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Why is there a yellow tint on my Quicktime movies?

I have been trying to use the application Photo To Movie to make a slideshow. I used it a couple of years ago (yes, paid for the license) and never had any problems. However, now, whenever I export a file (to make the slideshow a movie), the resulting movie has a yellowish tint to it upon playback in Quicktime or any other video application. This occurs with a wide variety of export options (compression levels, no compression, ratio, etc.) [more inside]
posted by thewiseacre on Mar 13, 2007 - 4 answers

Why does Entourage keep automatically putting email messages into my Junk Mail folder?

Why does Entourage keep automatically putting email messages into my Junk Mail folder? [more inside]
posted by thewiseacre on Nov 22, 2006 - 8 answers

How can I print Entourage Tasks on one page?

Are there ways to print Entourage Tasks that are not obvious or are there non web-based applications that are similar for OSX? [more inside]
posted by thewiseacre on Jan 10, 2006 - 2 answers

what is the best, most cost-effective way to backup multiple hard drives?

I have three 160 gig hard drives full of Apple Lossless music that I've ripped from my CDs. I want to keep these drives backed up, obviously. Is the most cost effective route to just buy a 500 gig (or ideally, one TB) drive for this purpose? Are there enclosures that hold multiple hard drives that would be appropriate (and cost effective) for this use? With the deals out there, it seems cheaper to buy more 160s than a 500 gig. I'm on a Mac G5.
posted by thewiseacre on Oct 28, 2005 - 15 answers

How do I rip XCP encoded CDs to my computer?

I just got a compact disc encrypted with XCP technology. How do I rip it to my Mac G5 computer (OSX 10.4.2)? I want to put the music on my iPod as well as run it on my music server here at home. I have Virtual PC if a Windows app is necessary.
posted by thewiseacre on Jul 19, 2005 - 15 answers

Why are my hard drive icons moving upon restart?

whenever I restart my Mac G5 (10.4.x), my hard drive icons (two external, the main hard drive, and a secondary internal) are moved to the upper right hand side of my screen, and usually partially obscured by the Dock (which I pin on the right side.) I hate this. All the other icons on the desktop (folders, aliases, etc.) never move after a restart (or re-launch of the Finder), just the drive icons. Is there any way to avoid this?
posted by thewiseacre on Jul 12, 2005 - 4 answers

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