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PMS symptoms but period hasn't shown up yet

If a woman was experiencing her normal PMS symptoms like cramps & unusual emotional fluctuation on and off for a certain amount of time, but her period has failed to show up, how long would a doctor want to wait to see if it's just a flukey cycle? Or if the doctor didn't want to wait, decided enough time had passed, what would they do next? Assume pregnancy is a million-percent impossible. Assume Dr. Google has already been consulted. [more inside]
posted by bleep on Jan 10, 2017 - 16 answers

is there such thing as physical side effects from therapy?

Whenever I have a breakthrough in therapy, it seems like it causes weird side effects and I'm not sure if they're serious or not. Please help! [more inside]
posted by winterportage on Dec 1, 2016 - 14 answers

Menstrual nightmare hell

My periods are ruining my life. What is going on? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 12, 2016 - 27 answers

Low dose AD for periods

Have you taken low dose anti-depressants for your PMDD in the week leading up to your period? How did it affect you? [more inside]
posted by kanata on Jan 22, 2016 - 6 answers

How much should I believe my PMS/PMDD?

I want to leave my life half of the month—is this the truth? Or is the truth the first half of the month, when things are basically fine? [more inside]
posted by Clotilde on Oct 15, 2015 - 22 answers

The Pill for anxiety?

Would taking birth control help with my (hormonally-driven) anxiety? [more inside]
posted by chainsofreedom on Apr 28, 2015 - 8 answers

Ow! My boobs!

I'm 36 years old and had my Mirena removed almost a year ago. Since then, my hormones appear to be losing their tiny little hormonal minds. [more inside]
posted by altopower on Mar 30, 2015 - 11 answers

"Exercise, eat right, and all your problems will be solved," they said!

I have bad PMS or PMDD symptoms lasting two weeks out of every month. Hormonal birth helps a lot, but also causes frequent migraine headaches. Where do I go from here? [more inside]
posted by theraflu on Mar 16, 2015 - 11 answers

Something besides Prozac for PMS?

I have a mild depression for a week out of the month. It doesn't feel like much but I don't get anything done. Now that I'm self-employed, I can't afford to have a useless week plus a week digging myself out of the hole of unfinished work and unreturned phone calls from that useless week. Help? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 28, 2014 - 19 answers

How do I apologize to my sister?

I feel like I've messed up my relationship with one of my sisters to a really bad point, and it's my fault. [more inside]
posted by glassrose on Oct 10, 2014 - 26 answers

Lessen or kill PMS symptoms?

What can we/she do to lessen my wife's PMS symptoms? Specifically cravings, and pretty heavily despondent mood swings. [more inside]
posted by Jacen on Jun 24, 2014 - 30 answers

Let me talk to you about my huge breasts...

I started logging my body measurements for weight loss and soon realised just how insane my boobs swell during PMS - care to share relief suggestions? [more inside]
posted by Chorus on Apr 19, 2014 - 8 answers

Ibuprofen 3x day/ for 3 days?

YANMD.... As I get older my menstrual cramps seem to be getting worse. How often / how long can I take ibuprofen every month without it being an issue? [more inside]
posted by nakedmolerats on Mar 26, 2014 - 26 answers

the joys of PMS

As I've gotten older, my PMS has gotten worse and worse. It's not emotional, though, just physical discomfort. Anyone have any ideas on how to ease the week or so before my period? Details within. Warning: This got gross. [more inside]
posted by Ziggy500 on Dec 20, 2013 - 25 answers

female-filter: how to track hormonal cycles without your period

I'll be having a hysterectomy soon. I'll be retaining my ovaries. I'm looking for apps or sites that help to track hormonal cycles that *don't* depend on the date of menses to predict PMS. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 21, 2013 - 6 answers

Need a (legit) Pantone color chart

At work we want to put up a certain type of pantone color chart on the website so that people can at least see approximate colors. I'm well aware of the issues with precise matching using a computer monitor; we just want to provide some general reference so that people can see what colors we're talking about if we give them a PMS number. [more inside]
posted by randomkeystrike on Jun 11, 2013 - 7 answers

PMS makes her transgress

Is my wife's PMS a fair reason to be as cruel to me as she pleases? [more inside]
posted by Dansaman on May 2, 2013 - 76 answers

Sarafem and non-medication PMDD mood remedies.

It seems I have PMDD. My doctor just prescribed Sarafem for this without offering any other options. Is there anything else I can try first, or should I just go for the medication because it might not be bad? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Apr 17, 2013 - 21 answers

Drinking and PMS

Does anybody else find that they consume more alcohol during PMS? More months than not, I drink a lot on what turns out to be the day right before my period starts. (I do realize that this a precarious time to drink and am going to start charting so I have a better idea of when to expect it.) I am curious a) if other women do this, and b) if anybody knows of any possible biological reason for this.
posted by mermaidcafe on Dec 11, 2012 - 14 answers

How do you hack your period?

Women of metafilter, how do you look after yourself before and during your period? What are your hints and tips for coping with menstruation and it's attendant effects? How do you organise your life to handle cramps, mood swings, fatigue etc.? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 7, 2012 - 57 answers

I also HATE using tampons, pads leak, and menstrual cups freak me out with an IUD

Oh wise Metafilter IUD users, please tell me your experiences switching from a Paragard to a Mirena. [more inside]
posted by c'mon sea legs on Aug 5, 2012 - 12 answers

Breast discomfort

Aesthetic/comfort issues in the boobular region. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 5, 2012 - 17 answers

Hormonal Birth Control Question #3493, you are our next contestant! Come on DOWWWWN!

I've been on Ocella (Yasmin) for about 4 years now. Like a great relationship, things started out wonderfully, but I think my baby-making hormone changes are coming between us. [more inside]
posted by Sayuri. on Aug 3, 2012 - 6 answers

Do I tell my new date I'm PMSing?

Do I tell my new date I'm PMSing? [more inside]
posted by dolce_voce on Jul 25, 2012 - 31 answers

Did giving hormonal birth control another go fuck up my cycles forever?

Long shot: would taking hormonal birth control (HBC) for several weeks continue to affect my premenstrual moods for several months? [more inside]
posted by fiercecupcake on Apr 10, 2012 - 3 answers

Very Localized Water Retention?...

Does PMS exacerbate injury-related swelling, or am I a freak of nature? [more inside]
posted by EmpressCallipygos on Mar 27, 2012 - 5 answers

Gynecare Thermachoice Experiences

Have you had Gynecare Thermachoice? My doctor has recommended it to treat some ongoing menstrual issues I have. If you have had it, can you tell me if it was useful, horrible, etc., particularly related to cramps and PMS?
posted by anonymous on Mar 22, 2012 - 2 answers

Please help me cut thru the complex jibberjabber and simply select a Pantone color in Illustrator.

Please help me cut thru the complex jibberjabber and simply select a Pantone color in Illustrator. [more inside]
posted by Senor Cardgage on Dec 6, 2011 - 5 answers

Can I skip my periods?

Nuvaring and skipping my periods: is it OK? Do I really need to ramp it up? [more inside]
posted by two lights above the sea on Oct 7, 2011 - 18 answers

PMS is getting the best of me!

I have wicked PMS and my wedding is on Saturday. I *could* get my period before then, but given my levels of stress and history with slightly off-kilter menstrual symptoms, I could have a bout of weeks-long PMS. If this is the case, how can I best relieve the bloating and water retention, which are the most aggravating symptoms? [more inside]
posted by slightly sissy tea hound on Oct 4, 2011 - 14 answers

I never thought I'd yearn for Aunt Flo so much...

Due to stress, my period has disappeared. I'm caught in seemingly neverending PMS. Is there any way I can summon my period back? Or at least mitigate the symptoms of fatigue, hunger and feeling so emotional? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 24, 2011 - 20 answers

Can grapefruit juice cure PMS

I think grapefruit juice cured my PMS, is this possible? [more inside]
posted by KarenKaren on Aug 10, 2011 - 12 answers

My head is telling me I don't need that brownie but my PMS does

What do you do to fight off junk food cravings during your period? [more inside]
posted by Anima Mundi on Aug 1, 2011 - 24 answers

I don't remember when my uterus and I engaged in a game of Battleship!

[Being a girl filter] Health issues, high pressure environments, and still showing everyone how fucking awesome you are. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jul 23, 2011 - 22 answers

I am looking for practical (and preferably natural) solutions for emotional instability and insecurity during ovulation and pre-menstruation.

I am looking for practical (and preferably natural) solutions for emotional instability and insecurity during ovulation and pre-menstruation. [more inside]
posted by DeltaForce on May 17, 2011 - 22 answers

pms vs. depression

What are the physiological and psychological differences of the emotional symptoms of pms vs. depression? [more inside]
posted by geegollygosh on May 4, 2011 - 5 answers

Aunt Flo

What can I do to stop being such an irritable Eve during PMS? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Nov 13, 2010 - 21 answers

Reverse PMS?

Period Questions: Why do I feel fine the week before my period, then depressed, tired, anxious the rest of the month? Help me have a more productive discussion with some sort of medical provider. [more inside]
posted by sio42 on Oct 31, 2010 - 9 answers

How do you prevent bouts of PMS from getting in the way of your exercise?

Ladies of Metafilter: how do you prevent bouts of PMS from getting in the way of your exercise? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 19, 2010 - 18 answers

coping with new symptoms of PMS

Seeking advice from someone who underwent a hormonal shift that suddenly had them struggling with the psychological symptoms of PMS when, in the past, a pain reliever and warm compress had been sufficient to keep their period under control. Can this shift from a purely physical to a fiercely mental experience of PMS be, in any way, reversed? [more inside]
posted by Aleatoire on Jul 9, 2009 - 5 answers

Help me understand complications during the follicular and luteal phase of menstruation.

HormoneFilter: Help me understand complications during the follicular and luteal phase of menstruation. [more inside]
posted by 2X2LcallingCQ on Jun 17, 2009 - 2 answers

PMS pretty much sucks.

How do you deal with PMS, especially associated anxiety and paranoia? [more inside]
posted by mynameisluka on Sep 28, 2008 - 14 answers

How can I prepare a bitmap image to print in black & white plus one spot color?

How can I prepare a bitmap image to print in black & white plus one spot color? [more inside]
posted by pantufla on Apr 29, 2008 - 6 answers

How long does it take for the hormones to leave my system?

What can I expect from taking a break from hormonal birth control? How long does it take the hormones to clear out of your system? Which hormonal birth control side effects disappear and which stay? Factual and anecdotal advice welcome! [more inside]
posted by schroedinger on Oct 24, 2007 - 23 answers

Supplement (or other solution) for PMS cravings?

Supplement (or other solution) for PMS cravings? [more inside]
posted by mintchip on Aug 16, 2007 - 13 answers


What is the evolutionary relevance of PMS?
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur on Jul 2, 2007 - 49 answers

Pain, pain go away.

Femalefilter: What is this sharp pain? [more inside]
posted by hannahq on Jun 25, 2007 - 19 answers

How can I reduce my PMS mood swings?

PMSfilter: Help me get off the emotional rollercoaster! [more inside]
posted by christinetheslp on Feb 19, 2007 - 24 answers

A period belongs at the end of a sentence

Should I use birth control to skip my period? [more inside]
posted by nakedsushi on May 1, 2006 - 51 answers

Help me smack Aunt Flo down!

[Girl Filter] Hey Ladies, I've got a few questions about that oh so lovely monthly visitor... [more inside]
posted by nadawi on Nov 21, 2005 - 35 answers

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