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How can I let myself be vulnerable in my new relationship?

I think I have some messed up ideas about relationships, that are going to get in the way of me finding true intimacy and being a really good partner to someone. I want to get over these ideas but am terrified that acting in a more authentic and loving way will backfire. Hope me? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Apr 7, 2014 - 8 answers

Tips and Tricks for playing concerts?

I have a big important concert that I'm playing coming up sort of soon. I'm not even sure what to ask... but here goes. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 8, 2013 - 15 answers

3 guys, one chick.

How does one ethically play the field? I need advice on dating and being intimate with more than one person. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Nov 26, 2009 - 14 answers

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