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Renting guest rooms in NYC instead of staying at a hotel?

I'm traveling to NYC (and then London) at the end of the month (yes, MeTe meetup post to follow soon!), and I'm leaning towards staying in rented guest room (via Craigslist vacation rentals) rather than a hotel. [more inside]
posted by scody on Sep 7, 2005 - 18 answers

winestore manhattan

Help! I'm in L.A. It's Saturday. I need to get a bottle of champagne delivered in Manhattan on Monday morning. Any recommendations for a good wine store I can call to arrange this? [more inside]
posted by scody on Apr 30, 2005 - 2 answers

NYC Neighborhoods

Quick research question for a play I'm writing: what's a neighborhood in New York City (any borough) that a) has elevated trains, and b) is a traditionally Irish neighborhood? The play takes place in the mid-'90s, if that makes a difference. (Googling turned up lots of historical references, but I not a lot of contemporary specifics.)
posted by scody on Mar 29, 2004 - 6 answers

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