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how do you archive important letters and paper documents?

How do folks handle archiving paper documents like personal correspondence (the snail mail kind), journals and the like? I have about 17 years worth of stuff and am trying to conceptualize of some sort of project to be able to look back on different years at a glance. BTW, it's not like I'm one of the Collyer brothers--all told, we're probably talking about 4 boxes of letters and such that I've saved over the years. I was thinking of organizing something chronological, using something like magazine files but I'm curious to hear how other folks organize and archive their stuff. Special bonus question--what about electronic documents, like emails and things you write? I know, I could store them online forever, but what's neat about old fashioned paper is that the reader and the information are self contained. Do you print things out, and again, if so, do you have any tricks for storing them?
posted by teddyb109 on Dec 24, 2005 - 9 answers

Simple, customizable group website software/host?

I am helping an alumni/student association set up a simple website that would ideally include news items, photo albums, a calendar and basic static information about the group--its mission statement, history, and past activities. They'd probably also like to be able to create mailing lists around different interests on the fly, and then also browse those topics. Yahoo Groups is probably a little less than we want, but the other options seem like they would require too much customization (Plone) or too little flexibility (Typepad) Are there good alternatives (even fee based ones) that help groups communicate their missions to the public and staty organized? We're using PBwiki to generate content (that's working well) but it's not pretty enough for a public face--I feel the same way about JotSpot. Any recommendations? I thought I remembered a new player in this space, but can't recall them now.
posted by teddyb109 on Aug 1, 2005 - 7 answers

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