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What kind of lawyer do I need to look for?

We have a construction company in the middle of a year-long process of building two new houses next to ours. For the last couple months they have been dropping garbage (nails, insulation, chunks of 2x4) on our house's walkways and roof — some of it dangerous (boards with nails through them, for instance, along the walkway on the side of the house). I'd like to try to get this to stop. [more inside]
posted by Blazecock Pileon on May 23, 2013 - 14 answers

Free Parking

What would be involved in building a driveway / basement-level garage for a house in Seattle, WA with respect to zoning, estimated costs, etc.? Specifically, it would be for a house that currently has on-street, city-zoned parking only.
posted by Blazecock Pileon on Dec 25, 2009 - 5 answers

4-6 for attempted luftballon

Is it illegal to release party (latex or mylar) balloons into the sky? Have planes or other craft been damaged by such balloons in-flight? Other than environmental and ecological damage, what are the hazards of releasing a balloon?
posted by Blazecock Pileon on Aug 2, 2009 - 13 answers

How to find a good injury lawyer?

How does one "shop" for a personal injury lawyer? What are features of a good injury lawyer? [more inside]
posted by Blazecock Pileon on Feb 16, 2007 - 8 answers

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