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The things I do for airline status

Help me gamble and eat during a six-hour Vegas layover. [more inside]
posted by willbaude on Dec 5, 2011 - 8 answers

How should I rank these alternative poker hands?

I'm trying to rank some non-proper poker hands within the conventional poker hand-ranking framework. I would like to rank them conventionally, i.e. on their probability of occurring in a straight, five-card deal. The non-proper hands are: (1) "Four-card straight" (four cards in a row); (2) "Four-card flush" (four cards of the same suit); (3) "Four-card straight flush" (four cards in a row of the same suit); (4) "Same-color flush" (all 5 red cards or all 5 black cards); (5) "Straight same-color flush" (a straight composed of all black cards or all red cards); (6) "Four-card straight same-color flush" (a four-card straight composed of all black cards or all red cards). My probability skills are "OK" (the odds for the four-card flush and same-color flush are straightforward), but some of them (particularly the straights) seem too tricky for me. [more inside]
posted by mrgrimm on May 13, 2011 - 9 answers

Why are there 169 starting hands in Hold 'em?

Can someone explain to me why there are 169 starting hands in poker? [more inside]
posted by tomtheblackbear on Aug 22, 2010 - 17 answers

Looking for an Online Generic Card Game Simulator.

I need an "Online Generic Card Game Simulator" program (my term). I don't think what I want exists, but I don't know how to verify this, or more importantly, how to go about making one for myself. [more inside]
posted by johnstein on Jul 28, 2008 - 11 answers

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