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How to get up when you wake up

My mother is trying a number of tactics to help with debilitating chronic migraines (occurring multiple times weekly). She's been told that getting out of bed immediately on waking has reduced the occurrence of migraines in some other sufferers. This is proving a difficult thing to implement. Hive, how would you motivate yourself to get out of your cosy cosy bed? [more inside]
posted by mymbleth on Jun 30, 2014 - 20 answers

'Mo movies, 'mo migraines

I've been having weird episodes where I can't see properly after leaving dark movie theaters. Could this be a migraine? [more inside]
posted by tooloudinhere on May 9, 2014 - 8 answers

Migraine doubts

About 3 years ago, my health started falling apart. 2 and half years ago I asked this question. Some of my symptoms at that time were side effects from Wellbutrin (which resolved when I stopped taking it), and the others were diagnosed as migraines. My treatment for migraines has been less than successful and I'm beginning to doubt the diagnosis, especially since the intensity of the headaches has ramped up so severely in the last couple of weeks. [more inside]
posted by altopower on Mar 18, 2014 - 27 answers

Yoga is making me tense up

Can you relate to my extreme resistance to relaxing? What has worked for you? [more inside]
posted by Tandem Affinity on Feb 2, 2014 - 32 answers

There's no way to make inevitable vomiting more pleasant, is there?

When I get a migraine, it is accompanied by nausea, vertigo, and vomiting. But usually I have some time at the onset of the migraine before the barfing commences, and I was wondering if there was something I could consume (food, beverage) in this window of time that would make the inevitable reversal of fortune less unpleasant on my throat. [more inside]
posted by juniperesque on Jan 27, 2014 - 47 answers

OW quit it OW quit it

I am 10 weeks pregnant, and have developed these sudden and excruciatingly nasty headaches when I heave. Any thoughts on how to help and what might be going on? [more inside]
posted by Madamina on Jan 11, 2014 - 19 answers

Sedation effect from amitriptyline, does it fade?

My neurologist has prescribed amitriptyline (Elavil) for migraine +/- sleep issues. I took the first dose, 10 mg, last night. Today I am Elmer Fudd. I have felt substantially sedated all day, and this is not ok if it stays! I'm trying to decide whether I should continue with another dose tonight, or discontinue & call the doc on Monday. Dr. Google tells me that the half-life of the drug is 10-50 h., so I'm leaning towards no. So, if you have experience with amitriptyline - is the sedative effect an initial one that fades, or will it stay (or get worse)?
posted by Dashy on Dec 14, 2013 - 12 answers

Weekend headaches: WTF?

For the last two weeks, I've woken up on Saturday morning with a nasty headache that has lasted the entire day. Help? [more inside]
posted by kat518 on Nov 22, 2013 - 30 answers

Comprehensive, customizable wellness tracking and visualization

I need a holistic personal wellness tracking system and application. Details/requirements inside. [more inside]
posted by hapax_legomenon on Oct 7, 2013 - 3 answers

Is there a name for this migraine symptom?

I periodically get migraines (headache, neck pain, nausea/vomiting, light/sound sensitivity). I don't get auras, but I do get an odd visual symptom. One of the ways I can tell the difference from a tension or general headache during onset is that I will want to take my glasses off. As the attack progresses, I find it uncomfortable to look at things. It's a bit hard to describe, but it's as though the act of focusing my eyes, especially on anything close, exacerbates both the nausea and the light sensitivity. It feels related to, but separate from, the light sensitivity symptom. Is this an observed phenomena in other people, and does it have it's own medical name? (Note, I'm not asking for treatment options, just the proper diagnosis/name for the symptom.)
posted by Karmakaze on Oct 4, 2013 - 8 answers

They tell me it's non toxic...

I had a small natural gas leak in my home for 9 days. No one seem alarmed except me. Put my anxiety to rest? [more inside]
posted by sunshinesky on May 14, 2013 - 13 answers

How do you take care of yourself when you have a migraine?

I live alone and suffer from migraines. What can I do to take care of myself? [more inside]
posted by k8lin on Apr 25, 2013 - 46 answers

So frustrated. Page Dr. House.

Left side (arm and leg) numbness, weakness, pain and weird temperature changes. Clean MRI and no abnormalities in any other test. Primary care sent me to ER, ER did test, found nothing said it was "probably a migraine" (with no headache and no aura?!), and sent me home. What is going on? Hope me please. [more inside]
posted by guster4lovers on Mar 29, 2013 - 23 answers

This is A Real Headache.

Migraines are ruining my day. I can't see a neurologist for three months. What can I do in the meantime? [more inside]
posted by anonnymoose on Mar 13, 2013 - 28 answers

How do you occupy your time with a migraine?

I've been having a lot of migraines lately, and in the grand scheme of things, I'm dealing. However, the photophobia is driving me crazy, mostly because sitting around in the dark is boring. How do you spend your time when you can't use lights? [more inside]
posted by gilsonal on Feb 24, 2013 - 28 answers

How should I best prepare to discuss headaches with my doctor?

I have been experiencing horrible headaches that I believe to be migraines. Any type of exercise (even mild) is the only potential trigger that I am able to identify. Exercise has been an important part of my life, but for the past few years I am not able to enjoy it as much because in the hours after I stop exercising headaches slowly creep in, and I am then sometimes in debilitating pain for 2-3 days. [more inside]
posted by TurkishGolds on Feb 15, 2013 - 7 answers

Fellow Migraineurs: How did you kick the quick fix?

Help me figure out specific techniques, distractions, etc. to employ while I stop taking pain medication for migraines. [more inside]
posted by hapax_legomenon on Jan 29, 2013 - 32 answers

Are "silent migraines" associated with stroke risk?

Common Migraine + Aura Sans Pain = oh noes your brain explodes? (Or, is there an increased stroke risk, and is something to be discussed with a doctor?) [more inside]
posted by vivid postcard on Jan 6, 2013 - 9 answers

Black gold

CoffeeFilter: Why does drinking coffee prevent me from getting headaches? Is there another substance that has the same headache-relieving properties, but without the stimulating effects of caffeine. [more inside]
posted by deadwax on Dec 19, 2012 - 18 answers

Do some beta blockers cause less fatigue than others?

Do some beta blockers tend to have more side effects than others? [more inside]
posted by artistic verisimilitude on Nov 21, 2012 - 7 answers

Help me stop these migraines. Please.

Lots and lots and lots of migraines. Help, please. [more inside]
posted by guster4lovers on Sep 16, 2012 - 37 answers

Best way to track migraine data?

My doctor suggested I keep a written diary to try to find migraine triggers. I'd like to improve on the concept and make it digital, trackable, and graphable. What would be the best method to use? [more inside]
posted by Uncle Glendinning on Aug 11, 2012 - 11 answers

Lightning flashes

"Lightning"-type flashes in my peripheral vision. What the hell? [more inside]
posted by altopower on Jun 12, 2012 - 33 answers

Advil Migraine vs. regular Advil - what's the difference?

pharmacyfilter: What's the difference between regular Advil (200mg Ibuprofen, up to 6 caplets per day) and Advil Migraine (200 mg Ibuprofen, no more than 2 per day). Why the difference in maximum dosage? What's in Advil Migraine? [more inside]
posted by amtho on Apr 1, 2012 - 11 answers

What should I ask my neurologist about these migraines?

Tomorrow I will be seeing a neurologist about my migraines. What do I need to know/ask/expect? [more inside]
posted by unlucky.lisp on Mar 25, 2012 - 11 answers

Niacin for migraines

Do you use niacin to combat migraine? Please tell me about it. [more inside]
posted by bryon on Mar 17, 2012 - 2 answers

How do I find out if some bigger health problem is causing thus depression?

Depression! But maybe it's hypothyroidism? Dr google tells me it might be cancer (ovarian or bowel) when I add in the other health changes I've had over the last year. Hope me? What do I ask? Who do I see? No insurance. Location and gmail inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 28, 2011 - 13 answers

Do I need to go see my doctor about this migraine?

Had my first migraine, now what? Do I need to see my doctor? [more inside]
posted by carmel on Dec 19, 2011 - 21 answers

Need migraine help on a day I can't lay down and sleep

I have a long day ahead of me. I have a migraine coming on. I'm out of my sumatriptan and I not longer have prescription coverage insurance. Help! [more inside]
posted by lizjohn on Nov 17, 2011 - 21 answers

Love your doctor in Portland, OR? Tell me about him/her!

Looking for a doctor / nurse practitioner in Portland, Oregon. I want someone who will work with me, as opposed to running the show. More info inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Sep 20, 2011 - 2 answers

Can I take beta blockers and still study/exercise at my normal capacity?

I am a PhD student 6 weeks from my oral exam. I am also an avid runner. I've just been prescribed beta blockers for recurring migraine - will I screw up both/neither of the above if I take them? [more inside]
posted by lxs on Sep 12, 2011 - 13 answers

A Rubik's cube of minor health problems--are they related?

I am having trouble sleeping, which is leading to minor migraines. In addition I have a host a minor ailments and am not sure which problem to try and solve first, and which flavor of medicine would be the most helpful. In other words, I feel stuck. [more inside]
posted by mecran01 on Sep 12, 2011 - 25 answers

What can a neurologist do for my migraines?

I've suffered from migraines all my life, but I've never see a neurologist for them. After a string of particularly disabling attacks, I'm considering asking my GP for a referral. What should I expect from a neurological evaluation? It won't be cheap, so I'd like to know more about what's involved and whether it's worthwhile, in comparison to simply asking my GP to prescribe triptans or other medications I haven't yet tried. (Bonus question: recommend a great neurologist in Sydney, Australia?)
posted by anonymous on Sep 7, 2011 - 9 answers

you'd probably poke it too

My fiance poked at a squishy bump in his forehead about two days ago; it squished and sort of dispersed, he said, and now his head has hurt really bad ever since. What could this have been, and do we need to be concerned now? [more inside]
posted by adrianna aria on Jul 27, 2011 - 11 answers

Neurologist in Baltimore

Can you recommend a neurologist in Baltimore for treatment of atypical migraine symptoms? [more inside]
posted by mchorn on Jul 7, 2011 - 2 answers

Well tie me up and call me Shirley!

I get crippling migraines. I've noticed that tying something REALLY tightly around my head (a robe tie, dog leash, etc) often helps alleviate the pain. Sometimes it's the only way I can fall asleep at night. I often leave the tie on for hours and have occasionally fallen asleep with it on through the whole night, though I really get nervous about that. Am I causing any sort of long term damage to my head?
posted by corn_bread on Jun 23, 2011 - 13 answers

Remove fragrance from clothes washer?

How do I remove fragrance from a clothes washer & dryer? [more inside]
posted by frek on May 20, 2011 - 11 answers

YANAD, but what is with this lingering vision migraine aura?

YANAD, but what is with this lingering vision migraine aura? [more inside]
posted by sunshine arakhan on May 18, 2011 - 6 answers

Does anyone know of a new, effective treatment for "persistent migraine aura without infraction"?

Does anyone know of a new, effective treatment for "persistent migraine aura without infraction"? Please share if you do!!!!! [more inside]
posted by gibbsjd77 on May 5, 2011 - 28 answers

Menstrual Migraine Filter

I've had brain surgery that involved cutting out a quarter-size hole in my skull and peeling back the dura-matter and layers of other tissues, drilling through bones connected to my ear, then putting everything back with a titanium plate. The surgeon forgot to order pain meds. and I was in misery for two hours before the first shot. This was NOTHING compared to the migraine I barely endured two days ago. Had we a gun in the house I would most certainly not be here. [more inside]
posted by Mertonian on Apr 22, 2011 - 33 answers

Scintillating scotoma, now what?

I got my first scintillating scotoma, now what? [more inside]
posted by Tom-B on Apr 15, 2011 - 10 answers

Help me screen my next monitor

I am going to buy a new computer soon. As a migraineur, I’m concerned about the kind of display I get. [more inside]
posted by bryon on Mar 12, 2011 - 7 answers

Surely there is hope?

Has anyone here ever suffered from chronic migraine, and ended up overcoming it? [more inside]
posted by sickinthehead on Feb 25, 2011 - 31 answers


Did I have a mini-stroke in my sleep? Should I go to the ER or a walk-in clinic for temporary vision loss in mainly one eye even though my vision is back? Will the doctors think I'm wasting their time? [more inside]
posted by Faraday Cage on Oct 15, 2010 - 102 answers

Is biofeedback a joke?

My 2 1/2 year old gets migraines. The only cause we can discern is chocolate but have tried other elimination diets to no avail. Someone suggested biofeedback (a machine that can tell you what your body needs to heal) - and this will help determine the cause(s). I am very skeptical. Would you give it a try? The test is ~$150.
posted by turtlefu on Sep 15, 2010 - 36 answers

Why couldn't I move?

YANMD but what on earth happened to me last night? Why couldn't I move? [more inside]
posted by sunnichka on Jun 22, 2010 - 39 answers

How to get rid of migraine without nausea

TMI medical filter! I need help with migraine meds, nausea and constipation. Complicating factor: crappy insurance [more inside]
posted by queseyo on Jun 10, 2010 - 19 answers

Tips for using diet to reduce pain.

Has anyone has any experience with using a vegan, gluten-free diet to control Rheumatoid Arthritis and/or migraines? What experiences have you had and what hints / recipes would help make this transition easier? [more inside]
posted by youcancallmeal on Jun 2, 2010 - 18 answers

Ophthalmic migraine is killing me!

Help, I'm in the middle of a nine hour migraine and need some drugless therapies. Meditation? Breathing exercise? Advil and Tylenol aren't helping. [more inside]
posted by Miss Mitz on May 16, 2010 - 32 answers

Birth control woes!

Birth control woes! My girlfriend suffers from migraines with auras, has rather heavy periods that sometimes leave her anaemic and require opiate painkillers, which means she is basically screwed for all the birth control options I can find. Ladies in this situation, have any tips? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on May 15, 2010 - 39 answers

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