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I'm no buccaneer, and I'm not trying to hornswaggle anyone, but I would like to hang the RIAA from the yardarm.

Are there any significant US organizations similar to PiratbyrÄn? [more inside]
posted by WhitenoisE on Aug 6, 2011 - 1 answer

How can I cover my filesharing tracks?

How can I cover my filesharing tracks? [more inside]
posted by Kale Slayer on Jul 7, 2011 - 9 answers

Can we whitelist some NR films on our otherwise PG-13 Netflix account?

My wife and I set our Netflix account to show only PG-13 and below, but now we can't watch shows like The Rockford Files or Sherlock Holmes or even Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries (!), because they're not rated (NR). Is there a whitelist feature we can use, or something like it? [more inside]
posted by circular on Feb 18, 2011 - 7 answers

Is there a technological reason that the RIAA and MPAA only go after tracker sites and not people downloading torrents?

With the recent legal action against Isohunt, I would like to understand the tech and privacy of torrents better. Is there a technological reason that the RIAA and MPAA only go after tracker sites and not people downloading torrents? [more inside]
posted by frodoxiii on Apr 10, 2010 - 8 answers

Beeps in a movie seen at the cinema. Why?

Are movie studios inserting beeps into movies shown at cinemas to spot which cinemas have lax security? [more inside]
posted by slater on Jul 18, 2009 - 16 answers

What decides a movie rating?

Help me deduce some of the clues for what movies get what movie ratings. (NSFW language inside.) [more inside]
posted by ricochet biscuit on Dec 16, 2008 - 12 answers

My blog is in leetspeek! Reading it constitutes a breach of the DMCA!

What is the difference (legal or otherwise) between "decoding" and "decrypting?" [more inside]
posted by explosion on Sep 30, 2008 - 13 answers

Ignorance of the law...?

If I run an open wireless access point using DHCP, is there a way for anyone to identify which PC or device in the IP range is receiving or sending traffic? If I run a shared connection and someone does something unlawful, is it my problem or theirs? [more inside]
posted by uaudio on Jul 2, 2008 - 18 answers

Slick shoes? ARE YOU CRAZY?

Have American movie ratings, specifically the PG rating, gotten somehow weaker over the years? [more inside]
posted by blueberry on Mar 26, 2008 - 19 answers


I'm looking for a complete or brief history of downloading. [more inside]
posted by Wanderlust88 on Feb 15, 2008 - 13 answers

Alternative to IP rights?

Has anyone written about what a world without (or with very limited) intellectual property rights would be like? Alternatively, are there other models for encouraging creativity without IP rights? [more inside]
posted by vizsla on Jan 2, 2007 - 21 answers

Legislation outrage?

LegalFilter: after reading an editorial I'm trying to decided if I should be outraged over parts of the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005 or not. [more inside]
posted by sbutler on May 4, 2005 - 13 answers

Aside from the RIAA, are other companies suing P2P users for copyright infringement?

I know that the RIAA has sued users of certain P2P networks like Kazaa, with mixed results. I'd like to know if there are any other examples of companies or agencies suing individuals for alleged copyright infringement...(like maybe the MPAA going after people on BitTorrent or something.) [more inside]
posted by thewittyname on Oct 31, 2004 - 4 answers

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