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PHP/MySQL Database solution for newbie?!

I usually design sites using either plain html/css or Wordpress for its CMS capabilities. However, one client has just asked if there can be a database on his site, which they can add to and visitors/members of the site can purchase "entities" from. This obviously needs a database with a usable front-end for the client and an ability to connect to a payment gateway to purchase "entities". Can anyone help advise on a PHP/MySQL package to do this? I do not have the skills to build a database from scratch (I plan to learn, but cannot do so in the timescales needed for this potential assignment), and I'm presuming there must be a solution out there...
posted by wibbler on Aug 18, 2008 - 4 answers

PHP MySQL database creator

There are so many ideas I can think of for websites, but don't have the full skills (or time to learn the skills) to generate the Php/Mysql code and interaction. Is there a good application that can create the coding and website for me, if I give it the right information?
posted by wibbler on Jan 13, 2007 - 11 answers

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