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Problems with Windows Media Player

Help me play an .avi file. [more inside]
posted by TorontoSandy on Jan 19, 2006 - 22 answers

DVD player on plane

Want to find out if anyone knows if there are plug in spots on an airline seat for a portable DVD player. [more inside]
posted by Workingtill85 on Jan 2, 2006 - 11 answers

Pick an Mp3 player

What MP3 Player should I consider? It must work with Win 98se, I want to be able to download & listen to podcasts mostly, less interested in music. Battery life is important but not as important as purchase price. I'm on limited budget.
posted by NorthCoastCafe on Nov 28, 2005 - 7 answers

Opinion on Zen Sleek mp3 player

Creative Zen Sleek 20 GB MP3 Player - Creative Labs - any good? Non-techie girlfriend seeks advice for uber-geek boyfriend to make a happy Christahanukwanza... [more inside]
posted by eatdonuts on Nov 21, 2005 - 27 answers

Why can't I play dvd's?

I recently decided to jump on the dvd train, and finally bought myself a player. However, the video gives about 10 seconds of video followed by 10 seconds of blue screen. This from multiple players. [more inside]
posted by sauril on Nov 13, 2005 - 9 answers

Broken Jetta CD Player

i innocently inserted a CD Laser-Lens Cleaner-type thing into the slot-loading CD player of my '99.5 VW Jetta. It was playing ~60% of CDs inserted into it, but now plays 0%. Is there a remedy, or is iPod my only hope?
posted by brock on Oct 3, 2005 - 6 answers

MP3 Ripping Minefield

I'm looking to rip my 300 CDs on to my computer in preparation for an portable audio player. What is the best quality compressed format for music? I'm thinking MP3, as its universal - but as far as I can see there are different types of MP3 driver/convertor formats. Help me through the minefield! (As a bonus question, what's considered the ultimate 20gig(ish) MP3 player at the moment?)
posted by wibbler on Sep 19, 2005 - 37 answers

Rip off

My Windows Media Player has begun ripping CD's when inserted, despite having that function clicked off in the settings. [more inside]
posted by davebush on Sep 14, 2005 - 6 answers

crackle buzz buzz

Is there a way to fix a crackly-headphones problem that I always always have with walkmen and mp3 players? [more inside]
posted by jennyjenny on Aug 25, 2005 - 4 answers

Two devices, two remotes, one brand

I have a Phillips DVD recorder (DVR75) and recently bought a Phillips DVD player (DVP630) which sits underneath the recorder. However,when I try to turn on the new player using the remote for it, it's turning on the recorder instead. Is there a simple way to fix this?
posted by gfrobe on Aug 21, 2005 - 9 answers

remote Jukebox Control?

Looking for a way to control an instance of winamp (or similar media player) running on a PC from an iBook, via existing Wireless network... [more inside]
posted by cathodeheart on Aug 18, 2005 - 8 answers


My DVD player (Sony DVP-NS325) hangs. The discs work okay on my computer. It's 2+ years old and is currently the source of a great amount of agita in my life. My television is ancient, so I'm running the DVD player through a box that is supposed to allow me to connect multiple components (DVD, VCR, games) to a single television, although I don't have all the other components, so only the DVD player is running through it. Is it time for a new player? Will cleaning the discs help? How does one clean (um, and not DAMAGE) DVDs?
posted by fingers_of_fire on Aug 18, 2005 - 8 answers

Windows Media Player and my TV

How can I make WMP default it's full-screen video to a given monitor on a dual monitor system? [more inside]
posted by kc0dxh on Jul 9, 2005 - 5 answers

Stereo to mono?

Seeking a freeware MS Windows Media Player plug-in to play stereo mp3s as mono. [more inside]
posted by LordSludge on Jul 6, 2005 - 4 answers

How to organise my music on my MP3 player with linux

How to organise my music collection on my MP3 player with linux. [more inside]
posted by salmacis on Jun 24, 2005 - 2 answers

What are the most effective methods for acquiring music under Windows?

My sister-in-law has purchased a Creative Labs Zen Touch 40gb music player. She'd like advice on how to fill it with music. I'm a Mac user who uses iTunes and an iPod, so I don't really have a good answer for her. Can you help? [more inside]
posted by jdroth on Apr 20, 2005 - 10 answers

Portable road entertainment

What's the coolest thing I can buy to keep my kids entertained on a 15 hour road trip to Oregon, for $200? I will probably try to find a decent portable dvd player but it occured to me that there might be a portable gaming system or something that would improve the bang/buck ratio. [more inside]
posted by craniac on Mar 26, 2005 - 30 answers

I'm looking to buy a record player

I just received a load of great records from my parents. Of course, I don't have anything to play them on. I have a stereo receiver that I'd like to plug the record player into. Basically I'm not looking for something top-of-the-line. I just want something decent and/or used. Please see extended.... [more inside]
posted by derekislost on Mar 25, 2005 - 13 answers

MP3 Players

What non iPod hard drive MP3 players are you impressed with? Which are you envious of? Are there any that should be avoided? I'm looking to buy one in the range of $200-300US, with sound quality (especially a rich low-end) being of primary importance. Thus I'd probably end up buying one with a 1.5G capacity that had great sound over a 5G player with only decent sound. Also, I'll probably be buying on eBay, unless anybody cares to persuade me otherwise.
posted by baphomet on Feb 6, 2005 - 36 answers

DVD player recommendations?

Help me find my dream DVD player [MI] [more inside]
posted by quibx on Jan 27, 2005 - 13 answers

Do DVDs come in bad batches?

DVD Troubles: For Christmas I received a DVD box set of an 80's tv miniseries that I loved as a young teenager. The second and third two-sided DVDs showed as "bad" in my DVD player. With much sadness, I packed it up and returned the item to Amazon, requesting an exchange.

Today I received the replacement set. I eagerly popped the second DVD into the DVD player so I could finish my miniseries marathon. But it is yet again showing as "bad." I tried this DVD in two players (one cheap, one midlevel), both with the same result. There are no hairs, scratches, fingerprints, or dust. So what is going on, and what should I do?
posted by xyzzy on Jan 12, 2005 - 13 answers

Crud-tolerant DVD players?

Crud-tolerant DVD players. My new-ish Sony commonly locks or hiccups on Netflix discs, but I've read that other people go years without problems, and googling reveals that Sony players may be particularly prone to this. What models or brands of DVD players (not PC drives) are good at handling worn/scratched/dirty discs?
posted by NortonDC on Dec 22, 2004 - 29 answers

What's a good flash-based mp3 player with voice recorder and FM radio?

I'm looking for flash-based mp3 player (256 or 512MB) with a voice recorder and FM radio. Also need it to work as a USB mass storage device. So far I'm considering the iRiver iFP-100 series or the Creative Muvo TX FM. Are there any other good quality options I should consider? And what do you think of these two options? If they both work fine, the prices are a lot better for the muvo. Thanks!
posted by jacobsee on Nov 11, 2004 - 19 answers

MP3 Player for Ibook

I'm looking for a 256mb flash mp3 player for my Ibook, for about $100. I'm happy to take recommendations, but what would be even cooler is if someone has the link to an online database that lets you search for units that will mount as a hard drive on OS X without having to use someone's proprietary, usually crappy, software. [more inside]
posted by mecran01 on Sep 2, 2004 - 5 answers

Better playlist functionality than Winamp?

PlaylistFilter: I find Winamp's native playlist manager too restricted. Ideally, I want a plugin/player with a playlist module that can accomodate trees and metadata; the extreme case being where I can have an arbitrary number of fields (incl. trackname, artist, genre, "mood"...etc) and then pass it through selection filters (all Classical which are AT MOST 3 mins AND NOT baroque AND soothing...etc). Of course, this is kinda the ideal case. What's the best realistic solution? (I don't mind switching players).
posted by Gyan on Aug 18, 2004 - 11 answers

Looking for tips about MP3s

Because I'm an old lady, I somehow completely missed out on the whole MP3 phenomenon. (please continue inside if interested in helping me learn more) [more inside]
posted by pomegranate on Jul 12, 2004 - 27 answers

Playing MPG1 on DVD player from DVD-R?


MPG1 + DVD-R = ???

Preferably, something I can play on my console DVD player.
posted by scarabic on Jul 9, 2004 - 11 answers

Will a DVD released in Russia play on a region-free player?

How to find a DVD that will be playable on a region-free player if it's only been released in Russia? [This is the root menu; there is more inside] [more inside]
posted by amandaudoff on May 12, 2004 - 7 answers

Rack Ears (for 19" Rack) for a Consumer CD Player

I want to mount "rack ears" on a consumer CD player and install it into a standard 19" equipment rack. Do people sell aftermarket rack ears? Where do you get them?
posted by Mars Saxman on Apr 29, 2004 - 4 answers

Why wouldn't an embedded WMP work for one user?

I've got problems with an embedded windows media player, and msdn is being predictably useless... [MI] [more inside]
posted by twine42 on Apr 21, 2004 - 3 answers

Freeware/shareware VCD player for Mac?

VCD Player for Mac - Is there a freeware or shareware program that y'all recommend for playing VCDs on a mac running OS X? As a Windows user, I was shocked to find that my VCD wasn't even recognized by any of the applications on the mac.
posted by turbanhead on Apr 3, 2004 - 6 answers

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