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My amnesiac brother heard a song maybe 15 years ago, about a radio DJ. He now has me hunting it down on the internets, but... he doesn't recall a single complete line of the lyric. There was something along the lines of "And his name was Max von Lowenstein/Guildensteen/Springsteen", and...er, that's it. Can you help? [more inside]
posted by dash_slot- on Jun 2, 2005 - 6 answers

Do U.S. laws allow the reposting of a UK band's lyrics without permission?

I've seen the lyrics to a UK band's song posted on a blog hosted in the US, without a copyright notice or a 'with permission' blurb. Is that legally OK in the US?
Previous search of ask.me questions reveal little.
posted by dash_slot- on Nov 21, 2004 - 12 answers

What song is in this KFC ad?


"Like an ice cold hand, without a glove..."
I've searched for this and it turns up nowt. There's KFC ad running in the UK now which features a feckin' superb rare groove soul track.
The song is sweet, I'd guess late 60's or early 70's, Motown or Philly probably, and is set to a scene with a young man, choosing his 99pence sandwich, then throwing the penny change into the fountain with an unspoken wish.

As his dream girl appears, the hook line hits: "What do I wish, for on a clou-dy day..."

What is it called? [more inside]
posted by dash_slot- on Jul 5, 2004 - 5 answers

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