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How do I import my Magento database? (memory errors)

I am trying to import a Magento database in phpMyAdmin but keep getting an exhausted memory error. [more inside]
posted by Unhyper on Dec 22, 2012 - 2 answers

How do I blow the whistle without getting involved?

I stumbled on a phpMyAdmin page for a database of personal info along with credit card numbers, hosted by a multinational corporation. I deleted some records. How do I report it without being accused of hacking? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 3, 2008 - 23 answers

XMHelp!! XML and MyPHPAdmin import problem

MySQL, PHPMyAdmin and XML imports/export problem... [more inside]
posted by SweetJesus on Jun 22, 2007 - 10 answers


mySQL/Drupal/phpMyAdmin: I've got this error in my Drupal DB, and I understand what I'm supposed to do to fix it, but I don't know how to get jiggy in my database. [more inside]
posted by sciurus on Nov 6, 2006 - 5 answers

Import data into mySQL?

I need help importing mySQL data from one server to another. [more inside]
posted by o2b on Oct 17, 2005 - 7 answers

Help with phpMyadmin?

Just getting started with php, web servers, html, mySQL, etc and have a question on phpMyadmin for those more experienced. [more inside]
posted by Cosine on Sep 29, 2005 - 10 answers

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