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Would an Asus Eee running OS X Leopard be faster than my PowerBook G4?

I've got an older PowerBook G4 with a 1.5 GHz CPU and 1.25 GB of RAM. It works, but it's sluggish. I don't expect it to be as fast as my shiny new 24" iMac, but it's slower than I'd like. Would selling it on eBay and buying an Asus Eee (I assume the 1000 model) and installing OS X on it give me a fast machine or about the same? [more inside]
posted by Brian Puccio on Jan 9, 2009 - 15 answers

Thinking Of Getting A G4 iBook Or PowerBook

I've currently got a HP Mini-Note 2133 running Ubuntu. I was going to take a stab at installing OS X on it this coming weekend when I realized I could get a 12" iBook or PowerBook G4 for roughly the same price and it would still be small enough I wouldn't mind carrying it around with me all the time and it would run OS X with no hassle. I'd keep my MacPro as my primary workstation that I use for image editing and such, this would just be for email and for surfing the web on the go. If I get a G4 era laptop and install Leopard on it (want to use Back to My Mac after I roll my own dot mac) will I have any issues? I've only recently become a Mac user after years on Linux, so I never used a PPC-based system. Will application like Camino, Mail, Adium, etc all run with no problems? This is what the universal binary thing is all about, right? Anything else I should be aware of? Any tips or tricks for slimming down 10.5 to make it run better on the older hardware? Thanks!
posted by Brian Puccio on May 27, 2008 - 7 answers

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