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Movie with women ramming cars?

Movie ID: Two women in a parking lot have an extreme case of road rage, started by one of the women hitting the other woman's car with the door as she opened it. They proceeded to slowly escalate the altercation, and it ends with them trying to ram each other head on, but their cars are so messed up they that couldn't move quickly enough to do any real damage. I believe this ends up being some sort of dream/flashback/fantasy sequence.
posted by comwiz on Mar 6, 2009 - 4 answers

You Lucky Dog

Help! Where can I find a copy of the Disney Channel original movie You Lucky Dog (wiki/imdb)? I've looked everywhere and can't find anything. [more inside]
posted by comwiz on Oct 16, 2008 - 1 answer

Forgotten Movie

I'm trying to remember the title of a movie where two versions of the same story were told in parallel. The branch between the two stories started when a man bumped into (or maybe cut off?) the woman (main character I believe) on a stairwell in a subway station, causing her to miss her train. Any clues as to the title?
posted by comwiz on Feb 27, 2007 - 9 answers

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