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how to handle a mean friend?

I need advice / strategies on the best way to address the problem of a friend who makes critical remarks to me. Details below. [more inside]
posted by seraph9 on Jan 21, 2016 - 40 answers

Basic statistics question

I have the results of a survey, along with a couple of basic descriptive statistics. I'm trying to determine how they were calculated and my one semester of stats isn't holding up. Could you help? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by Think_Long on Dec 4, 2015 - 14 answers

Proven ways to transform a fledgling bully back into a nice kid?

A six year old in martial arts class has just started to do and say mean things. Small stuff so far: unprovoked shoving, telling other kids they're doing it wrong, mild name calling like "big baby" and "dumb shoes." Coach is starting to crack down on the behavior, but now the mean stuff is getting said softly so it isn't caught. Will this pass as an age-related blip? Are there ways to inspire the kid to be friendly again? [more inside]
posted by xo on May 11, 2015 - 18 answers

How do you deal with rude people?

I'm really sick of dealing with rude people. Its like everywhere I go people are terribly rude and mean. Like people who are supposed to be doing their jobs and greeting you and being polite. I respect and treat people good but they are rude and condescending and it makes me so angry because I don't understand why they talk to me in such a way when I haven't done anything wrong. [more inside]
posted by home on Feb 27, 2015 - 46 answers

We Want to Break Up With Grandma.

I was legally raised but mostly neglected by a single mother who spent most of her time trying to find a husband, going to clubs, the racetrack and otherwise leaving me to my own devices since I was old enough to use a microwave oven safely. I moved 6 hours away as soon as I was able and now only see her once a year, but it's the worst few days of every year. While I believe that people do the best they can, with competent help I came to realize that I actually don't like my mother. And that's okay. I don't respect her choices and I don't like the black cloud she brings to every phone conversation and in-person visits. Pure and simple, she's a nasty, unpleasant person. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 24, 2014 - 55 answers

Find standard deviation in Excel, but first develop a labor-saving trick

Help me with statistics and Excel. Especially help me if you know any labor saving methods. I want the median, mean and standard deviation for the average price of all items sold, but my spreadsheet-full-of-data doesn't tell me the price of each sale -- just the average price per store, and the number sold at that store. Something like this: [more inside]
posted by croutonsupafreak on Jun 21, 2013 - 10 answers

Are there statistical formulas that, unlike averages, account for skew?

I've been thinking about product ratings online. Product A and B both have an average rating of 4 stars. Product A is universally liked: every reviewer gave it 4 stars. Product B is the Twilight Series: lots of people love it (5 stars), but many 1 star reviews drags down the average to 4 stars. Other than displaying the rating distribution (# of 1 through 5 star reviews), are there well-known formulas that would give Product A a higher rating? I think what I'm asking about are weighted means, or some sort of formula that takes into account variance or skew. But rather than re-invent the statistical wheel, I was hoping some of you may be able to point out well-known examples of good weighted formulas, or research related to this question. Hope this is clear! Thank you!
posted by User7 on Apr 1, 2013 - 18 answers

How to solve a complex statistics problem with a script?

In this game, you roll a number of six-sided dice to get a total. The total is either the highest single die result, or the sum of any multiples rolled, whichever is higher. For example: If I roll three dice and get a 3, 4, and 6, my total is 6. But if I roll a 4, 4, and 6, my total is 8, the sum of the two 4s. What I want to find out is the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation of the possible totals given N dice. How might I create a simple script to compute this? [more inside]
posted by j0hnpaul on Nov 30, 2012 - 24 answers

How did you break social habits that were hurting others and you?

You had the habit of being sarcastic, mean, harshly opinionated (and/or some other problematic interaction) as a form of intimacy or bonding. You were able to break the habit. How, specifically, did you manage to make this change in your interaction style? [more inside]
posted by windykites on Oct 15, 2012 - 47 answers

Help me stop being mean.

I am unnecessarily and randomly critical of people. It is worse when I am stressed. This impacts my friendships, home life, and work. I need to stop. [more inside]
posted by domo on Sep 12, 2012 - 34 answers

How to Find The Average Commenter?

Harmonic or Arithmetic Mean?: I'm trying to settle an argument with my wife - is using the arithmetic mean or harmonic mean more appropriate when finding the "average" number of, say, online comments made by a large number of people, where a significant portion of them make only one comment and a few people make the bulk of the comments? [more inside]
posted by salsamander on Jun 2, 2012 - 13 answers

I'd like to be nicer

I'm casually critical much of the time. I'd like to change that. I'd especially like to stop casually criticizing and reflexively disagreeing with loved ones. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Feb 29, 2012 - 20 answers

How can I have a good time around someone I'd rather never see again?

What's the best way to deal with being around a guy who really hurt my feelings (not romantically), without killing everyone's good time? [more inside]
posted by Ashley801 on Feb 11, 2011 - 38 answers

Nice person, mean drunk.

On occasion I say mean, horrible things to my boyfriend, and only when I've been drinking. Why? Where is this coming from? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 14, 2010 - 40 answers

Are we born mean or does it just happen?

Is there a psychological classification for a person that is just plain "mean?" [more inside]
posted by Tullyogallaghan on Sep 5, 2009 - 22 answers

Not a bad person, just a bad girlfriend?

Revelation-filter: My behavior in past relationships has been completely unacceptable. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jun 2, 2009 - 27 answers

Or En Aye Ay? What does this song mean?

You may very well recognize this song. It is from this movie. What does it mean? Does the first stanza and/or chorus spell something? Please help! [more inside]
posted by crazyray on Apr 11, 2009 - 9 answers

Did You Mean

Google search was great, until now. Now it asks you "Did you mean this" and then populates the first two results with the term you didn't type, but Google thinks you MUST have meant, because they are smarter than you. So, what's a good search engine for someone who loves the old google search simplicity? (P.S. Live and Yahoo are far worse)
posted by parallax7d on Feb 24, 2009 - 12 answers

For the love of god, leave us alone.

How can I deal with a group of neighborhood punks intent on making my kids' lives miserable? Most of the information online tells parents to involve the school administration, but this is happening right in my neighborhood -- on my very street -- not in an school setting. [more inside]
posted by _Mona_ on Jan 16, 2009 - 85 answers

Standard Deviant Behavior

IANAS. How can I average two standard deviation values? [more inside]
posted by DU on Apr 18, 2007 - 5 answers

There's a good reason I went into music instead of engineering

Grading dilemma: Can the median be a fair measure of a set of quiz scores? Here's the situation ... [more inside]
posted by imposster on May 8, 2006 - 24 answers

How can I stop being nice?

I am one of those people who will give you the shirt off their back. Problem is, sometimes it's a little chilly being half-nekkid in this damnable British weather... [more inside]
posted by longbaugh on Feb 23, 2005 - 31 answers

Help me understand weighted averages.

Remedial weighted averages for the mathematically illiterate – or, can the 10% of you who understand math help the remaining 95% of us who don't? [mi]. [more inside]
posted by RavinDave on Jul 11, 2004 - 3 answers

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