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How do I rent an apartment in Paris for three months?

How do I rent an apartment in Paris for three months? [more inside]
posted by Nelson on May 15, 2006 - 6 answers


3 days in London and 1 day in Paris : what to do?

3 days in London and 1 day in Paris : what to do? [more inside]
posted by aceyprime on May 15, 2006 - 25 answers

Disembarking at CDG and getting to Austerlitz in 2 hours?

Can I make a 10:08 AM train from Paris' Gare d'Austerlitz if my flight's arrival time to CDG is 7:45 AM? [more inside]
posted by The Michael The on May 12, 2006 - 14 answers

Paris restaurant reservations on short notice

ParisFilter: Michelin-starred-quality restaurants on short notice? (Spoilers inside for those going with me on the trip.) [more inside]
posted by commander_cool on May 3, 2006 - 13 answers

Making the most of layovers

In general, how long must a layover at an airport be to be able to leave the airport, see the city (even for a short amount of time), and get back without missing your connecting flight? [more inside]
posted by thebabelfish on May 2, 2006 - 14 answers

Where's it all going down?

I'm reading a book that has a lot of references to Paris between the wars and culture that flowed underneath it. The surrealist movement, people like Gertrude Stein, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, the brothels and debauchery, etc. Similar situations have happened everywhere - the Harlem Renaissance, the Beat Generation and countless others. I'm sure you can think of more. My question is this: Where is this stuff happening now? [more inside]
posted by borkingchikapa on Mar 27, 2006 - 23 answers

Films set in Paris?

Good movies set in Paris? [more inside]
posted by louigi on Mar 20, 2006 - 43 answers

Paris during Easter

I'm thinking about going to Paris over Easter. Is my timing good? [more inside]
posted by einarorn on Mar 19, 2006 - 16 answers

French for a Dummie

ParisFilter: I am going to Paris France during the middle of March. I do not speak french, aside from knowing to say merci when people do anything nice for me. I have no misconceptions about the possibility of learning the entire french language in a months time. So what specific words and phrases do I need to know in order to get by in Paris? [more inside]
posted by aburd on Feb 13, 2006 - 44 answers

Walking on to ferries at Dover

Can you walk on to a ferry at Dover? And about how much might it cost? [more inside]
posted by jb on Feb 11, 2006 - 8 answers

I love Paris in the springtime ...

EurostarFilter: Is it worth taking a day trip to Paris? [more inside]
posted by essexjan on Feb 10, 2006 - 18 answers

Luxury apartment finding service Paris?

ParisFi: Looking for an apartment finder service to find me a high-end place in central Paris this spring (2 weeks). Its a gift for elderly relatives and I don't have time or expertise enough to do it myself and its got to be a special place. [more inside]
posted by johoney on Feb 9, 2006 - 5 answers

Restaurant Smackdown

For recent travellers, is the U.S. still a bargain? Specifically, how would you compare the price of eating out in a similarly semi-fancy restaurant in 1) San Francisco, 2) Seattle, 3) London, 4) Paris, 5) New York. Let's peg the baseline cost at about $50/person in San Francisco, excluding wine. [more inside]
posted by _sirmissalot_ on Feb 8, 2006 - 16 answers

cheap and pricy recommendations alike will be appreciated!

Recommendations for vegetarian food in Paris or Chantilly? [more inside]
posted by bhenry on Feb 4, 2006 - 7 answers

London to Paris

What's the cheapest way to travel between London and Paris? [more inside]
posted by Packy_1962 on Jan 24, 2006 - 19 answers

Paris Hotels

ParisFilter: My husband-to-be and I are going to Paris for our honeymoon. We've noted the great suggestions for things to see and do in previous MeFi threads [here, here, here and here], but were looking for suggestions for inexpensive hotels. Anyone have any recommendations? Comments about why you recommend that particular hotel would also be appreciated.
posted by nyxie on Jan 2, 2006 - 17 answers

shortterm apartment rental in paris

Has anyone ever tried ParisianHome or another rental place in Paris? [more inside]
posted by amberglow on Oct 11, 2005 - 8 answers

Paris, Texas--no, make that France...

My friend Tina is currently in Paris to help settle in her daughter, who will be living and working there for some time. How about some tips for both ? [+] [more inside]
posted by y2karl on Sep 16, 2005 - 10 answers

The road from Paris

What's the best way I can find discount travel (air, rail, rental car) destinations for a weekend trip from Paris? [more inside]
posted by sixpack on Jul 13, 2005 - 4 answers

Stuff in Paris

I'm in Paris until Monday, and I want recommendations on restaurants, etc. [more inside]
posted by The Michael The on Jun 9, 2005 - 13 answers

Yarn shops in Paris?

Does anyone have any suggestions for good yarn shops in Paris?
posted by small_ruminant on Jun 8, 2005 - 5 answers

Romantic restaurant in Paris

I need to book a romantic table for two in Paris for this weekend and really need a recommendation. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Apr 26, 2005 - 15 answers

Cost of Paris

How much will it cost my wife and I to spend four days in Paris? [more inside]
posted by alms on Mar 20, 2005 - 16 answers

Watch the Paris Roubaix Cycling Race

If I were to show up in Roubaix France the day of the Paris-Roubaix Cycling race, April 10 this year, would I be able to get into the Roubaix Velodrome without any advance tickets, be able to see and hear the progress of the race then watch the finish live? If this is not possible where else would be a good place to watch the race? I don't know the area at all so trying to dash around the back roads for good vantage points would be difficult.
posted by jholland on Feb 25, 2005 - 3 answers

Park and Ride in the Suburbs of Paris?

I'm looking for a safe/convenient/cheap place on the outskirts of Paris to park a car for a few days. [more inside]
posted by monkeystronghold on Feb 22, 2005 - 4 answers

Are there good geeky places to visit in Paris?

ParisFilter: My husband and I are going to the City of Lights for our honeymoon. We're definitely going to try some of AskMeFi's previous suggestions! But us, we're big geeks (comics, anime, computers, games). Are there good geeky places to visit in Paris? Where are the best BD (bande dessiner) stores? Or sci fi bookshops? Anything else a good geek shouldn't miss?
posted by debgpi on Feb 16, 2005 - 13 answers

What fun can grown-up couples have in Paris, France?

NaughtyFilter: My new fella and I are going to Paris for a week, staying in Montmartre. We'll do the usual touristy things by day, but I would love to surprise him by coming up with a more 'adult' nighttime tour of the city of lights. Nothing too hardcore, just some good clean dirty hetero couples fun. For example, I've heard Moulin Rouge is kind of cheesy. Any hipper alternatives? Shops, bookstores, clubs, all suggestions welcomed.
posted by thinkpiece on Feb 9, 2005 - 4 answers

What to do for one day in Paris?

FreedomFilter: I have one day and one night to spend in Paris. I am not rich. What should I do and see? Where should I stay?
posted by Polonius on Feb 6, 2005 - 32 answers

Folk/Ousider art in France?

I'm going to France and I'd love to see some outsider art/folk art/art brut. Suggestions? (more inside) [more inside]
posted by hydrophonic on Feb 3, 2005 - 6 answers

Where in Paris Can You Buy Absinthe?

Absinthe in Paris? (+) [more inside]
posted by Gortuk on Jan 19, 2005 - 12 answers

So I appear to be trapped in Paris.

So I appear to be trapped in Paris. Flew to Europe over the holidays for a conference in Berlin, and thought I'd spend a week in Paris and fly out of there instead. British Airways is informing me they'd like about a grand to get me out of Paris, and no less if I take the chunnel up to London to catch the London-SFO leg there. Best option I've found is to try to delay the return flight until I can actually make my way back to Berlin (it's too late now). Still on hold finding out how painful that's going to be. Anyone have any better ideas?
posted by effugas on Jan 8, 2005 - 8 answers

Adventurous Couple in Paris

Upcoming trip to Paris and we want some good clean straight dirty couples fun that's not too touristy, not too hardcore. We'll be staying in Montmartre, near the red light district and are feeling adventurous ... Any cool hot spots? All nighttime fun suggestions, including live music, toy stores, couples-friendly strip clubs, cabaret/lounge acts ... much appreciated!
posted by anonymous on Jan 2, 2005 - 6 answers

Proper absinthe technique.

OK, head management question ... Kids away, new man, gift bottle of Absinthe from Parisian friends. Is it the 'right' nectar for a romantic evening? We are, um, experienced drinkers dying to try it ... on the other hand, we want to create the right, you know, buzz. Will this do it? How do we cook it?
posted by thinkpiece on Dec 26, 2004 - 28 answers

Where to find London air pollution reports

Does anyone know where one can access reports on air pollution in London as compared to Boston, Paris, NY etc?
posted by Mossy on Dec 4, 2004 - 2 answers

What is the best way to sell tickets to a performance at the Paris Opera?

Selling Parisian event tickets: I may end up with an extra set of tickets to the April 16th performance of Tristan & Isolde at the Paris Opera. If so, what would be the best way to go about selling them? eBay? Is there a Parisian version of Craigslist? (aside from paris.craigslist.com, which doesn't seem too trafficked..)
posted by agropyron on Dec 2, 2004 - 5 answers

TravelFilter: What to do in Paris?

I'm going to Paris this weekend. It will be cold and rainy. But hey, I'll be in Paris.

What do MeFites (aka, you) think my SO and I should do?
posted by taumeson on Nov 22, 2004 - 41 answers

Watching Baseball in Paris

Given that game four of the ALCS starts at 5:10 PM EST this evening, it will finally played at a decent hour in Paris, France (11:10 PM). Does anyone know a club or bar in Paris that would possibly be showing the game? [more inside]
posted by themadjuggler on Oct 18, 2004 - 23 answers

Recommend good deals on disposable phones in the UK & France.

European disposable mobile phones: My parents, who are American, are going to Edinburgh, London & Paris later this week. They've asked me what I know about disposable/rentable phones since their phones won't work over there. I know nothing. So now I'm asking all of you: What do you know about good deals on disposable/rentable phones in the UK & France? (I believe they're looking to use the phones for a period of 7-10 days, and if it makes things simpler I think they are willing to do without during the French portion of the trip if necessary)
posted by bcwinters on Oct 10, 2004 - 7 answers

Setting up a French bank account and mobile phone

I'm studying abroad in Paris for the year, leaving in a little more than a week. What's the best way to set up and bank account and a mobile phone service from the states? [more inside]
posted by themadjuggler on Aug 24, 2004 - 15 answers

Budget hotels in Paris?

Paris budget hotel recommendations: I hope to be in Paris for about a week, at the end of August. I'll need to be in the vicinity of Ecole des Mines, Boulevard Saint Michel, 6eme. Any Mefites have experience of budget accomodations in this area? Merci beaucoup!
posted by carter on Jul 21, 2004 - 10 answers

Going to Paris

Off the beaten chemin: I'm going to Paris. I've been before & done the museum/Notre Dame thing. All types of recommendations accepted. I'm staying in Oberkampf, but am not averse to the traverse.
posted by dame on Apr 30, 2004 - 11 answers

Looking for Sequoia messenger-type bag information

i went to Paris over the holidays and spotted a messenger-type bag made by a company called Sequoia at the Samaritaine department store. i've since been unable to find any information on the web about the manufacturer, or if they have a website where i could get their bags online. anyone know anything about these people?
posted by callicles on Apr 21, 2004 - 2 answers

bicycling in Paris

I'm headed to Paris and would like to do some bicycling (in and out of the city). Any suggested destinations, Internet resources and cheap bike rentals? I'm not interested in joining one of those expensive group tours.
posted by sixpack on Mar 17, 2004 - 9 answers

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