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Seeking a Physician in Melbourne, Australia who Specializes in Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Me

I am seeking a physician in Melbourne, Australia who specializes in, or at least has substantial experience with, Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men. I've tried a hundred Google searches but I can't find anyone close -- only general listings for endocrinologists or urologists. Any specific info, or personal recommendations, would be greatly appreciated. (Email addresses would be especially helpful.) Thanks!
posted by laswingkid on Feb 10, 2012 - 2 answers

Sydney or Melbourne as a "Walking City"?

Sydney vs Melbourne as a pedestrian paradise: I am a sociologist doing a study which involves observing pedestrians/window shoppers/etc. I am based in New York City, which is fantastic for my field of work. In Feb/March, I plan to go to Australia for two months, to either Sydney or Melbourne. I have never been to Australia before. QUESTION: Which city has more of a "pedestrian culture"? That is, which is more of a "walking city?" (If you know New York City, my favorite place to observe is Union Square -- I am looking for a comparable location.) Would prefer a place filled with locals, not tourists. Thanks!
posted by laswingkid on Nov 27, 2011 - 18 answers

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