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Why is my uterus trying to kill me?

Apologies in advance for TMI. [more inside]
posted by bunderful on Jan 20, 2017 - 10 answers

Has this one weird menstrual thing happened to you?

I recently had a massage that caused my menstrual flow to massively increase for the duration of the massage. Is this a thing? [more inside]
posted by spindrifter on Jan 13, 2017 - 7 answers

What's new in the world of menstural products?

I just got my period back after three years. I'm interested in what's now available for reusable menstrual goods (cups and pads) and apps. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 2, 2016 - 18 answers

Menstrual nightmare hell

My periods are ruining my life. What is going on? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Aug 12, 2016 - 27 answers

Where's my period? Should I get a second opinion?

I'm in my mid twenties and healthy, except for the fact that I haven't had a period for over a year and a half. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 21, 2016 - 17 answers

Can I skip getting my period for a month?

My husband and I are going on a week-long milestone anniversary trip, and wouldn't you know it, I'm going to get my period that week. For obvious reasons, I'd prefer that not to happen. Can I game my birth control pills so that it doesn't? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on May 14, 2016 - 25 answers

Can I still use these? Tampon edition.

I have about 100 tampons that got wet under the sink sometime in the past five hours. They're not exactly soaked, but they're all decidedly damp (wrapped in paper), and the cardboard applicators kind of collapse if pushed on. Is it safe to use them if they can be dried out? If so, how best to quickly & thoroughly dry them out? [more inside]
posted by cogitron on May 8, 2016 - 23 answers

What are some slangy phrases for menstruation that indicate disgust/fear

I'm wondering how the stereotypical revulsion with regards to menstruation is expressed in our language; specially, I'm looking for examples. The one I came up with is within. NSFW [more inside]
posted by angrycat on Mar 8, 2016 - 30 answers

I need to be really strong right now

My period has left me feeling weaker than usual. I've been to see the doctor, but need to go back to work tomorrow. What can I do to feel stronger by then? [more inside]
posted by LoonyLovegood on Feb 17, 2016 - 20 answers

Mother nature is a witch

My period knocked me out for the third time this year. I need help coping with this, help preventing it if possible, and help looking for possible causes. (And how do I explain this at work?) Possible TMI. [more inside]
posted by LoonyLovegood on Nov 30, 2015 - 28 answers

How might my body be thwarting my libido?

I'm female, mid-twenties, and over the past 3-4 months have lost almost all interest in sex. What might be going wrong? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Apr 17, 2015 - 7 answers

Missing the Monthly Gift

Has anyone here experienced a skipped menstrual cycle after quitting regular marijuana use, or know of someone who has? If so, how long did it take to get back to normal again? There are some forums I've found which suggest quitting cigarettes can cause this, and I am wondering if stopping smoking other substances can cause the same effect. [more inside]
posted by dissolvedgirl22 on Mar 18, 2015 - 9 answers

Reusable menstrual pads

I'm on the market to buy reusable menstrual pads. Please recommend your favorite companies to buy from. [more inside]
posted by cacao on Jul 18, 2014 - 27 answers

What is useless, obnoxious and forces me to stock up on tampons?

Every month for about a week, my quality of life depreciates. My breasts hurt. My normally-clear skin breaks out. My bowel function goes haywire. Sometimes my back and thighs hurt. Sometimes I get cranky. I have to deal with the gross reality that blood is pouring out of my body. Um... No thank you. I'd like to stop this, please. [more inside]
posted by AppleTurnover on Jun 30, 2014 - 59 answers

Have tampons gotten longer or has my vagina gotten shorter?

For the past several months I've been having problems using tampons. [more inside]
posted by Jacqueline on May 20, 2014 - 47 answers

Should I Give Tampons Another Try?

The last time I tried a tampon, it was before the Clinton Administration. Should I give them another try? [more inside]
posted by tafetta, darling! on Jan 16, 2014 - 53 answers

female-filter: how to track hormonal cycles without your period

I'll be having a hysterectomy soon. I'll be retaining my ovaries. I'm looking for apps or sites that help to track hormonal cycles that *don't* depend on the date of menses to predict PMS. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 21, 2013 - 6 answers

I Can't Help It If I've Got a Heavy Flow and a Wide-Set Vagina!

I am trying to make a decision about a temporary treatment course for my uterine fibroid and would like to hear any experiences people have had with Lupron Depot. Particularly--how bad are the side effects? Did the treatment have a major impact on your ability to lead your day-to-day life? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jul 22, 2013 - 10 answers

What can/should I do about my increasingly frequent & heavy periods?

My period is happening a lot. I'm 45. What can I do about it? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 23, 2013 - 19 answers

Is it possible to interrupt a period that has already started?

Is it possible to interrupt a period that has already started? [more inside]
posted by argonauta on Jan 19, 2013 - 18 answers

Emotional Basket case at Period Time

Menstruating women of Metafilter: Did/do you find that the older you get the more emotional you are around your periods? [more inside]
posted by kanata on Dec 31, 2012 - 42 answers

DivaCup after Pregnancy?

I had a baby and my DivaCup no longer seems to be working. Did that happen to you? What are my options? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 18, 2012 - 13 answers

How do you hack your period?

Women of metafilter, how do you look after yourself before and during your period? What are your hints and tips for coping with menstruation and it's attendant effects? How do you organise your life to handle cramps, mood swings, fatigue etc.? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 7, 2012 - 57 answers

What to do about VERY swollen eyelids during period?

YANMD Filter: What to do about VERY swollen eyelids during menstruation? [more inside]
posted by lalalana on Nov 26, 2012 - 15 answers

Too young for The Change

Tell me about your experience with peri-menopause. [more inside]
posted by Seahorse, rode hard and put away wet on Nov 8, 2012 - 13 answers

Surprise!period does not make me happy

What does it mean if you start your period early and you are taking birth control pills? [more inside]
posted by threeturtles on Jul 1, 2012 - 6 answers

Why are my lady parts so stupid?

My monthly cycle has become crazy, right as I'm trying to get pregnant. Help me figure out what is going on and what to ask my doctor. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 21, 2012 - 17 answers

Reasonable request or selfish?

Is it selfish of me to not want to give blow jobs during my period? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 6, 2012 - 67 answers

Vagina or Niagara?

Today I learned the average volume of menses produced during one menstrual period. This led me to realize my periods are abnormally heavy. I'm not anemic. Are there other things I should be worried about? [more inside]
posted by Hey nonny nonny mouse on Apr 18, 2012 - 18 answers

How can I avoid period-related accidents?

Help me have leak-free periods please! [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Mar 25, 2012 - 63 answers

Spotting between periods

Can stress cause vaginal spotting between periods? [more inside]
posted by flowers103 on Mar 16, 2012 - 10 answers

Not the same kind of cramps!

Why do I experience stomach/intestinal issues during my period? Those systems aren't connected! (Brief discussion of bodily functions contained within.) [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Mar 16, 2012 - 30 answers

i swear iʻm not slacking!

so...how do i tell my trainer iʻm not going to workout on a day when iʻm on my cycle? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Feb 1, 2012 - 25 answers

What is causing my pelvic pain?

I'm having pelvic pain. You are not my doctor. I have an appointment next week, but would like to go prepared. Can you help? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 28, 2012 - 14 answers

A Women-Only Question: Inner Workin's

Female/menstruation/BC issues requiring anecdata. [more inside]
posted by tracicle on Oct 29, 2011 - 12 answers

Am I pregnant? I sure hope so!

Hopeful pregnancy filter: please help me figure out what's going on with my body. [more inside]
posted by ThaBombShelterSmith on Oct 23, 2011 - 29 answers

Can I skip my periods?

Nuvaring and skipping my periods: is it OK? Do I really need to ramp it up? [more inside]
posted by two lights above the sea on Oct 7, 2011 - 18 answers

My head is telling me I don't need that brownie but my PMS does

What do you do to fight off junk food cravings during your period? [more inside]
posted by Anima Mundi on Aug 1, 2011 - 24 answers

Endometriosis Diagnosis

Just diagnosed with endometriosis. Seeking information, experiences, and advice (about one aspect in particular, but I'll take any you have to give.) [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 13, 2011 - 8 answers

What is the scientific phrase for "abnormally long menstrual period"?

What is/are the scientific search term(s) for "abnormally long menstrual period" or "unusually long menstrual period"? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 4, 2011 - 8 answers

Possible perimenopause or other? Is it worth checking it out?

Menstruation every other month. Should I go to the OB or just chalk it up to craziness? [more inside]
posted by stormpooper on Jun 2, 2011 - 19 answers

YANMG, but could I be pregnant?

Are my baby fears warranted? [more inside]
posted by queens86 on Mar 22, 2011 - 24 answers

Not for the squeamish...

TMIfilter: Lady problems within, enter at your own risk! [more inside]
posted by torisaur on Mar 11, 2011 - 14 answers

Or am I just extra not pregnant?

Can an "extra" period be a sign of pregnancy? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 2, 2011 - 16 answers

Now It Stands For "Oh, Bollocks!"

O.B. tampons - my personal favorite, as well as that of many, many menstru-ees - have mysteriously disappeared. Every OTHER tampon I've encountered has been inferior crap. HALP! [more inside]
posted by julthumbscrew on Dec 31, 2010 - 46 answers

not tonight, headache

Gay guy here. I'm wondering how a woman on a date with a new romantic interest might convey the following message: "I don't want to discourage you because I find you attractive, but we're not having sex tonight because I'm on my period." [more inside]
posted by roger ackroyd on Dec 13, 2010 - 46 answers

Do periods go for longer than a week?

YANMDfilter: My period is over...or is it? (NSFW - TMI grossness within.) [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 5, 2010 - 11 answers

ending the cycle.

can i end my birth control pill pack early in order to start my period? [more inside]
posted by violetk on Nov 13, 2010 - 11 answers

effing pantyliners, how do they work?

I haven't used pads or pantyliners since I was a teenager. Now I want to. Can you help me make them less bad at their job? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 19, 2010 - 49 answers


What is the best and worst time of the month for women to donate blood? [more inside]
posted by raztaj on Aug 5, 2010 - 10 answers

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