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Obsessing over Instagram is really bad for your health.

I care too much about social media, particularly Instagram. Help me change my attitude! [more inside]
posted by sucre on Feb 24, 2016 - 6 answers

Truffle mania

I have just discovered that I love truffle-infused foodstuffs. So far, I have had popcorn and cheese, and macaroni and cheese that were all sprinkled with truffle goodness. What else is out there that I absolutely have to have?
posted by roomthreeseventeen on Jul 11, 2014 - 23 answers

Help me stop e-stalking my ex

Will you share some practical tips on how I can stop e-stalking my ex. [more inside]
posted by feastorfamine on Nov 8, 2012 - 20 answers

I'm obsessed with obsession songs.

Help me make an "songs about obsession" playlist! [more inside]
posted by southpaw on Sep 7, 2012 - 70 answers

I need to stop thinking about sex for the next week and a half. Yes, really.

Short-term coping techniques for Wellbutrin-related hypersexuality? (likely NSFW) [more inside]
posted by anonymous on May 21, 2011 - 21 answers

How can I get this insane person to go away?

How can I get this insane person to go away? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 26, 2011 - 36 answers

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