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Can we find an NYC apartment?

We need to find a new NYC apartment. My husband's working and has good credit, but I'm unemployed and have terrible credit. We also have a cat. How screwed are we? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 20, 2011 - 9 answers

Yes, that's me, your friendly temporary employee!

Have you worked for a temp agency in New York City? Which one? [more inside]
posted by sondrialiac on Jan 3, 2008 - 14 answers

Can a non New Yorker get an NYC webdev job?

My friend seeks a job as a web developer in NYC. He's gotten the impression that no one will interview him if he's not already a resident of the Big Apple. Is this accurate? [more inside]
posted by Clay201 on Nov 22, 2006 - 10 answers

Temp Work in NYC

I'm looking for short-term (nine months or less) work in the New York city area. Any ideas? [More, of course, is inside.] [more inside]
posted by UKnowForKids on Dec 1, 2004 - 6 answers

What are some good temp agencies in New York City?

What are some good temp agencies in New York City? [MI] [more inside]
posted by Stynxno on Nov 23, 2004 - 4 answers

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