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Applying for jobs when you have the same name as a skeevy criminal

I have the same first and last name as a US college athlete involved in a rape case that got some national media attention recently. When googling my name, even verbatim or in quotes, the first several pages of hits are news items about the crime, the trial, etc. I'm now applying for jobs and looking for the best way to preemptively make sure I'm not confused with [demonstrably horrible person]. Worries & details below. [more inside]
posted by BespokePuppet on Sep 8, 2016 - 35 answers

Yet another some guy used my email (but for Paypal)

About a year ago, someone signed up for a Paypal account, using my firstinitial.lastname@gmail.com email address. I ignored the activation email, but somehow that has not kept me from continuing to receive account updates, receipts, etc. Hope me get the person to change the email associated with the account to one that person owns; and by extension, allow me to claim the Paypal account associated with my email. [more inside]
posted by jraenar on Sep 2, 2014 - 9 answers

Some guy used my email address to sign up for Facebook.

Some guy used my (secondary) e-mail address when he signed up for Facebook, so now I am getting zillions of friend requests, status updates, personal messages, etc., via Facebook that are meant for him. My goal is to somehow bring this to his attention and get him to use his real email address. [more inside]
posted by Joey Buttafoucault on Sep 2, 2014 - 15 answers

Do I apologize, or do we all just pretend this NEVER HAPPENED?

I "met" an internet friend over the weekend who it turns out is someone I actually dated in high school. I am really embarrassed and hate that I've been an accidental jerk, and I'm not sure what to do now. You know, other than feel like kind of an idiot. [more inside]
posted by Narrative Priorities on Apr 7, 2014 - 48 answers

We told them we're the wrong people and they don't believe us. How to stay safe?

Gang members think someone who owes them money lives at our house. They are wrong and we told them so twice. Then they came back at night and threw a brick through our window. We immediately went to a hotel and have already signed a rental agreement elsewhere. However, I am scared to go pack up the house. Is that rational, and if so, what recourse do we have? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Nov 27, 2012 - 25 answers

Email addresses and other people

I've been using Gmail for several years as my primary email address and have an address that has no numbers tacked on to the end. Over time, more and more people are giving out my email address instead of their own. I'm sure they're doing this mistakenly and not maliciously, but so many websites don't have email verification set up that it's getting really irritating to get, for example, Louisiana Republican mailings when I'm a Canadian citizen. It can often take days or weeks for the unsubscribe to kick in (these 10-21 day unsubscribe policies are ridiculous, but they're out there). Often, people (as opposed to organizations/companies) will also email me, thinking that I'm their friend, because they forgot a number or something at the end of their friend's email address or some such thing. This is equally annoying, but at least all it (usually) takes is a quick email saying "hey, check with your friend because this isn't their email address, thanks". But that's still somewhat irritating. I do not want to give up my current Gmail address. What can I do to cope with all this? [more inside]
posted by juliebug on Aug 7, 2012 - 28 answers

Looking for examples of the Cyrano and/or Mistaken Identity plot...

I'm doing some research--you can help by listing all stories (fiction or non-fiction, written or filmed) which are either based on the template of Cyrano de Bergerac (ie, one character using another to woo their love interest) or a mistaken identity/false identity (ie, someone is mistaken for or pretending to be someone or something they are not in order to get something denied their true self). [more inside]
posted by dobbs on Sep 10, 2007 - 30 answers

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