of Dreams?

I'm reading Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams, and the jumps he makes in interpreting dreams -- from a dream image to someone's long-ago memory to some quote to another quote to a childhood wet-nurse -- strike me as absolutely ludicrous. How and why do any therapists put any faith in this method of interpretation (I know many don't)?
posted by Malad on May 9, 2007 - 20 answers

Dream a little dream

Two nights ago I woke up whlie I was in a vivid dream. Last night, just before I fell asleep, the previous night's dream came back to me out of nowhere. Not a repeat, but more of a " previously on" moment like TV shows do. Has anyone else experienced this or know what causes it ? Sure, there's some [more inside]
posted by lobstah on Oct 6, 2006 - 14 answers

Uncanny, strange deja vu

What is this dream-like state that sometimes overtakes me? [more inside]
posted by Crotalus on Jul 26, 2006 - 4 answers

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