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Can't find a scene from Batman Begins that I remember from the theater

I remember a scene from Batman Begins when Wayne is putting together the costume down in the cave. At one point he is working on the cowl and turns it over in his hands and you see two white dots near where his neck would be when he wore it. When I saw it and then I heard the voice in the movie I immediately thought they were voice modulators. I've watched the DVD, I've looked at deleted scenes, I've hunted through the internet, and I can find no reference to this scene. Was it possible I saw a miscut of the movie with a scene that wasn't supposed to go out? (Or more likely) Is it my faulty human memory playing tricks on me? Has anyone else seen this scene?
posted by Ikazuchi on Aug 7, 2012 - 14 answers

Can't remember a movie!

Gah... I was just asked. There's a martial arts movie where one of the characters blocks a punch from an attacker and then walks his hands up the opponent's arm and body locking him in place (using pressure points). I can vaguely see the scenes (I'm pretty sure it happens more than once), but neither I nor my friends can remember the movie. Help me hive mind, you're my only help.
posted by Ikazuchi on Dec 15, 2007 - 13 answers

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