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Maybe I should ask Adina Howard?

How does one define "freaky?" [more inside]
posted by juniper on Apr 17, 2010 - 18 answers

Do you know? Do you know how it feels to not know this?

Song in my head for days, sounds very nineties. Singer is female, chorus something like "Do you know/do you know how it feels to be lonely? Do you know/do you know how it feels to be (small?)" No luck with Google. Help?
posted by juniper on Jun 6, 2008 - 11 answers

Nude as The News?

I'm bewildered by the fact that the Cat Power song "Nude as the News," which I always assumed was about the Jesse Jackson child-out-of-wedlock scandal, came out in 1996 when said scandal broke in 2001 (justmonths after the baby was born.) Am I an idiot? Help ease my fevered brain.
posted by juniper on Nov 17, 2005 - 9 answers

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