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Have a seat, Dr Freud!

A friend has asked for my help setting up her new counseling office. She does psychotherapy with adults - individuals and couples. Knowing that y'all have lots of therapy experience, I'm asking the hive mind, "What do you love or hate about the furnishings in your therapist office?"
posted by metahawk on Jan 20, 2016 - 45 answers

Where can I test a bunch of different office chairs in NYC?

I need a new office chair and would like suggestions for stores in and around NYC where I can try out several models at once. Difficulty level: short person. [more inside]
posted by Owlcat on Feb 12, 2015 - 4 answers

Ride the Lightning in a TDCPP Chair?

So this Office Chair I bought has the flame retardant Tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl)phosphate (TDCPP) in the cushion. Which appears to have cancer implications. Should I keep the chair? Wait, wait, hear me out. [more inside]
posted by rakim on Oct 3, 2013 - 10 answers

Where can I find an affordable, fire code compliant armchair?

Where can I find a comfy armchair for my office that is Cal TB-133 compliant, is not butt ugly, and is not over $400? [more inside]
posted by alicetiara on Nov 29, 2011 - 2 answers

Help me sell an office's furniture in SoCal.

What is the best way to sell office furniture in Southern California (Orange County)? [more inside]
posted by The World Famous on Apr 23, 2008 - 3 answers

Great Adjustable Height Desk?

Anybody have an adjustable-height sit/stand desk they love? [more inside]
posted by ivarley on Jan 12, 2008 - 8 answers

Help me outfit a small, windowless office.

Halp! I'm being forced to move to a new office in the building. How do I solve the mystery of outfitting for a smaller space? [more inside]
posted by NoMich on Jul 9, 2007 - 2 answers

Moduar Furniture Experience?

Has anyone had experience ordering furniture from Levenger.com? Or know of any modular office solutions similar to Levenger's "Euro Desk System"? [more inside]
posted by bodega on Jun 20, 2007 - 12 answers

I'm looking for a source for "alternative" cubicle walls.

I'm looking for a source for "alternative" cubicle walls. [more inside]
posted by jeremias on Sep 26, 2006 - 8 answers

Is there any reason not to buy a used ergonomic chair?

Is there any reason not to buy a used ergonomic chair? [more inside]
posted by Afroblanco on May 17, 2006 - 13 answers

Looking for an Aeron-quality chair that doesn't move

Where can I get a good, Aeron-quality task chair, either with no wheels or with locking casters? {MI} [more inside]
posted by josh on Sep 2, 2004 - 3 answers

Where to Find a Desk in Chelsea, New York?

I need a desk, ASAP (preferably today) (the movers broke mine). I live in Chelsea. Where should I go? (I've tried Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond and The Door Store).
posted by adrober on Aug 17, 2004 - 5 answers

What office furniture should I get and where from?

Office furniture: where to buy it used and what kind do you use? [more] [more inside]
posted by Hackworth on Jan 19, 2004 - 2 answers

Looking for Very Sturdy Desk with Few/No Drawers, Under $200

I've got a rather old and decrepit office-surplus Steelcase desk in my "home office" right now, and am looking for something newer that doesn't have drawers for me to fill up with crud.

Needs to be VERY sturdy (as I may have 2 or 3 large monitors on it at any time) and not wobbly or flimsy at all. I've looked at the IKEA "Jerker" desk, but the closest IKEA is in Houston (I'm in Austin) and buying one mail-order would be prohibitive.

Suggestions? Budget is $200 max.
posted by mrbill on Dec 31, 2003 - 23 answers

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