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Why does eating make me feel like crap?

I love food, but eating makes me feel terrible. What can I do about it? [more inside]
posted by windykites on Dec 3, 2012 - 15 answers

Weirdest motion sickness ever, or something to worry about?

Something very weird is going on. I either have the weirdest case of motion sickness ever, or something so strange I can't puzzle it out is happening. [more inside]
posted by strixus on Sep 8, 2011 - 30 answers

Help me learn how to read in moving vehicles without feeling sick.

I envy people who can read in cars, buses and subway trains without getting nauseous. Why is it that some people can do this, while others can't? How can I be more like them? [more inside]
posted by iamkimiam on Aug 15, 2010 - 23 answers

That stretch feels nice... Oh no.

Should I be worried about my nausea and dizziness earlier? [more inside]
posted by omoikkiri on Apr 22, 2010 - 6 answers

Metronidazole, how long will it make me ill?

i'm taking Metronidazole, and carithromycin, for a peptic ulcer. the metronidazole seems to be making me sick. [more inside]
posted by nola on Jan 2, 2007 - 10 answers

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